WATCH THE SKY CHANGE || aggression

His sibling has died.

He'd sat, surrounded by the other stupid kits in ShadowClan, as the medicine cat gripped Spark-kit in her jaws and left, promising to find help for them. He'd waited for hours as Briarstar's kits gawked, as Ghostkit made weird comments. Then when she'd brought his littermate back, dead and cold and unmoving, he'd been hushed by the Clan's deputy. Briarstar's other son, the whole damn family is run by their detested leader. She did the best she could.

The small gray and white tomkit bats a small rock, slightly larger than a pebble but small enough to move easily. "Her best sucked," he mutters. Thin, lanky green eyes narrow and find a nearby target.

He has to do something to let the anger inside out. It's been spewing and foaming inside of him like rabid, blood-flecked spittle.

With a powerful swipe, Granitekit sends the rock directly at the head of the nearest cat, then stands and waits to see if it connected as hoped.

// tl;dr he smacked a rock at someone's head and is seeing if it hit them



Silt isn't quiet sure what happened. One moment, she knows, she had three siblings. Twilightkit, Sparkkit, and Granitekit. And now she doesn't - Sparkkit was gone, dead. She stares blankly at the dirt - figure slumped low and hunched, gaze blank as she worries her claws between her teeth. Why? Why why why why why- runs on repeat through her mind, and she pays no mind to her brothers muttering, only giving the barest flick of her gaze when he launches the stone, uncaring of who it hits. She hopes it hurts - she hopes it hurts the way her heart does, the way her lungs ache with every breathe, the way her eyes burn as if to cry and yet the tears won't come. She just sits there staring blankly, chewing away at her nails, pulling and preening and picking.
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"Oww..." something hard suddenly hits him in the back of his head. It doesn't feel nice. He's probably bleeding... he's gonna die. Stubby paws reach to pat at his head, but he can't reach there... There's a small sound, a small, frustrated whine caught in his throat. He turns around... See's no other culprit besides Granitekit, looking all mad and growly. Ohhh... "Why..."
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Since the ordeal she hasn't been too prominent within the social circles of her home. She feels beaten and bruised. Her mind often focused inward instead on others. Not like it will matter if she does focus on others. She'll just be a failure at this job she is supposed to be doing. Her den has become her prison as of late and she doesn't often leave it. Even scarcely she goes to get meals and this is one of those short brief moments. She's finally felt the hunger pangs of her stomach and she leaves her den to get something from the pile. Her eyes are glossed over, thoughtless things until the ow sounds.

Long limbs pause and a fear pulls into her gut. Wretching and deep she fixated her sharpened gaze upon Ghostkit who is trying to rub his head. A rock having been smacked into him from another kit. Her gaze travels to Granitekit and she feels that same accusing, the same pain. But she can not simply do nothing at all. "Granitekit you apologize to Ghostkit right now. Taking out your feelings on others is unwarranted."


Firedawn has seen the anger that clung to Sandy's kits since Sparkkits passing. She could not blame the child, how could she? She couldn't possibly imagine the torrent of heartbreak the small family was going through.

However, that didn't mean the fiery molly blamed Bonejaw for what happened. Any clanmate could see that the ebony and snow medicine cat had done her best with what little knowledge she had to save the little one.

She would wnce lightly was Granitekit smacked the rock and sent it flying towards Ghostkit. Firedawn would make her way over just as Bonejaw scolded the tom kit. She would make her way over to Ghost and lightly move as if to lick the spot in his head that was hit, "You're alright, Ghostkit. You mustn't be upset with Granitekit. He just doesn't quite know how to process things right now."

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The stone lands, with a fun thud!. The victim is none other than Ghostkit, who attempts to reach for the spot on his head the rock had bounced from. He doesn't even seem mad, he just looks at Granitekit like a weirdo with those enormous reddish eyes and asks, "Why..." Is it even a question?

The gray and white tomkit smiles, happy his rock had hit someone. It makes him feel a little bit better. Ghostkit hadn't killed his littermate, but he'd seen everything that happened, had seen his mother cry, and that makes everything just a little worse for him.

He notices Siltkit watching them, and there's no judgment in her gaze. He pads over to his sister and sits beside her, feeling a moment of camaraderie. She knows what he feels like. It's a comfort.

"Because," he says indifferently to Ghostkit. Why not? He doesn't have a reason except that he felt like it.

And then the adults start noticing. Granitekit scowls as Bonejaw nears Ghostkit, her orange eyes almost dull. Her tone is bland but her words spark rage in Granitekit all over again. "Apologize right now." He fixes the medicine cat with a baleful stare. "I shouldn't have to do anything you tell me to," he says, raking her with scorn. "You killed Spark-kit."

