we worked so hard to build a little house together | fixing the dens

Most of the wreckage from the fire had been cleared from camp. To the unknowing eye, the camp did not look like it had recently been threatened by flames and smoke. But to those who lived there, the small imperfections were more obvious. The camp was livable at least but there were places that definitely needed touching up to make it more like how it was before the fire.

Winding down after a busy morning, Flycatcher had taken it upon himself to start working on fixing up the elder's den. Most of the warriors and apprentices would likely see to their own nests but the elders were often assisted by their clanmates to keep their nests fresh and clean unless, of course, they were too stubborn to accept help. Flycatcher had gathered a small pile of supplies together close to the elder's den and spent time going back and forth putting fresh grass and moss inside. Unfortunately, due to the fire, he had been fairly limited with what supplies he could get, but what little he had would certainly go a long way in making them more comfortable in their den.

The blue tabby is padding back over to his pile of supplies when he pauses and sees another cat watching him. "Oh, hi!" He calls out cheerfully. "I'm just trying to freshen up the elder's den for them - did you want to help out?"
Koko did not like staying in camp at this point, for the terrifying thought of the camp being engulfed in flames once more kept appearing inside her mind. Even as the cats worked hard to remove all noticeable traces of it, the smoke still filled her lungs each night, still made it hard to breathe- she had been wheezing and coughing more lately because of it. Koko swishes her tail with slight anxiety as she finds herself watching Flycatcher with a breath she had not realized she was holding.

He calls out, which makes her jump in the air, fur puffed out and all and she has to remind herself that there was nothing wrong with camp, it was only Flycatcher, not Emberstar screaming to run. He asks her if she wanted to help and nods slowly, approaching upon tender paws that she still favored as she walked, cringing each step as she remembers the embers beneath them. "Okay... What can I do?" she speaks softly, slowly, cautiously as she eyes him, squinting her eyes. She does not know how to weave and last time she had asked what she could do she had been sent to watch over the kittens, which she had not minded at all. She always found those little things much less scary than adults.

"Mind if I help the two of you?" Emberstar's voice rang out as she padded over, giving the pair a tired smile. The sooner they could get the camp back to its former glory, the better, and as leader she was the foremost one to be helping out with that. Though, glancing at the pile of supplies that Flycatcher had gathered, and she hesitated. It seemed a touch sparse to be divided three ways. Even dividing it two ways felt ambitious to her. An ear flicked in thought.

"I could go see if I can find more supplies, if it would help." She offered warmly. In truth, she was more than happy to get out of camp. For any reason really. The memories of the fire did not seem to ever fade from her while she was here. Not yet, at least. She hoped that, with time, that would change.
✦ ★ ✦

It was harder than she had originally thought to come back home after being trapped in the smoke engulfed camp. Whenever she was near the elder's den, guilt ate away at her stomach. It had been her own poor quick thinking that had gotten her and Koko stuck in the den. She could have gotten them both killed. If they had been in there any longer, then they surely would have died.

Since they returned, she had been doing whatever she could to stay away, but when she spotted Flycatcher and Koko, she felt her paws tug her in their direction. Flame took in a deep inhale, still recoiling a bit as her throat stung. It wasn't anywhere as bad as it was, but it would take time for the pain to ease. Just like it would take time for the smell of smoke to dissipate from the insides of their camp.

As she padded over, she dipped her head in greeting to Emberstar. "I can go with you, two sets of eyes would surely find more supplies." the tabby would offer kindly, hoping the leader wouldn't mind her tagging along.

He is not sure why Koko stands there so silently, nor why she hesitates to come forward. He notes that there are many still nervous and jumpy since returning to camp, an after effect of the fire he supposes. When Koko slowly nods and pads towards him, he smiles warmly, letting her approach and help at her own pace. "Well, I've gotten most of the nests done, but there are a few that need padding out," Flycatcher explains, casting a glance down at the nest he was working on currently. "You could help finish off the last of the nests if you want? Or you could organise them in the den? No guarantees the elders won't just move them all around when they get back inside though." He chuckles a little that.

Not long after they are joined by Emberstar and Flame. Emberstar offers to gather some more supplies, and Flame offers to help, pointing out two sets of eyes would be better than one. "Any help would be much appreciated," Flycatcher mews, looking between the two she-cats. "I couldn't really find as much as I would like due to the fire but some more moss or some large ferns would be good," He suggests kindly.
( ) Moss and Ferns…we can handle that. The fiery tabby would turn her attention to Emberstar, then flick her tail towards the camp’s exit. “We could try by the Riverclan border. Maybe we will have more luck there since it’s near the water.Surely the fire didn’t destroy everything..