we held the moon in our arms | kit intro

The time had fluttered by on swift wings, the days and nights a blur of nursing, grooming, listening. Squawks and mewls, burbling screeches that slowly formed into words. The experience was enlightening. Daisy Flight had been engrossed in the way their personas were refined with every passing sunrise.

Despite her reluctance to let them roam freely, her kits had been free to explore the clearing for some time. Her watchful eye slid into an absent one.

Spying a fat pigeon atop the freshkill pile the calico smiled a little. With a pointed step, she gave a little skip on the approach. In one swift movement the bird was snatched up, its plumes split between her teeth. "Little ones! Come here, let's eat. Tell me about your newest discoveries." The call was purred out, airy. They weren't so little now, but that wouldn't halt her use of the term. Placing the prey in front of her, Daisy Flight skimmed the fern-flanked clearing for Gaia and her youngest.

/the kits are now 4 moons old! so time for their proper intro :) they are unleashed @GREENKIT @Snowkit @ava @VIOLETKIT! and @Gaia
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The moons passed by, and Violetkit grows. She could tell by the way in which their nest grows cramped, pressed tight between the flanks of her siblings. Her mother begins to loosen her reigns on them, albeit with reluctance at first, and they are able to explore the camp freely. But, for a while Violetkit had preferred the familiarity of the nursery, where she knows her surroundings. The camp is much larger than the nursery, taking at least three times longer to complete a lap around it's edge. There are new obstacles, too. Brambles, stray twigs and rocks, the fresh-kill pile, the stream, the stump of a tree trunk... Some of them are easy enough to avoid from day one, like the stream which she could hear trickling or the fresh-kill pile which she could pinpoint by the strong scent of prey that wafts from it. But the rest, she had to get accustomed to... She can walk around the camp with enough confidence now, although the stray junk still trips her up sometimes. She's nearly memorized the layout of the camp, and she's discovered her favorite places as well...

Violetkit is sunbathing in the spot of warmth she'd found earlier when her mother's voice breaks her away from the clutches of sleep that threatened to overtake her. Her head pops up from where it rested upon her paws, clouded eyes opening despite being met with emptiness. Her ears swiveled towards the direction of the call, near the fresh-kill pile, she realizes. Then, with mild reluctance, the slate she-kit pushes herself to her paws and pads over. The scent of a pigeon lies at the queen's paws, and Violetkit settles down near it, already beginning to pluck feathers once her paw finds it. Her mom asks about their newest discoveries, and the she-kit gives a nonchalant shrug. "I found a good spot to lay in the sun," she replies, sounding anything but thrilled... But there is a small smile that rests on her muzzle which suggests otherwise.

A scowled expression softened at dulcet tones, songlike and tender as they wound an embrace around those the mother was addressing. Right- her kids. For a fleeting moment he thought maybe it had been his mother- she had a similarly airy voice, but Twitchkit supposed he should have known better. Tidespin was probably still out somewhere, and he imagined Ravencall had gone with her- the two of them did everything together, their adoration for each other clear. Besides, he wasn't old enough to leave yet. Apparently.

Still, this litter- younger than him, by quite a bit- had been allowed to make discoveries, and their mother was interested in hearing about them. Not once could Twitchkit think of a time anyone had asked him about what he'd found, or his opinion on anything. To his family he wasn't old enough to have an important opinion, he supposed. There was probably a reason for it.

Ridding himself of self-indulgent self-pity with a physical shakedown, the scruff-tossed tom decided he would not insert himself in the conversation physically nor mentally. He was hungry, and with his parents nowhere to be found it'd be okay to just grab something someone else had caught and tossed aside- right? With a breath drinking in all the tranquility he was capable of feeling, he decided that he'd listen in from a distance over his meal. Maybe one of these discoveries would be useful for when he was made an apprentice.
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Unlike her sister, Figkit was a tad more ambitious in discovering new activities around camp. After a long day of playing and rough-housing, mother usually had to pick the twigs, leaves, and bugs that nestled in her fur before bedtime. Despite her tiny size and being the most sickly of Daisyflight's children, the red tabby was quite the active child.

