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Haven't properly met yet
Fearful of
Suspicious of
Jealous of
Distrustful of
Annoyed by
Weirded out by
Confused / Unsure of
Complicated Feelings
Wishes to know better
Shy towards
Comfortable with
Friends with
Close friends with
Safe around
Like family
Protective of
Platonic Love
Crushing on
Head-over-heels for
Romantic Love

He says...
"She's a good kid. Well, I guess she isn't a kid anymore..."

He actually...
... misses Ember a lot and sometimes, when he's feeling particularly restless, he'll go out to the ThunderClan border to see if he can catch her for a moment. He's quite fond of the ThunderClan leader in a rather familial way and is proud of her, though he'd never admit it to anyone that isn't her.

The ginger tom gives a little growl at the former deputy's name.

He says...

He actually...
... is incredibly jealous of Daisyflight and her ability to have a relationship with her kits. He thinks her to be an ineffective parent as far as Butterflypaw is concerned - seriously, why can't that kid do anything but tremble? - and most of his positive feelings towards her have distilled into general unpleasantness as he festers and projects his problems onto anybody who isn't himself.

He says...
"I don't want to talk about this right now...."

He actually...
... wants more than anything to have a relationship with the children he and Honey had together. He is not confident in his abilities as a father but is sure that he wants to be a part of his children's lives. He fears for them now that he believes Sootstar to be a mad-woman and a murderer and believes his kits' lives to be in danger because of their parentage.

The ginger tom lifts his head off his paws and gives the querent a pointed look, though it softens after a moment.

He says...
"He's trying."

He actually...
... finds Blazestar to be one of the few cats he doesn't want to push away. He doesn't find the new leader's presence grating and though no cat will ever replace the friend and mentor he had in Rain, he is very quietly rooting on Blazestar from a distance, even if his feelings for the leader are muddled by jealousy and depression.

He says...
"I failed him."

He actually...
... is grieving Haze's death and believes that if he had only been more present then he might not have died as he did. He misses him terribly and wonders if Haze would hate him for what he's become.

Tugger says...
"... why do you ask?"

Tugger actually...
... is so confused by Honey and his feelings on her that it hurts his brain to dwell on it too much. He certainly doesn't know how to feel about his compulsions to still care for her after everything and he definitely doesn't know what to do now that she's been exiled and Blazestar is more suspicious of rogues than ever.

He says...
"I'm pretty sure she's insane."

He actually...
... learned no less than seven languages to shit-talk international competition in the show-cat ring, but not one of those languages were Spanish and if he ever honest, he would admit that Churro speaking to him in a language he doesn't know with an attitude that best be described as "chipper ball of yarn" makes him a little scared for his life. Is she going to... happy... him to death?

The ginger tom gives a half-hearted smile at the name but turns away before the querent can ask anything more.

He actually...
... misses Haku and wishes he had put more effort into their friendship. Maybe one day, Haku might be able to forgive him for not giving him a proper vigil.

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Tugger says...

Tugger actually...
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