Firedawn, at least, tries to understand. He gives the other molly a look, one with less upset sparking in the green depths of his eyes. She understands. She knows why he had to hit Ghostkit with the rock.

would you do anything for me?
From the sidelines, Ravenkit watched the scene unfold with idle disdain. It had been a waste of her talents, she now realized, to try and get Granitekit in trouble. There was no reason to go through all that effort when he did such a wonderful job of it himself. It was so far easier to just sit by and watch, and it was just as enjoyable.

Her eyes narrowed as they saw him send a rock flying into another kit's head. What a menace. She didn't care much about Ghostkit's suffering, his whining response was just as annoying as his attacker's behavior, if anything. It was just the principle of the thing.

Quickly, the adults descended upon him. Her aunt demanding an apology from him, as she should, while Firedawn made apologies for him. Her ear flicked in displeasure. A feeling which only deepened upon how he talked to her aunt. "Well, he should learn to." She callously told Firedawn, pointedly not talking to Granitekit. "He shouldn't get away with hitting people or saying stuff like that just because something bad happened."
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The second he voices his scorn towards her the woman tenses. Eyes widening ever so slightly. She knew it would come as plain as day. The pain of those past events torturing her even in her sleep. It almost makes her cower back but she realizes that she can not cower from a child. A mere kit who doesn't understand how the world works. It is enough that she beats herself up on a day to day basis over the ordeal of her choices that day and the what ifs. Her eyes glance to Firedawn then and then towards Ravenkit as she speaks up and finally, finally she finds her voice. "No." Her voice is commanding as she holds her head up, gaze blazing with annoyance and almost ill.

"Ghostkit has every right to be angry at Granitekit. In fact if Granite wants to treat others this way why can't they do the same back to him." This is a child, a child and she understands this but she doesn't think it's fair for him to act this way towards other that have done nothing wrong. "I did what I could for your sibling. Unlike everyone else I tried to help them instead of letting you watch them die in front of your eyes. I tried. If it's not enough for you that's fine. But you will have consequences for your actions. You'll be helping me. Yes, you will help me collect the herbs and plants I need to begin my stock. I'll be ready at dawn tomorrow." She says nothing more but her words are like steel, unbending and solid before she turns from them all and heads to the fresh kill pile for her lunch.


Starlingkit watches the whole ordeal quietly, lips pursed as she tries her hardest not to say anything. What if she stutters? What if no one can understand her? She shakes her head sadly, she can only imagine, if it had been one of her siblings. Would she be angry too? Would she blame Bone?

She does know, however, that she wouldn’t take that anger out on Ghostkit. She comes and stands beside him in solidarity, standing on her tip toes to inspect his head where the rock landed. When she sees he is at least not bleeding she offers him a small smile “y-y-you’ll be o-okay” she murmurs to him quietly before she turns back to the other gray colored kitten. She cannot believe her ears when she hears an adult tell Granitekit he was okay to hit another kit! Her mom had always told her it wasn’t nice, and she frowns in the she cats direction.

“B-bones right, y-y-yo-you should apologize Granitekit!” She mews idignantly, looking to her sibling and her friend in turn for support. She’s glad Ravenkit agrees and she is glad Bone is going to make sure Granitekit gets punished. He could be so mean sometimes
Of course, Ravenkit stops close, only to watch and offer her own worthless opinion. Granitekit barely acknowledges her at first, wishing only she'd disappear. Frogbrain.

But Bonejaw seems to agree with her kin -- shocker. The medicine cat looks at Granitekit and tells him angrily that she did what she could for his sibling. The gray and white tomkit snorts. "If that was all you could, you're more worthless than I thought. You took forever to bring them home. Why'd you take so long! Maybe if you hadn't, Spark-kit mighta lived!" He's just being spiteful, spitting words he doesn't know have some semblance of truth to them.

Bonejaw commands him to come to her den at dawn tomorrow. He watches her leave with fury. "I'd rather pick ticks than spend all day with her," he fumes, wishing he could throw more rocks.

Starlingkit deserves one, too, he thinks, giving the shy, stuttering she-kit a withering look. "No one asked you. Spit it out next time if you want someone to listen." He can feel himself being meaner than normal, but it's gotten away from him. He's out of control. "You all better leave before Siltkit and I find rocks for each of you." He fixes a stare on Ravenkit, Starlingkit, and Ghostkit, daring any of them to say something else stupid. His limbs are burning with his anger, daring him to pounce and make things worse.


// i'm so fucking sorry for him lol