we sent the sparrow searching into the night | patrol assignments 9. 28. 22


A yawn left her well-manicured snout, slim fangs making an appearance. The sun was far too bright for its own good that day. Eyes fanning against the light, Daisyflight settled into the centre of the clearing. "Those looking to get some work in, come here. I am handing out patrol assignments."

Taking a moment to count those who had approached, and to wake up a little more, she tipped a paw across the pewter ear that held her most visible scar. Once an acceptable amount of volunteers had appeared, the molly began, "For our day's Riveclan border patrol we have- Redstorm to lead, taking along Blazestar, Butterflypaw and Quillpaw"

"The Thunderclan patrol!" Wanting to spin a little excitement into the mundane dictation of names, Daisyflight flared her tail behind her. "I will be heading it, with Twitchpaw, Tallulahwing and Figpaw to follow. "

Flaxen-flag still shifting in shapes around her, she continued, "So that leaves, Pantherpelt, Flan, Sharpeye and... Huckleberry, who will lead, to go out on a hunting patrol. Ah, take your apprentice, Glimmerpaw with you too." Daisyflight nodded to the accented tom in question, satisfied with her pick.

"As always, try not to start any trouble. Enjoy your time out on the territory!" Duty concluded, she stepped forward to gather her apprentice and patrol companions. Her choice to walk along the Thunderclan border would allow them to stay out of the sun- she was tired of squinting all morning.


Patrols! Patrols! Oh, her favorite time of the day was listening to her mother hand out patrols. It was always so exciting to hear about who was going to do what, what Figpaw and Tallulahwing were going to do. Figpaw munches on a small mouse, learning her lesson of eating before going out on any sort of session with her tortoiseshell mentor.

She feels a twinge of envy when Butterflypaw's name is called to go to RiverClan, why did her sister always get all the luck? A leader mentor (not that she didn't love Tallulahwing, she adored her! But you know... sibling rivalry), a patrol to RiverClan- uck! Figpaw was yet to meet any RiverClan warriors at the border, and lucky Butterflypaw no doubt would today... She scowls for mere seconds, but the announcements for the ThunderClan patrol cause her to regain excitement.

Scarfing down the last bit of prey she had, she wipes the blood from her mouth and races over to her mother. She was certain Tallulahwing would be by her side momentarily too, ready to go. "I wonder if we'll see that floppy-eared guy, or Blazestar's girlfriend?!" The only two ThunderClan cats she knew.

Dutifully, Redstorm heeds the call for work. His face an unusual mask of optimism, a half smile that had not been present in a while graces his lips as he trots forward, curling his tail around his paws. He seats himself as he awaits direction. Border patrols were something that Redstorm could say he wasn’t quite fond of but he understood why it needed to be done, the importance of it. And besides, if they caught anyone trespassing he would be happy to run them out. Unless of course, their name was Little Wolf. Blazestar had expressly told his clan she was welcome whenever.

He nearly lets out a snort of laughter when Daisyflight tells him he’d be going to lead a patrol with Blazestar. Their leader was not going to lead? What was he, allergic? He keeps his thoughts to himself though, casting a glance in the other flame points direction. Sending him to River Clan also was a strange choice, he had figured he was banned from interactions with them. Perhaps this was a test of sorts, to see if he truly was worthy of the lead warrior position they had granted him. A reminder that any bad behavior and his title could easily be stripped from him. No matter, he would behave. Even if what he truly wanted was to sink their claws into their pelts. There were others to think of, new responsibilities to uphold.

He digs his claws into the earth for a moment, taking a deep breath. The only indication that he is stressed about this. What if he sees Cicada? The thought is only a brief one but terrifying. He does not feel ready and yet he finds himself rising to his paws, and nodding to the other cats in his patrol. Blazestar and two apprentices. “We can head out whenever you guys are ready” he says, voice as calm as ever.

The wild-furred daylight warrior saunters over to join their clanmates, intrigued by the call for patrol assignments. They have never been a fan of border patrols—they don’t like the other clans very much. And when the smell of twolegplace manages to break past the cloying scent of herbs that drowns it out, cats from other clans tend to give her dirty looks as though she’s lesser for her affiliation. Luckily, though, Daisyflight takes mercy upon them. Instead of having to suffer through the irritation of those stupid other-clan cats, they are relegated to the duty of a hunting patrol.

It’s a ridiculously boring-sounding patrol, but better than nothing. There’s only one problem— "Who th’ hell is Flan?" Amber eyes narrow to slits, looking around for whatever feline bears such a strange name.
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( ) the soft whisps of dark fur protruding from the tips of his ears would sway in the air with every occasional twitch as the warrior would listen to daisyflight assign each of them to a designated patrol and it looked like he was in charge of leading one of them! a hunting patrol, that should go smoothly enough, prey was still plentiful as the season changed into leaf-fall. huckleberry looked over the crowd before carefully moving between cats to stand besides pantherpelt to wait for the others while they questioned who flan was.

"ah reckon it might be one of the newer fellas."
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