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It is not often that little kittens so readily disprove the things they are named for. It is hard, in the clans, to so easily shake the defining trait pointed out at birth, but somehow Thunderkit has done it. Named for a shriek as loud as a summer storm, it would be implied that Thunderkit would grow up the most outspoken of all her siblings. Instead, the little shriek seemed to be the loudest sound she would ever make, as for the next four months Thunderkit was found to be quiet, demure, and ultimately quite unlike the storm-reminiscent name she was given.

It was a bit ironic, really, as Thunderkit was actually quite afraid of her namesake. It was raining today, a small storm, blown in by the late summer winds, but one could be mistaken for how much it made little Thunderkit shake in terror. A small divot in the earth held the quivering child, her rounded eyes glued to the horizon where the thunder-claps seemed to erupt from. Where was mama when she really needed her!

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To be completely honest, Dusk hadn't been able to wtiness very many storms first hand despite being well over a year and a half old. He could attribute that to the fact that he'd been locked in a room or cage throughout most of his life, having only ever known of storms fromt h pattering of rainfall on windows and rooftops and the loud claps of thunder that would sound alongside the violent flashes of light. And so far he had yet to suffer one as bad as those since earing his freedom.

These mild ones though, like the one they were having today, he found to be kind of nice. There was a warmth in the air that was undercut by a strong wind which seemed to wash away the humidy around them, the heavy clouds above blocking out the harsh rays of the sun to instead leave the world shadowed but bright, some in-between of night and day that wasn't colored by the sun dipping or rising over the horizon.

He had just returned to camp from the final border patrol before they were all meant to hunker down for the storm, when his gaze was drawn to something. A kit, hunkered down in a small dip in the sandy hollow. She stared wide-eyed into the horizon, shrunk into herself with terror, and Dusk couldn't help but feel a small pang of sympathy for her. Fear was never fun to suffer through, especially alone.

"Not a fan of the storm?" he asked as he came to a stop beside her little divot, doing his best to offer what he hoped was a reassuring smile. He didn't have much experience with kids, the humans tending to keep them among cats from the same gender and age until it was time to breed. And so he had no idea if his words or presence would offer any comfort to her, but he had nothing to lose by checking in to make sure she was okay. Sootstar seemed to want the kits of the clan well looked after anyways, so if he just thought of it as another job it made it a little less intimidating to try and help.

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With ears too big for his head, just about everything felt a bit too loud for Lemonkit.

The storm above, and the noises it brought along with it, weren't exempt from such. In fact, the thunder was by far the loudest thing the young kit had ever heard! Cinnamon-furred ears fold back against his head at the rumbling that coursed through it, flattened face pulling a frown at the noise.

Thunderkit is nearby. It isn't hard to catch her. His slightly older littermate shares a distaste in storms, though, Lemonkit could tell by the calico's trembling form that she may hate them more than he does. The small kit pads forward to sit beside her, but one of the older clan members approaches first. Still, Lemonkit makes his way over, just in time to catch what the tom says.

Not a fan of the storm? What a silly question! Thunderkit looked terrified! Couldn't Dusk see that himself? Did he think her fear was in celebration instead? That she was excited for the storm?

"It's too loud," Lemonkit simply tells the tom, though the question wasn't ever pointed towards him, "And it's wet. It needs to go away."
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"Reckon they got a point. It is awful loud...and wet." Dandelion appeared, looking for all the world like a sodden rat now with his fur clumped together and mud coating his already brown dipped paws. He had not been quite as fortunate as Duskfire and had been further out hunting when the rains picked up and he was left scrambling for the little cover the moorlands gave. In the end, with only a flimsy tree to protect him, the young tom made the decision to just bolt back to camp with his rabbit in tow. Dandelion couldn't tell if it had been wise, given how messy he'd gotten in the process, but he certainly preferred the camp during poor weather to being alone in the open. He hadn't even wanted to go out alone, but once again had found himself without anyone to accompany him and the idea of listening to Sootstar complain about him sitting in camp without direction again was enough to get his paws going. Was starting to see why Pa didn't favor their leader much-but maybe she was just prickly cause she didn't have no friends. Dandelion, in all his youthful ignorance, decided he'd befriend the sordid ashen she-cat even if she didn't like it because as far as he was concerned everyone needed a shoulder eventually.
Plodding forward to the kittens he offered his trademark toothy grin, wheat stem between his teeth and mismatched eyes sparking with mischief, "Ma used to tell me if the thunder scared me to SCARE IT BACK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" With a tilt of his head he gave a roar of a sound, not entirely impressive given his high voice and inability to come across as particularly fearsome but a worthy attempt all the same.


Thunders silence in her early moons had come to a shock to Honey, though not unwelcomed as she would love her children wholeheartedly regardless. Though Honey was constantly busy with making sure the herbs she did know were stocked up plentifully, checkups on clanmates, she always made sure to do her best to let them know they are loved.

The storm is nothing more than background noise to her as shes lost in her thoughts, staring down at flowers of various colors, one of her hind legs thumping idly as she thinks. Dandelions yell jerked her out of her thoughts and before she knew it shes racing from where she was situated- and before her were two of her kits, Dandelion, and Dusk. She breathes out heavily, shakily, glad that nothing was wrong (she wasn't sure if she could forgive herself if her kits had gotten hurt). Eyes meet Thunderkit, whose cowering in a little ditch and she immediately goes to curl around her child, giving her a couple licks on the head. A paw reaches out to try to grab Lemonkit and pull him close to her as well, giving him the same little treatment with the licks. "Dandelions right, mes bébés. Thats when you scare it away, you yell at it, and eventually it becomes so scared it runs away." shes not great at this, but Dandelion provided a nice little conversation that she could carry. "I wouldn't let anything hurt you guys."

terrifying. how terrifying. his younger adoptive siblings talked about the storm but bumble wanted nothing to do with it or the talk. he laid away from them, his paws over his ears, body trembling as he squeezed his eyes shut. "g-gah! th-that doesn't make s-sense! it's bigger than us how is i-it scared of us?" he winced, yelping at the sound of thunder again, pushing himself under his nest. "oh, stars, i-i'm doomed."

Lemonkit winces at Dandelion's shouting, ears flattening impossibly closer to his head. He looks up at the apprentice, frown on his face at the brown tom's words. Yell at the thunderstorm? What was that going to do?

"You're loud," Lemonkit tells the apprentice. He feels his small form get pulled from where he's decided to sit by a paw much larger than his own, and lets out a squeak in protest. He chose to sit there! Why was he being moved? His protests calm down though, when he's met with the scent of his mother's fur, when it's her voice he hears in his ears.

"But, do we have to yell at it?" the cinnamon kit asks, face scrunching at his mother's tongue atop his head. After hearing another voice, bright eyes spot his adoptive sibling hiding not too far from the crowd. He seems just as scared as Thunderkit, if not more scared. "See! Bumble doesn't think it makes sense."

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