"That's boring." Figkit meows a little too honestly, but she was young and lacked filter, "I'm not gonna lay in the sun until I'm an elder! Only elders do that. Only elders like doing that." She giggles, the idea of being old and gray both humorous and impossible to her.

"I found this. Don't take it. It's mine." The warning is shot to siblings present and nearby alike, knowing how they could sometimes be... This was her find and hers to keep! What the girl drops at their paws is quite alarming to any of the adult cats looking this way... but it was the discarded skin of an adder.

Figkit didn't have the faintest clue what it was, what she did know is that it was something she's never seen before... and cool looking!

"Um... can I have a bite of tummy, ma?" She meows in reference to the pigeon, expecting mom to bite a piece off and set it down at her paws.


As the moons pass, Greenkit grows, and so does his curiosity towards what's outside the nursery's confines.

The day his mother finally let them loose was a miracle. Though reluctant and watchful, Daisyflight had opened the world to the four of them. There was so many trees and plants and rocks and bugs for Greenkit to look at! So many new faces to greet! The kit had to see everything!

With each day that passes, his mother becomes less reluctant, less watchful of her crew of kittens. Greenkit thinks this is great, because it means he can get into more things. He can crawl under bushes, take a peek into Dawnglare's den and all the strange things the medicine cat keeps in there, maybe even chew on a stick or two, if he wants.

Though today isn't as eventful as others in his observations, Greenkit still finds something to share with his mother and his siblings.

Their show-and-tell begins with Violetkit sharing about a sunny spot to lay. It doesn't sound the most exciting to Greenkit, all that laying around, but he's glad she's found something she likes. Figkit doesn't sound too thrilled about her discovery - calling it boring, making jokes about elders - before bringing out something that would outdo even Greenkit's own discovery. She is adamant that it is hers, that no one else can take it.

"No fair!" the tom protests, sniffing at - well, whatever it is that Figkit had brought over. He doesn't know what it is, but if Figkit has one, he wants one too! "I want one!"

"I found what's been making that silly noise all day," he shares - despite not thinking it was all that cool anymore, now that Figkit had a crinkly thing all for herself - tail thumping on the ground, "A bird. An alived one, in that tree over there. Doesn't it get bored sitting there all day, making all that noise?" Maybe if he'd spent less time bird-watching, he'd have a crinkly thing too, just like Figkit.

He looks back towards the tree to look for the bird, only to spot something else. Twitchkit, hanging around nearby. As if he's trying to listen in, Greenkit thinks. He isn't sure where the brown and white kit's parents are, isn't sure if he really knows who Twitchkit's parents are. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to include him in on their show-and-tell?

"Have you found anything cool today?" he asks the kit, a tilt of his head following his question. He's pretty sure Twitchkit is older than him, so he had to know where all the cool things in camp were, right? Maybe he could find him a crinkly thing?
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Blazestar sees Daisyflight sprawled outside of the nursery with a piece of prey between her paws, offering bites to her rambunctious kits. He can't help but smile at the way they talk, their quick and jerky movements like lizards under a hot sun. It's the first time since Basil and Aster were small that the Clan has had new life, and Blazestar feels some semblance of pride that SkyClan's first kits are his deputy's.

He's about to greet Daisyflight, Twitchkit and the children when his eyes fall onto ... whatever Figkit is claiming is hers. "Um -- where did you get that?" He peers down at it, a shudder of revulsion rippling through his pelt when he realizes it's discarded adder skin. StarClan forbid there was a snake in camp somewhere!


Violetkit's nonchalant announcement quirked her maw, spying the muted enthusiasm on her daughter's face. "That's my girl. Finding the perfect place for a nap is important!" Dipping her pink nose between the kit's ashen ears briefly in a show of affection, Daisy Flight turned her attention to the others who approached.

