eyes full of stars
Aug 17, 2022

The sun is beginning to set, painting the sky in beautiful shades of blue, pink, and violet that make the entire world seem just a bit more vibrant. Hazelswirl sits just outside of camp, olive eyes trained on the spot where the sun is just beginning to dip below the horizon. It’s one of her favorite hobbies, she’s found—staring at the sky as it changes colors leading into the nighttime. It’s peaceful, especially when a flock of birds gets frightened by something in the field and all take off at once, their forms nearly black in the dwindling light of day.

To no one in particular she asks, "Where do you think the sun goes at night?" And where does the moon go during the day, she considers the question, before recalling that some days the moon is quite visible in the azure expanse of the sky. "And why does the moon only hide during the day sometimes?"
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bumblekit didn't have the answer to those questions. he didn't know... he didn't think about it. unlike his younger siblings, he wasn't curious. he didn't wanna know about anything he didn't already know about. it was the anxiety of it all. gently, his claws kneaded into the ground, but not from relaxation. he was just trying to calm himself down.

"maybe the sun and the moon take turns. but they have to get sleepy at some point... i don't know."

he shrugged.

"what if the moon is the sun's protector so the moon hangs out sometimes? and the sun is kinda worried for the moon at night and that's why there is stars because they're little parts of the sun to keep the moon safe?"

bumblekit paused to turn to the other, trying to keep his mind off of his inevitable panic attack. this, however, was a good distraction.


Hyacinth listens to the voices talk amongst themselves, interest piqued; the moon and sun had their own separate purposes, but Hyacinth's own beliefs would be much more romantic and poetic than what the curious kit would blurt. She lifts her head from her paws, before curiously standing up to walk over and join the conversation.

"That's a wonderful theory, kiddo." She praises Bumblekit with a gentle smile, seating herself with the growing group of cats. "When I was with my family in our colony, we had this belief that the Sun was in love with the Moon, but they can't be together. When the Moon must sleep, the Sun kisses it goodnight and takes over to begin the day. They can never be together for long, but sometimes they meet on rare occasions to talk about what they've missed." She nods her head to her own words, eager to give the others more to talk on. After all, she had been pretty distant lately after Sootstar's loss of a life.

"Do you think they miss each other, being away from the other for so long?"

"Ah like that one, Hyacinthbreath." And he did, truly. The sepia point apprentice had been lounging nearby, paws aching from trekking all across the territory earlier while out with Grackledive and not hungry enough to want to get up. The discussion seemed silly at first but he rather liked the idea of the sun and moon being a pair that worked together but it was right sad they couldn't just stay by the others side. "Ah think they would miss eachother." With a groan he stood to scoot closer, settling down with his legs folded under him next to Bumblekit with a cheerful nod in greeting. What other fun little bits of story could be derived from staring at the sky, "Ye think StarClan's the only one up there? Maybe there's a...a MoonClan and a SunClan and that's where they're from and that's why they can't be together-cause ye can't be mates with a cat outside yer clan."
His mismatched gaze turned to Hazelswirl who had first delivered the odd question and he wondered what other bits and baubles were rattling up in that pretty molly's head.



"If there is another clan up there, the only one I'll ever pray to is StarClan." Sootstar finally speaks up from where she sat, listening in. She isn't intentionally dampening the conversation, no... she was trying to involve herself. The blue she-cat wasn't the greatest conversationalist though, her head always seemed to be stuck high in the clouds, she could never come down and relax.

"My parents told me something similar to Hyacinthbreath as a child, but with its differences. I'd tell you I don't believe in such tales anymore, but after learning about StarClan? Who knows what occurs in the sky above." Though brief, Sootstar expresses her own sense of wonder.


Mallowlark lay flat as roadkill, stomach to the sky and legs bent in a stiff, cockroach-like splay. Conversation buzzed pleasant nearby- very nearby, in fact, and as he heard the peculiar theories woven by each cat present the ivory tom found himself enthralled already. Even if baseless, these tones as friendly debate wove in-and-out had him drifting off in a daydream so thoroughly that grey eyes glazed at the sun's glare. Upside-down, the beaming eye in the sky stared right back at him, stinging the surface of his eyeballs.

When his vision finally flickered in a flash to his periphery, meeting Dandelionpaw out of the corner of his eye, scorched spots danced around as prismatic shifts changed their colour from black to white and all that was in-between. "Ohhh, that's so sappy..." Sing-song, his remark was not a complaint- that much was clear from the waltzing cheer in his voice, almost cloyingly saccharine. "Maybe they can't be together because it hurts them... maybe if they meet for too long the Moon will melt from looking at the Sun." Something wound within that thought, knitted within the very fibres of Mallowlark's generally incomprehensible mind, brought forth from the tom a rippling laugh.
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The kit who speaks up first doesn’t seem to sure of his response, but Hazelswirl doesn’t fault him for that. Bumblekit’s theory of a protector and their charge is touching, everyone loves a knight in shining armor. But the idea of the protector also being loved enough to be protected as well—it’s enough to bring a smile to the she-cat’s face. "They both protect one another. I like that one a lot."

Hyacinthbreath proposes a similar idea, one that centers around love and separation. The sun and moon must have a strong bond, if they’re able to be apart for so long and still feel love for each other. "I know I’d surely miss someone I love if I had to be away from them for that long," she murmurs. She’s decidedly not thinking of Meadow—in fact, she drives all thoughts of her sister from her mind. She only misses Meadow because she’s never known life without her. There’s no use dwelling on it.

She still wonders why, if the sun loves the moon and the moon loves the sun, why they must be apart for so long. Dandelionpaw’s idea unravels that question, though, as the apprentice mentions a MoonClan and a SunClan. For a moment, the tricolored molly feels a bolt of dread. What if her mother isn’t in StarClan after all, but some other clan up in the sky? What if all this time that Hazelswirl has been talking to her, she hasn’t even been in the right place to listen?

The pull of Sootstar’s voice soothes her suddenly frazzled nerves, declaring that she only speaks with StarClan. If Sootstar, closest to the cats of the stars, says she will only recognize one clan, then surely she knows best. "The sky is strange, that’s for sure. I’ve never given it much thought. But it may as well be a whole other world," she muses, with a contemplative nod of her head to the leader.

Mallowlark’s concept—that the two being together hurts them—makes her think of Meadow again, but the she-cat is trying so hard not to dwell on it. She really doesn’t know how to respond to the other warrior, but she swallows around the lump in her throat to speak. "Y’all certainly have some interesting theories." And devastating ones, courtesy of Mallowlark. She suppresses the shiver that runs down her spine, and instead politely curls her tail around her paws.

She tips her head up, olive eyes slipping closed. "There’s just something so romantic about it, the way they’re so similar but so different. But they can’t be together, for reasons neither of them can control." And she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about, they’re both just balls of light in the sky, but to think that the sun could love the moon… it brings a smile to her face.