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Oak leaves and the other broader patterns above them dropped shade like a blanket, drawn silhouettes muffled between layers of undergrowth. She knew much of their woods had been swept aside by the fire, but the trees closest to Skyclan still stood. Daisyflight walked the Thunderclan border with poise, deliberately a few paces from the borderline proper. It would do them no good to provoke the other clan, though she knew they were on better footing with Emberstar and her cats than the rest. Particularly with Blazestar's upcoming kits. It was such a strange thought- she had half a mind to sit him down in a quiet corner and tell him all she had learnt about parenthood. A mute sigh shivered past her whiskers, indecision clear.

Not wanting to be so blinkered by her thoughts, the calico shook them off. While taking in the scent markers, she looked at the young ones behind her. "Their forest is so different to our own, if you haven't already, try to take in the different scents of the trees." Knowing what lay up or down wind of you would be key in finding a path back to Skyclan territory if either of them were lost. Giving lessons to another's apprentice might be presumptuous, but Figpaw's place as her daughter overrode any consideration of the fact.

The instant a Thunderclan cat emerged from their land, Daisyflight's face lit up with interest. Ears tall, jaw falling into an easy smile, she met their gaze. "Ah, I was hoping to bump into some of you. Any news from your side of the border?" She hoped to hear of their successes after the fall of their camp. They were the biggest buffer between them and Windclan, after all.

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Tallulahwing has had plenty of ThunderClan encounters the past moon, and she supposes she and Figpaw better get used to it, with the leader's mate and future children residing in their neighbors' Clan. She finds herself more warily curious than anything else. If her higher ups trust Emberstar and her warriors, then why shouldn't she -- within reason, at least?

The torbie casts a glance to the rambunctious red tabby who pads after her. "You might see some cats we've already met. Pay attention."

She lifts her head at Daisyflight's greeting, and Tallulahwing purses her lips with a smile before mewing, "Good news, I hope? Y'all rebuildin' still? Your territory's startin' to smell better."

( ) Alabaster paws carried the ginger tabby along the border with her patrol. With Howling Wind taking over the assigning of patrols, it was nice to know when and where they were going. Her paws carried her confidently along the border, taking in each scent. She heard voices come from across the border, and her tail rose alertedly. Quickly, her patrol followed the increasing cat scent. It was still strange to her how different other cats smelled. They lived just beside them...yet, their smell was horrible.

Besides the stray apprentice she had found here several weeks ago, this would be the first time meeting Skyclan cats outside of a gathering. They seemed friendly, and they appeared to care about her clan's well being, but from what she had seen at the gathering, she wasn't too sure how to feel about the other clans yet. Riverclan had taken them in during the fire, but this was not Riverclan. "Hello...We are doing well, our clan is still strong after the fire." Short and simple, if one of her clan-mates wanted to say more, then they could.

SkyClan? Sunnyday's ears pricked up visibly as his interest heightened and he hurried over to stand beside Flamewhisker. His blue gaze swept over the patrol, clearly set on searching for a single familiar face, but the youth wasn't among the number. Then again, maybe Shallow wasn't old enough to be out on such patrol duties. Regardless, he held the other clan in high regard and had no qualms against them. "Hello there!" He greeted with a wave of his tail and a warm smile. "As Flamewhisker said, we are doing well. In fact I'd even go as far as to say that we're on the up and up. How are things with SkyClan? I hope you are all doing well. And... um... if you don't mind me asking, but how is Shallow doing?"


This was just forest, again. What was keeping Blazestar's mate here? Some- prior attachment? He didn't get it. Were these leave just more aesthetically pleasing? Nose wrinkled, he took a deep breath in upon his mentor's instruction, studying the difference in scent. SkyClan's was... nicer, he had to say. Biased, sure, but it had a more prominent scent. ThunderClan was... wilder, muddier. Or maybe he wasn't used to it. Feebly grasping, his mind could not justify why Blazestar's mate wasn't just going to move when the scents were so different in quality. There must be some other factor...

Pointless justifications crashed and burned when an older Thunderclanner, tall and strewn with fluff, greeted them grinning. All normal niceties until the name of someone Twitchpaw knew was mentioned- Shallow. In snap movements the bicolour apprentice glanced back and forth between his patrol and the Thunderclanners, gaze stained wide by the revelation. Bristles crackled along the snow-splashed fur on his neck as an accusation came spilling out, much more poisonous and harsh than he might have intended. "How do you know him?" Suspicion dripped poisonous from his tone and his paws fumbled backwards, wary suddenly of this... this infiltrator. What did he want from this intel? Was he- was he trying to shake information out of Shallow to learn SkyClan's greatest weaknesses? Oh, they'd be doomed!
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Similarly to her mentor, Figpaw has had plenty of interactions with ThunderClanner's. In fact, they were the only clan outside of SkyClan she's gotten to interact with properly yet! Oh well... supposed a time would come where she'd at least get to take a peak at RiverClan. She hears they had the prettiest pelts and the glossiest of fur...

ThunderClan in a lot of ways seemed like SkyClan though, they were less different from each other than Figpaw was expecting.

Figpaw nods at Tallulah's words, understanding to pay attention for any familiar cats. She doesn't see any- or doesn't remember any so far... Shockingly the girl for now stays quiet and observant.

// ^ genuinely dont remember which thunderclanners she saw so im rolling with the fact she cant remember LOL. short post just to get her in here <3
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Like her apprentice, Daisyflight was also surprised to hear Shallow's name fall from a thunderclanner's vocabulary. Her eyes narrowed an impeccable inch, a sharp show of acknowledgement. She hadn't known of this apparent connection- something to follow up with later perhaps.

"Glad to hear recovery is occurring as expected, I wouldn't wish a fire even on our enemies." A considerate blink was passed off the oak-dwellers, genuinely happy to hear of their progress. "Shallow is well." The calico left it at that, diplomatic. She knew not of the smiling tom's intentions.

Sunnyday couldn't stop his ears from pricking up higher when he took note of Twitchpaw's reaction to his inquiry about Shallow. Though he supposed he shouldn't be surprise neither, it must seem strange having a ragged old ThunderClan asking for a SkyClan youth. Still, he offered up a warm smile all the same as there wasn't anything malicious behind the tale. At least Daisyflight put his worries to bed with a short answer. "Good, I'm glad to hear that he's ok. And I know him from before he settled in SkyClan and when he was still a rogue. I only discovered recently that he ended up with your clan by a chance encounter." He decided not to admit to crossing the border into SkyClan territory in order to see Shallow, that probably best left out in order to maintain the peace. ​