While absently tugging out the pigeon's plumes with a hooked claw the molly took notice of a bark-banded silhouette not far off. Before she could pipe up to Twitchkit, another of her children trotted up- espousing that sunbathing was only for 'elders'. A disapproving gaze morphed into mild horror as a scaly trophy was flung before them. While trying to find the words the queen obliged the small tabby's request, tugging off a strip of flesh for her without comment. What might have been cause for question for others, Daisy Flight was used to providing that little extra step for the kit. Figkit's frail stature lent her to be more active in her care, an attempt to cultivate her energy and enthusiasm.

"Yes, where did you find that? It's an adder skin- you're lucky to have found one so well preserved." Adding to Blazestar's inquiry, the calico hovered a paw over the slithering foe's remnants. Without touching it, a brittle sincerity in her eyes, she chided "The real deal is very dangerous." The warning was swept across all of the young ones gathered, pausing finally on Greenkit.

A chuckle sparked in her throat, "A noisy bird? You might be right, maybe it is bored! You know where the phrase 'bird-brained' comes from though, don't you? I'm not sure if birds can even be entertained." Voice mirthful, Daisy Flight wove her colour-splashed tail to rap the he-kit on the side gently. She hesitated, however, as she noticed him gesturing to Twitchkit. Pride bloomed, and she found herself pleased to see her boy reaching out to the lonely figure. The deputy gave Twitchkit what she hoped was an encouraging smile.

Quite unlike his chatty and excitable siblings, Snowkit had remained mostly silent and next to his mother's side for no reason other than being able to keep an eye on all of them with ease; though as with most things a kit was placed in charge of he had utterly failed to notice them all getting into mischief. Perhaps helping his mother babysit was harder than he thought when he himself was still so small. Though not as small as the others, in contrast he was strikingly pale and much larger; a veritable snowball of a kitten with heavy plodding steps as he finally broke away from her to go about his business. It was only to her call did he come back much later, pelt covered in little bits of debris from bark to small leaves to the occasional burr that snagged fur near his flank but he was wholey unbothered by it. Ashen paws swept him across the camp in delighted little steps and in his maw he held the hollow husk of some insect plucked from the crevice of a tree; its eyes like tiny bubbles reflective and round and he promptly dropped it (with some struggle as it attempted to cling to him) at Daisy Flight's paws with a little wriggle of pride in his findings. Violetkit had napped it seemed, unsurprising. Figkit and Greenkit had gotten into some exploration for fun new things and sounds. He had plucked this from a scary hole in a tree without whimpering even once!
"I got this! I saw it shining!" It was a strange little bug that didn't have any of the normally squishy stuff inside that bugs had when you stepped on them! It looked like someone took it all out for some reason! Once his prize had been properly observed he would maneuver to pick it up and place it by Greenkit, "Here you go, you can have my treasure." He would find another surely and if it kept his siblings happy then he was more than enthused to let the smaller kitten take it. Snowkit had no idea where Figkit had gotten hers but the warning from their mother was not missed to him so he gave a curt little nod before his tail raised upward in excitement to the new cat approaching. His brother had already greeted the other kitten, so he would greet this bigger cat, "Hi! I'm Snowkit!" It was polite to introduce yourself, so he was told, and so he would!

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Restless soul briefly content, Twitchkit watched on as conversation thrummed- but that tranquility was indeed brief. From StarClan-knows-where Figkit brought out an adder skin, all crisp and translucent- a sickening sight that sent the half-and-half tom's fur bristling into spikes. Noticeably his expression shifted from one of passive indifference to one of panic-stricken silence- if she'd swiped that from a snake, surely it'd want it back, right? And how would they deal with a snake in camp? Someone would have to catch it, risking poisonous fangs slicing tender flesh, risking death because snakebites surely meant the very end of your life-

Have you found anything cool today?

Caught off-guard, it took Twitchkit a moment to realise that he was being spoken to, Greenkit's namesake eyes looking toward him with a tilt of the head. And oh, what a nice question that would be if he ever did anything, but... the best discovery he had made was how to make a functional nest. Functional was, in fact, a generous term.

