we made our peace with weariness - soot

moth ★

[ STARCLAN 7.5.22 ]
Jun 8, 2022

A throaty purr pulled itself from Moth's chest as she stretched out in the sunlight. With her hunting for the day finished with, she was finally free to enjoy the unique benefits of being a part of a group. One of which being the opportunity to actually relax. No need for her to sleep with one eye open or be ready to leap to her paws at a moment's notice, no, if anything happened while she was resting then the rest of the group could take care of it. In turn she would do the same for them. It was a neat little arrangement.

The sunlight on her fur felt all the warmer when she could focus on simply enjoying it. She truely hoped all this nonsense with the sparse prey and other groups worked itself out, she would hate to have to leave this life of luxury behind her. Though she doubted it would be that simple.



Sootstride passively liked the recent drama. In a heartbeat, if she could she'd see it to its end if that meant those kittypets and good-for-nothing felines left the forest. Then the pines could belong to them again. Something evidently needed to be done, with tensions beginning to brew she hopes action will be taken soon...

For now, there was nothing to do but ideally wait.

Emerald eyes land on Moth, a feline who was around her age.
"You," She would meow despite knowing the other's name, "No one has replaced my nest in quite sometime. An expecting queen shouldn't have to do these mundane things herself, you see?" There's a displeased look resting upon her features.

"But I suppose... order in this group has been incredibly lacking as of late." She scowls, "You need to come with me, help me collect moss for my new bedding. Grows practically everywhere, won't take us long." Besides! I shouldn't have to do this to start with. If these cats had any sense she'd be able to be putting her paws up and snoozing day and night away.


Her ear flicked as a voice cuts through the peace and quiet. For a moment she dared to hope that it wasn't calling out to her. Approaching pawsteps dashed that hope. Slowly, one eye crept open to see who was addressing her, irritation writ across her features. Soot.

Moth didn't disagree with the queen, per say. There should be someone to take care of the bedding of those who were expecting. Her feelings on the matter were simply outweighed by her desire for that someone to not be her. "There are dozens of cats in our ranks." The molly grumbled. "Could you not find one less comfortable to be your lackey?"

Still, she rose to her paws despite her protests. "If it will only take a moment though," she sighed, "Then fine, but afterward I am returning to my rest.


"That's exactly why I picked you. You're doing nothing." Soot would inform, her tail flicking with impatience for the molly to rise onto her paws. "It won't take long, then you can go back to... your nap? Whatever you were doing." She didn't really care.

At the other's final words she nods in agreement prior to making her way for the exit of camp. She slips out swiftly with the other feline likely in tow. It's swampland so it doesn't take long at all either for them to encounter what they were looking for, moss. Unfortunately for Moss, Soot was very picky on quality... she begins to move about, touching her paws to any moss she discovers. "It needs to be soft... just the right amount. Too soft and it falls right apart on me." She would grumble to Moth so she could potentially assist the blue queen on the search.