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Jul 23, 2022
" s-… she’s mine " Dogteeth’s paws are pulled to his chest, his tail twisted with perfect blonde curls pressed by his pawpads as he grew increasingly nervous. “ yes well- she’ll ask about the truth you know… and she’ll deserve as much- lest she… grow to hate you ” A queen was interrogating him by the riverside. Dogteeth swallows hard and audibly. " yeah but… what if- " The queen holds up a paw and sighs. “ time for me to get back to my little ones…” she leaves him in a heavy silence.

slumping a bit, Dogteeth’s ears slack and his eyes shift downward to the pale moonlight settling on the river. All he had ever wanted was a family, one without the bullshit of his own upbringing. To be a dad far better the man his father was.

So- was he no better than his father? perhaps worse- for not letting Nightshade take full custody of this orphan? No- Peachkit had become his life, he couldn’t breathe in a world where he wasn’t there for her.

Someone joins him…- and he looks toward the feline with fragile eyes and soul.

" Peachkit, she calls me dad… is it… wrong to not correct her? … to not- I dunno…" Dogteeth’s voice is just as delicate, and he hugs himself closer with furrowing brows. " Would… would you hate me- if, y’know… you were Peachkit? " he asks the other.

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( ) she doesn't know the golden tom well. he's not a newcomer but she has never intentionally sought him out, caught up in all the drama of joining. still, dogteeth is a respectable man, perfectly worthy of his position within the clan, and someone she has always appreciated from the sidelines. tonight, as the moon casts her silvery glow across the rippling waves, he looks forlorn, back hunched, staring across the water. even as a soft yawn stretches the lead warrior's maw, something compels them to approach. they arrive on quiet paws, head tipped in an open ended question.

he takes the opportunity and runs with it, worries spilling from his lips, and they listen, green eyes glittering in the soft glow of the moonlight. "i don't think it's wrong," they begin, tucking their tail over their paws and settling in. "i hardly had time to call my parents ma or pa before i was shipped off. i think she's grateful she has you, and i think you're grateful you have her. that's all you really need." swallowing, willowroot considers the words that come next, brow furrowing at the strong phrasing. "she won't hate you. it's hard to hate someone you love. i think, when she gets a bit older, you can sit her down and tell her that by everything but blood, you are her father. stars, you're more of a father than mine ever was," whiskers twitch, a decisive nod. "if i was her, i might be confused and upset, but not hate you. you're her dad."

the man is sometimes hard to read, but tonight he is an open book, anxiety swimming in the ice chips that are his eyes. she feels for him, this man she barely knows, because her found family is much more of a family than her blood ever was. "if anyone decides they need her to know first, just beat them up. or- no don't do that. but just communicate with the queens that you wish to tell her when she's older. let her be a kid, you know?"

Glossy eyes pearled with wonder and respect- a deep appreciation budding in the twin oceans of his eyes and his brows furrowing with the all-consuming awe.

Willowroot, the lead-warrior- someone he had spoken little more than proper clan buisness with. He was spilling his worries to- and they took them and weaved it with experience, reason, and more than everything- some of the kindest and wisest things he’s ever heard. He clung to every word- nodding along he simply listens. shipped off, his thoughts cling to those words. A light- weakly lit and briefly shown in on this warrior’s life- Dogteeth felt his heart sting for them in that moment.

she won’t hate you, " really? -" he asks and they are already ready with the right words. more of a father than mine ever was, another brief glimse into their life and Dogteeth felt his paws cross and his heart bleed with sympathy.

just beat them up, the offer of words he takes at lighter-instilling humor in a serious topic maybe they were serious? it didn’t matter, it had the effect he needed and he offers a fragile smile that comes as it goes. " stars… thank you- so much… yeah- yeah I think I… I feel so much better…" he breathes, and he feels his eyes crinkle at the edges.

" I guess I just… let it all get to me… you have- you’re so amazing with your words I should’ve- " talked to them sooner? how could you know how much depth someone has just by their surface?

" I just need to keep being that- the, positive in her life… to keep being the happiness… " he affirms.

" I’m sorry you-… had such a rough upbringing. " he turns his large pupils on the lead warrior again- " it made you- such a good person though… " he adds, carefully wondering why he hadn’t spoken to them before.

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