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hello and welcome to cicadastar's official heartchart! his opinions if asked will be put in quotes, while his true feelings will be put aside y/c's name on the next slide.


haven't met
fearful of
suspicious of
jealous of
distrustful of
annoyed by
weirded out by
confused / unsure of
complicated feelings
wishes to know better
shy towards
comfortable with
friends with
close friends with
safe around
like family
protective of
platonic love
crushing on
head-over-heels for
romantic love

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PUMPKINPAW / DAUGHTER : the young molly that has slowly made her way into his heart. he is overprotective of her as a result of her recent injuries, and tends to helicopter over her to ensure her a bright future despite the tragedy she's lived through.
" pumpkinpaw, mein leibling! a sweet girl, despite her temper. she hasn't given you any trouble, has she? we're working on that sharp tongue of hers, i promise. "
QUIETPAW / CHILD : similar to pumpkinpaw, quietpaw is a child that cicadastar found himself in charge of very abruptly, and had to adjust himself for a fatherhood he had not anticipated.
" quietpaw? she's very soft - spoken, but they're beginning to come out of their shell . . i'm proud of them. they were a great help in my recovery, she and pumpkinpaw both. "
HOUNDSNARL / CLOSE FRIEND : there are little words to describe how cicada feels about hound. he has shown him the river, guided his paw into the man he is today. he would be nowhere without the dark tabby, and he admires him beyond what he can say. if he finds comfort in hound's scent, in the sturdiness of his side . . he is not yet ready to face that.
" houndsnarl! have you been talking to him? . . did he mention me? all good things, i hope! that tom deserves the world, never mind how bullheaded he is. he's done more for me than i can tell. "
FOXPAW / APPRENTICE : his new apprentice, who had followed him to the river after the split. he was there, guided her back to the nursery after her mother's death, waited at the entrance for his clanmates return ; and when they had, reeking of fox and iron, he'd stayed. he worries for her in a way he can't explain, even more so now that he believes himself fully responsible for anything that should happen to her under his mentorship.
" foxpaw is a . . troubled molly. i find my thoughts returning to her at times, her face after . . the accident. now, after mine. i want nothing but good things for her, as life . . has treated her unfairly so far. "

CLEARSIGHT / CLOSE FRIEND : cicadatar's relationship with clearsight can best be described as flirty ; the man enjoys flustering the silver - blue tabby, and clearsight him. aside from their banter, cicada has relied on clear in times of great stress and sadness, and admires him for having the emotional strength to help his clanmates through their darkest times. he hopes he can he there for him, as well..
" clearsight! what has that handsome devil have to say? he spends a good amount of his time helping other people, starclan knows he has helped me. i wonder if he would mind another nightly walk with me . . "
WILLOWROOT / FRIEND : cicadastar greatly respects willowroot, since the first time they had encountered each other, stumbling along the shores with a kit in their maw. he has great trust in the smoke, and while not too close, he considers them a friend.
" ah, will. a stellar lead warrior, and a level head. they were on of the first to earn my trust along these waters, and they have not once let me down since. they joined, abandoned their family in order to secure a foundation for their child . . that kind of selflessness is rare. "
SMOKETHROAT / FRIEND : cicada's feelings about smokethroat are all positive, though he would certainly like to know more than the white - splotched tom is currently comfortable saying. while he considers him a friend in his service to riverclan, he finds himself longing for a little more time with him.
" tall, dark and handsome . . though i wouldn't say it to his face, the poor thing would combust. [ laughter ] in all truth, i admire him. the no - nonsense attitude . . i see right through it. there is a heart of gold beneath that grumpy exterior. "
ASHPAW / FRIEND : one of riverclan's unruly youth, and no exception to the leader's soft spot for children. since she had snuck out repeatedly during her kithood, he found himself spending more and more time with her, aiming to guide her paw into the great riverclan warrior he knew she could be. while not technically family, he is protective of her in a way similar to that of his own children.
" ashpaw . . a rambunctious girl, but a good one. [ sighs ] i worry for her. she seems to have a knack for finding herself in dangerous situations. "

BEESONG / FRIEND : beesong. the cinnamon tabby had nursed him back to health, both mentally and physically after the split. they’d helped ashpaw, pumpkinpaw, and so many more at the sake of their own health. it’s because of bee that cicada began changing his ways and views regarding former kittypets — he worries greatly for the tabby, unable to quell the quiet feeling of alarm he feels when he notices the medicine cat neglecting themself. he tells himself it’s only normal to find a sense of comfort in the medicine cat’s thyme - tinged scent, he’d spent so long bathed in it. he’ll keep telling himself that.
” they do more for this clan than anyone else, me included. a true, pure heart — delicate yet strong. i . . respect them. they’re tireless in their work and so selfless, he’s . . appreciated beyond what i can say.“

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