pafp turned death evergreen | attempted teaching

Jun 28, 2022

Sloepaw had been nursing a headache, no doubt brought on by sleep deprivation, when Dewkit had asked for tips. An unexpected inquiry to be sure. The tom was used to remaining out of sight, out of mind- by design of course. Being a part of the backdrop made life simple, made for easier listening to any gossip and let him relax without worry. To be approached directly was not the norm.

An uneasy smile met his maw, uncertainty on how to proceed with such a young conversationist laid plain. "Well, I'm only learning myself so- not sure I'm the best role model." An unenthusiastic drawl, Sloepaw waited for his words to prompt the kit to waddle onto someone more interesting. When she didn't, his lids fell lower, hooded with an express weariness.

"Aight, okay well. Only thing I really know is prey scents so... if you really want?" Standing now, the apprentice slid a few paces towards the freshkill pile. Aware of the odd sight he found himself a part of, he lowered his ears in mild embarrassment. In the pile, there was a lanky pewter squirrel and stiff finch. Differentiating each unique bird species would be tricky with animals so long gone, but maybe he could pass on the distinction between fowl and mammal.

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Having seen Sloepaw practice inside camp with the other apprentices on occasion, Dewkit had finally made up her mind. She was going to ask him to teach her too! After all, she already had a head start on her siblings, and was willing to do whatever she could in order to continue to show that she was capable of doing things too! So when he initially tried to shoo her away, it was a struggle to keep the disappointment off her face. Finally, her persistence would pay off. “Really?! You will? Thank you! Yes teach me please!” dancing around the apprentice, she would follow his gaze to the fresh-kill pile, wondering what exactly he had in mind.


Jaypaw isn't the best hunter or even a good hunter, but he did learn quickly enough not to wither away completely before he hit Thunderclan territory. Still, a good portion of his food came from twolegs feeding strays or lucky finds in a garbage. Once, a loner even tossed a mouse his way that had to last him for three days until he found some stinky discarded bait fish. Even though it felt like moons for him and he incorrectly perceives it so, the coming of leaf-fall is slowly making him realize that his percieved timeline couldn't be possible. At most, he was traveling two weeks tops. As he's regaining his strength, this makes him realize that if if weren't for luck and the generosity of others, the two mice or so and a beached vole he caught wouldn't have sustained him. He'd be gone to Sunclan or er, Cloudclan, or whatever it's called.

Anyway, the young tom has been trying to pay attention to the Thunderclanners' hunting habits and taking mental notes. When he notices Sloepaw and Dewkit near the freshkill and Dewkit yelling about teaching, he wanders over sheepishly and his cheeks puff up as if he's trying to force out the words. It's not just the embarrassment of being underdeveloped in the art, it's not being used to even talking to cats around his age. Eventually he manages in a timid tone (that he covers up with a dorky laugh after), "If it's a hunting thingy, er, can I watch? I won't get in the way, hah." He doesn't want to be a burden or given anyone a reson to tease him so takes a seat with his tail wrapped around his ankles in reservation.