It’s very normal to feel afraid of new things. It’s almost exceedingly normal, he thinks, to fear the river that crosses the territory of the clan that he has willingly moved into. It’s so normal. Like, who isn’t scared of the water that’s too murky in some places to see the riverbed, and probably has monsters in it that will not hesitate to bite his legs and tail? He’d have to be, like, crazy not to be wary of the water.

Thank goodness for the stepping stones that span the river and create a path to the island, he thinks. Sure, they’re a little slippery and he’s nearly fallen into the water far too many times for his poor heart to handle, but they serve their purpose well. His paws may get soaked, but he’s not getting wet above the chest if he’s got anything to say about it. The camp that they’ve moved into is surprisingly comfortable, as long as Clay ignores the fact that it’s surrounded by the river on all sides. He hasn’t spent much time outside of the camp, mostly because he’s been trying to avoid crossing the river as much as possible. It must be funny for his new clanmates, to watch a grown-up cat tremble and stumble as he bounces from stone to stone, wincing every time water splashes up to meet him.

Today, though, he’s decided not to venture off the island—he doesn’t need to in order to catch prey, he’s discovered. Fish occasionally swim close enough to the riverbank for a well-timed claw to drag them out of the water, so he’s spent most of his time perched at the water’s edge, staring with wide-eyed focus into the river that he’s still so terrified of.

A fish swims into his line of sight as he’s partially lost in thought, so he admittedly isn’t paying as much attention as he should be. His paw shoots out as though it’s got a mind of its own, and he misjudges the distance needed to catch the fish. Leaning too far forward, he loses his balance and goes toppling headfirst into the water—and the scream he lets out is very dignified, thank you very much.

He only has a moment to think of what could happen in this situation—he can’t swim, he can’t pull himself out of the depths, he can’t keep his head above water—before his paws bump solid ground in the shallow water he’s fallen into. Scrambling, the tom manages to pull all four white-capped paws underneath him and stand, trembling like a newborn fawn, in the shallows. He’s drenched (despite how little water he’s actually fallen into) and his scruffy fur is plastered to his body instead of sticking out everywhere as it usually is.

From shore, he hears laughter from some new clanmate he doesn’t know the name of, and he stares just a bit dumbly at them. "That was embarrassing," he admits, trying to play the whole thing off. He’s still standing ankle-deep in the water, though, and doesn’t even have a fish to show for his efforts.
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ She knows she will have to learn to swim and navigate the river that runs through her new home, but as small as her legs are, she's decided to put it off until she can ask a more experienced cat to help her. Thinking about trying it solo, with no one around, terrifies her--as it should. She does not yet know how easy it is to be pulled beneath by the currents.

But she's familiarizing herself with their wetlands still, and she finds herself enraptured with the beauty of the river. Their life source, their namesake. She goes often now just to dip a paw or attempt--and fail--to catch one of the many slippery fish that lurk beneath the surface.

So she's not far when she hears a distinctive splash, accompanied by a horrific shriek. Her belly fills with water as cold as the river itself. Oh, stars, no!

She runs, in a blind panic, until she reaches a brown tom who is soaked but standing on his own. Alive. Undrowned.

She can't help but let out a shaky laugh. "Sorry, I didn't mean to... um, are you okay?" She doesn't know him--he comes from what is now SkyClan, and she's still learning her new Clanmates' names.


Clumsy, easily distracted and barely many of them are afraid of the river, they aren't connecting to the currents and watching them, many of the loners here who majority were much older than her and Spider have shown and taught both some basic neccessities to the River and she still felt... angry that these landcats dare try and call a place a home when they did not even know how to survive within the wetlands. Frost had been trying to explain how things ran to some of her newly made "clanmates" when she heard a pretty embarrasing shriek come from the River and her bi-colored eyes darkened a bit before she sprinted over towards the scene.

Frost was not laughing like many other clanmates or even Fox herself and she let a soft sigh escape her lips. Disrespectful. "Were you not paying attention to where you were or are you that afraid of water?" she questioned Clay a bit icly but she let a soft sigh out and shook her head before coming closer towards Foxy and Clay. "He looks fine, probably lost some of his own dignity, I thought a kit was drowning" Frost stated a bit bluntly.

Frost flashed a glare towards the others who had also newly joined the clan as her tail lashed a bit and she set herself down. "Try to pay attention to your surroundings" she placed in, a little bit more lax than the first words that had came from her lips, her tail thumping on the ground in annoyance. "Also, try to be more respectful to the river, it isn't going to swallow you up unless you're not being careful with where you're stepping. Most of the older former loners who also had joined can tell you more about where to go and where not to go" she placed in, her words still carrying a slight frosted tone to them, showing she was quite disappointed in Clay's reaction.

A series of snorts before it turned into outright laughter came from further up the bank. A white pelt shook with the sound and a black paw was raise to a black muzzle, "I am so glad you're okay, but that was the funniest thing," They snickered as they caught their breath. New cats to the river was always funny as the river never gave way to when was deep and when was shallow. So for this brown tom to just fall straight into the waters below, it was quite funny to see. Though Frost didn't seem to think so, she seemed rather annoyed at the situation, and this tortie cat seemed panicked by the situation. If he was truly in danger of drowning, Raccoon would've swooped in and saved him. They where a strong swimmer after all.

The black legged cat got up from rolling on the ground in laughter, and trotted over to join beside Frost and gave the young she-cat a small nudge with their muzzle, "C'mon Frosty, honest mistake if you've never been to the river," Raccoon assured the dual eyed cat with an amused smile, "I knew he wasn't going to drown," Those orange eyes looked to the tortie she-cat, what was her name again? Something to do with a canine right? Oh whatever, Raccoon was horrible with names and this influx of cats made that no easier.

"Are you alright though? I have never seen a cat run so fast," Another laugh came from the white and black cat as they addressed Foxy. She had almost risked her life to save the poor tomcat and looked ready to have a whole panic attack.

The calico sees it from afar, but it isn't that hard to not catch sight of it.

The brown and white feline's failure - to both fish and swim - results in quite the funny sight, one that even Lagoon finds herself laughing at. But still, the young she-cat finds her paws racing towards the struggling, drenched tom to make sure he's okay. The river could be quite scary, after all, if one didn't have the skills to keep up with it.

Luckily, the older cat finds his footing - somewhat, at least - before Lagoon meets the edge of the river. It's a relief, sure, but still a concern - for both the tom, and those he arrived with.

"I knew you lot couldn't swim!" Lagoon says, matter-of-factly, albeit with an edge of a teasing tone. How could they call themselves RiverClan, if they could hardly use the river? Though, she supposes, giving out swimming lessons to the new folk would mean missing out on a good laugh when it would be needed - as moments such as this wouldn't be happening nearly as much. Perhaps she should just let them figure it out themselves. It would be far more entertaining, after all!
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