pafp we stay hungry we devour || ants

Aug 1, 2022

A S H P A W.

"Okay. You gotta pay attention. This is very very important."

Ashpaw's glass-green eyes burn into Darkpaw's, glittering with fiery determination. She has followed the politics of AntClan like the predator she is, watched with wide pupils, ears alert as the news developed day by day. This is truly the most serious topic Ashpaw knows, and stars does she know it. Like the back of her front paw.

"This," she says, sweeping her tail in a dramatic gesture toward a line of marching ants, "is AntClan."

"Rock is their leader. He's very serious and brave and he's super nice. They have a deputy also, and lead warriors, and a medicine ant."

She sits, tail tucked primly around her paws, and lifts her chin. "Any questions?"

They're sat near the edge of camp, ants trekking bravely across the sand in a procession that Ashpaw has determined to be a victory parade. Because they won a war against a rival clan, of course. Ashpaw knows all about it.

She's glad that Darkpaw is playing with her though. Ants don't always make very good friends.

—— " i found gold in the wreckage "