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Aug 1, 2022

A S H P A W.

Finding transportation was the trickiest part.

She'd discovered the fluff the same way most of RiverClan had—a collection of clanmates biting into cattail pods, and then giggling gossip spread around the clan by nightfall. Smokethroat and Clayfur had apparently eaten big mouthfuls. Ashpaw had studied the funny things before she dared to nip at the edge of one, darting back to watch the fluff explode out of it. No big mouthfuls for her, please and thank you.

And now she'd gathered herself a gathering of it. It hadn't been hard. Each brown pod held WAY more fluff than it should.

So the trickiest part would be transporting it.

And it did prove to be a struggle, but she managed okay—she batted at the fluff with her paws and her tail, a determined little apprentice making her way across camp. She'd collected the fluff near the shore, and she had to get alllllll the way across the middle to where the warriors' den sat, by the other shore. After all, this was a present for a warrior! The very bestest warrior.

(She tried to ignore the... looks some people were giving her. Not mean looks. Just sad ones. Sometimes Ashpaw wished they were mean looks, because sad ones felt worse.

Everybody knew about Spiderfall now.

The cut across her cheek, before clumsily excused, now stood out like a brand against her ginger fur. Everyone knew who'd given it to her. They knew that he'd hurt her and tried to kill her and all kinds of bad stuff, so they gave her sad looks when they thought she couldn't see.)

She arrived in front of the den and sat herself down at the entrance, next to her mass of white fluff, tail tucked neatly at her paws.

"Willowroot," she whisper-yelled in through the entrance. "Willowroot, it's a special delivery..."

She'd wait to see if the warrior responded, wiggling with silent excitement—then she'd add, still in a whisper, "It's a present for your nest!"

—— " i found gold in the wreckage "

  • @willowroot

  • - 4 month old orange tabby with green eyes
    - apprenticed to lead warrior willowroot
    - happy-go-lucky, mischievous, hardworking
    - very friendly, but defensive of riverclan!
  • - i haven't had time to update these yet so no links
    - her abuser spiderfall got exposed and thrown out, that's basically it [/url]