TWO EYES ON THE PRIZE \ finding the flower

Jul 27, 2022

There, stark blue against the rich mahogany of bark- a flower, a familiar one, grinning and beckoning him with its wind-swayed movements.

For so long he had laboured over his destiny, casting his gaze to the sky- to StarClan- to find out what it was they could possibly want from him. Buried in his heart, burrowing through his bones, crawling beneath his flesh was the knowledge that he had been lead here by the Stars' life-map for a reason, and now, now, now he knew it was true. This flower, the exact flower from his dream, craned its neck toward the sky, glaring upward at leaf canopy. It faced the stars, knowing its origin. It was here and he was here and now Trufflepelt knew, he knew that his dream had meant something. He knew they were trying to talk to him.

His gilded gaze brimmed near-full of tears of happiness, though he refused to let himself weep. This was too joyous to shed even tears crafted from glee! "I hear you, StarClan," his voice whirred, swept up in the vivace, paws trotting circle upon circle around his sign. His sign, sent to him from StarClan to tell him that they were speaking to him. Why else would he have felt this flower calling him in his dream, and then found it rearing its head from their ground only days later! Just as Cinderfrost had said about the rabbit, about following the rabbit...

"This is truly a joyous day!" Aloud, his celebration was exclaimed to any who may be nearby.

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Flame would tilt her head curiously as she watched the brown tom excited exclaim that it was a joyous day. All because of a flower? She hesitated about padding towards him, but eventually she would join him, eying the tom with an odd expression. She glanced at the flower beneath his paws, then back at him. She couldn't quite recall his name, but he smelled like a clanmate. I need to get better at learning all these names. she thought to herself. "If you don't mind me asking...what is important about that flower?"
Meadowflame pads behind Flamewhisker. They are on a hunting patrol, but all semblance of productivity is forgotten when the mollies spot Trufflepelt dancing and singing about StarClan. The red tabby warrior goes to him, asks him about the flower.

Her eyes narrow. A flower? That's what this was about? She casts a glance behind her to make sure Wolfpaw is behind her. What nonsense this is...

"What does StarClan have to do with the flower?" she asks, tone calm and inquisitive. She peers at the old geezer with a smile, whiskers trembling as though she gave a damn.



Gilded eyes drifted to- ah, companions! Here to share his wondrous discovery, no doubt; he would expect nothing less! Surely StarClan wished for them to know his purpose, as they had with him. A laugh, airy as could manage through the gruff gravel of his vocal chords, flitted through the air as light as the buzz of moth wing. "This flower-" A breath was taken in, exhilaration leaving his lungs too light to deliver his verdict in one clean strike, "It was shown to me in my dream! I felt it call to me-" another breath, for he could hardly believe it himself, the ground spinning, the world alight with a thousand wonderful colours he had never before seen, "Call to me... in my dream. I knew I had to find it- and I found it!"

Stopping himself on tippling toes, standing tall and looking over his Clanmates with the brightest gladness ever envisioned painted aglow upon his greying features. "StarClan must have intended this as a sign. A sign to tell me they were speaking to me..." Rambling, rambling, his tongue ran ahead of him, caught in the twist of his reality. This was surreal, surreal, that he should be chosen! But finally he knew why he had been lead here. Upon StarClan's wish, he was placed to heed their guidance. And he would, he would, he would.