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Jun 7, 2022


Because Tabby Tales is a traditional Warriors roleplaying site, we like to stick as close to canon as possible with our naming schemes.

Assuming you’ve read the series before, it’s common knowledge that a warrior name is made up of a prefix and a suffix. There are a lot of options for both of these, but how do you know if something is going to adhere to the traditional game?

Most often, Prefixes are given to cats based on their appearance. In other cases, they can be given based on a habit (i.e. Wobblekit for a squirmy kit), an aspiration for that kit (Swiftkit), or for sentimental reasons. However, there doesn’t have to be a meaning behind the prefix. Prefixes can be nouns, adjectives, or verbs. Most commonly, prefixes are given by the dam that birthed them, but it isn't odd for the sire to pitch a name or two! If the kit has no parents, it is up to other queens or the clan leader to bestow a name on them.

Please note that if your character is being named as a kit, their prefix should not reference their eye colors! Kittens are born with closed eyes and when they do open, all kittens have blue eyes until they are approximately seven weeks old. If the character receives their warrior name as an adult, this will not apply.

Another thing to remember is that only daylight warriors in SkyClan can have non-trad warrior names such as Bellaleaf or Billystorm. This is to signify that they have a 'paw in both worlds.'

Suffixes are often given based on a cat’s appearance (i.e. -tail if the prefix describes something about their tail), personality (i.e. -heart for a passionate cat), or special skills (i.e. -claw for a cat skilled in battle). Other times, they can be given for sentimental reasons or accomplishments.

Suffixes are always nouns.
This can be tricky, as some nouns also work as verbs. Suffixes like -hop are allowed, because hop can be used as “he hopped around” and as “he had a hop around.” However, you wouldn’t use -soar as a suffix, as that is only a verb, and not a noun. Alternatively, you could use -flight! See below for Googling definitions to make sure a suffix would make sense (i.e. Shadowsee vs. Shadowsight; Squirrelsoar vs. Squirrelflight)!

A good rule of thumb... if you are considering using a plant or an animal in your cat's name, do a simple Google search to see if that plant or animal would be native to either the northern United States/Canada area or to England. Because the Warriors series itself contains references to flora and fauna native to the temperate US, Canada, and England, Tabby Tales will consider names stemming from naturally occurring plants and animals in these locations canon.

Exceptions to this rule are the prefixes Lion-, Tiger-, and Leopard-. In canon, the cats believe these three large cats to be their ancestors, and tell stories about the Great Clans LionClan, TigerClan, and LeopardClan.

Consider whether a domesticated cat living in the woods would know about the object you are basing their name on. Twoleg items like foods, beverages, toys, accessories, or fantasy creatures are not going to be valid names as your cat is not going to know the word for them.

It also helps to look at the definition of a word. If you google the word and the primary definitions include something that the cats would be aware of, it’s probably fair game!

When in doubt, please ask staff! We are happy to answer questions for you!
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