"Uhm- uh." Gritted teeth tightened, round eyes flickering up, down, left, right- if that snake was here, looking for its skin, and he was distracted- but a breath shuddered through lockjaw and finally he was able to dredge something up from the murky waters of his astoundingly uninteresting life. "Mum once... brought me back this... uh, fruit. It was... I think she called it an 'apple'? Anyway it was... I think she meant well but it was gross. So. Don't eat those."

Immediately he felt embarrassment grasp molten-hot hands around his throat as his voice petered out into a shaky chuckle. Sure, yeah. That... probably counted as a discovery.
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Her smile grows a bit more noticeable upon being praised by her mother, her eyes crinkling as Daisyflight brushes against the whiskers atop her brows and touches her nose to the she-kit's forehead. "I know," she replies with her tail curling in delight. It always feels good to be praised by Momma!

The joy isn't long-lived. Figkit bounds up with an exclamation of sunbathing being boring. Violetkit's head snaps around in the direction of her sister's voice, sticking out her tongue towards where she thinks Figkit stands and blowing a big, fat raspberry. "Well, I'm not an elder, so that isn't true." Sunbathing felt nice. It warmed her fur and made her sleepy. Violetkit is convinced that Figkit just doesn't know what she's talking about.

Transgressions are pushed aside when Figkit exclaims that she found this. The vague statement leaves the she-kit huffing. What is this supposed to be? With a sniff, and a purse of her lips when she couldn't smell anything unusual, she shuffles closer to Figkit until her whiskers brush against her sister. Then, she feels around with her paws until she finds it. It's smooth and it crinkles beneath her paw. Violetkit likes the way it feels, and with a snort, she pats up and down the smooth, crinkly thing. Greenkit exclaims that he wants one, and Violetkit nods. "Me too."

The thumping of oafish paws alerts her to Blazestar's approach, and the kit straightens up. He asks where Figkit found her treasure, followed by Daisyflight reiterating the same question. She would expect it to be because it's cool and they want one, too... But their voices are taut rather than excited. Her brows furrow in confusion. And even as Daisyflight explains that it's an adder's shed, she doesn't understand why they sound so worried. Or why an adder is very dangerous. She runs her paw down the length of the shed once more. "How's it dangerous? It doesn't feel very big..." She's unaware of the venom adders hide within their fangs.

Greenkit's discovery is a bird making a silly noise. Violetkit's attention is drawn away from the snake shed as her brother ponders over how the bird doesn't get bored of making noise all day. "You don't get bored of making all of your noise, so I guess the bird doesn't, either." The cheeky response is off-put by the nonchalant shrug she gives him.

Snowkit's discovery... is another mystery to her. This isn't a very helpful word. He says that it's shiny, and Violetkit lets out a sarcastic snort. "Wow." Then, he gives it to someone; she presumes to Greenkit, since his voice chimes from the same direction that Greenkit's had earlier.

Greenkit and Snowkit both begin talking to... someone else. Who, she isn't sure, until the jittery voice of Twitchkit responds. Her ears swivel towards him, listening as he recounts the time his mom brought him back an 'apple'. He says that it's gross, and that they shouldn't eat it. "I won't. Thanks."
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Snowkit shares his own discovery - a shiny looking bug, though, it didn't seem much like a real bug. Bugs moved, this, however, didn't look like it would. But Greenkit finds it fascinating all the same, and Snowkit's shiny thing almost makes the ginger tom forget about Figkit's crinkly thing.

"Woah," Greenkit says, sticking his face closer to the glimmering object. Snowkit then offers him it, which causes him to sit back up to look at his brother with a tilted head. "I can have it forever? Are you sure?"

His mother asks where Figkit got her discovery, informing her that the real version's dangerous. He wonders if the crinkly thing is like the shiny thing - meant to move but doesn't.

And then Twitchkit's sharing his discovery. Though it's not one from today. It's good information all the same, so Greenkit doesn't think to correct him, taking in the information.

"No apples," he confirms with a nod. If Twitchkit said they were gross, then they must be. He was older, so he must know.
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