walking on a ledge [hyacinth]

Jul 20, 2022



After Sootstar had accepted him into the clan -though granted, as something less than her own cats- Dusk had been led back to the camp by the group. He felt extremely out of place among the many felines around him. Despite having been out here for a couple months now, it was still a bit of a culture shock whenever he saw a cat that wasn't covered in spots like he was. Bengal cats were all he'd ever known for so damn long. And yet, almost blessedly so, he hadn't run into a single one in Windclan yet.

Still, his fancy coat marked him as a product of twoleg place, and more than his looks, Dusk was a stranger among them all. These were all cats with lives, pre-established far before he set foot on the moors. They way they spoke to each other so casually, sharing prey, laughing or bickering. It was all so strange to Dusk.

As he walked into camp behind Hyacinth, green eyes taking all of it in, he couldn't help but grow a little tense. The last time he'd been around so many cats in such close quarters it had been a nightmare, a pit of nothing but metal bars, paranoia, and the stench of death. There's none of that here, though. he noted to himself, as if the silence acknowledgement would ease his nerves. It was almost laughable for him to be so uncertain. While Dusk wasn't the bulkiest cat out there, he was very tall in comparison to most cats, with a lot of lean muscle packed onto his body. He was far from the kind of cat that would be considered physically weak, even if he was a bit rough looking still, and yet he coulld feel his heart pick up as the tendrils of anxiety began to curl in his stomach.

Hoping to take his attention off of it, his gaze flickered toward the shecat walking ahead of him. She'd been one of the two assigned to 'keep an eye on him', and so he could only assume that meant that Dusk was allowed to ask them things. After all, Windclan wanted him to be competent, right? "So, um, Hyacinth. What exactly is it that I'm expected to do here?" he asked, deciding it was better to risk her scorn at his ignorance than to be caught standing around like an idiot later because he'd never asked what his job was here. "Like- what do I do as a Riverclan cat?"

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - bengal

Dusk was a newcomer here- a stranger, a foreigner. She didn't like him, and she hadn't liked him the moment she laid eyes on him. Inky seemed to enjoy his presence, and yet Hyacinth couldn't see why. He was tall, far too tall- he'd smack his head on every single fucking tree branch and scare away every single rabbit with how big he was. Her tail-tip twitched behind her, listening to his nervous voice with almost a sense of sadistic amusement.

And then he slipped up and said it.

As a RiverClan cat.

Whipping around, Hyacinth cared less for the massive height difference between the two as she shoved her muzzle into the other man's face- blue eyes dark with a warning.

"We're WindClan. If you want to be a Fish, then I suggest you join RiverClan. Mess up like that again, and I'll personally shred you, got it?" The femme snarled, not stepping down- she'd scratch his ears off if she had to, but for now- intimidation worked good enough.



Strike one

His ears flattened as she rounded on him, and because he couldn't obey the twitching of his claws he simply ducked his head instead. "Right- Windclan." he replied. Not even five minutes in and he was already fucking up left and right. Even the smallest kits here knew the name of their own clan, but it was so hard to remember. Inky had said there were five in total, and his brain was already scrabbling to handle the basics. Inadequate was the perfect word for what he was feeling in that moment.

Got it, Hyacinth. Sorry." he mumbled, tail flicking behind him.

The threat of being clawed was never fun, but it wasn't like he'd never felt the sting of claws tearing into him before. Hell was nothing short of a battleground after all, and his paws weren't any cleaner than anyone elses. Dirtier even, maybe. He wondered, vaguely, if these cats would have let him step paw across the border if they had any idea of where he'd come from and what he'd been doing for the last year and a half.

Probably not.

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - bengal