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Jul 6, 2022
"Under the glaring light of mid-morning, settled within a hollow did sallow sand shine. Where most of the moor lay on high ground, whipped by the violent breeze of altitude, cats who ventured here would come upon a nook, nestled low and protected. Heather embraced the border of this cavity, tangled with gorse as if poised to ward off unruly strangers. At this time of day the sky gazed pale upon those below, but here- as if highlighted by some being above- there was markedly more warmth, and less of the cold, lashing gales the moor was known for."

//(Huge thanks to Pin for writing the above scene out for me)
This is the camp discovery thread, it has become free for all and no sign-up is needed. If you initially signed up for this landmark, you may request to be placed down for a new one

Anyone is welcome to post here. Here are the needed events that need to occur in this thread;
- The idea was to make this spot their camp
- All of the dens and where the fresh-kill pile go
- HOWEVER, NOT THE TALLROCK, as stated in the landmark sign-ups it's the single thing with the discovery I've reserved for myself to name.
- Please be inclusive of this discovery and share the spotlight! Everyone is free to discover and get an idea for something but before you cat gets another concept after your first, ensure everyone who wants to has gotten a chance first
- Direct any questions to @/ava onsite or on discord

I will only post Soot in this if I find the thread needs a push forward, I want the community of the clan to have as much freedom as possible without it feeling like your neck is getting breathed down!! Another thread will be made later by someone showing the cats not a part of this thread to their newly found camp




Slowly but surely, Dusk was growing accustomed to the moors. The open hills and sprawling skies were a much needed change from the crowded streets of twoleg place, the air cleaner andd quieter than he was used to. Out here, with the sind in his fur and the sunshine on his back, it was easy to pretend that none of it had even happened. He was always just a Windclan cat.

And that was enough for Dusk. Enough for him to continue bending to Soot and Hyacinths will, enough for him to stick around. For the first time in his life he found himself content with simply being, and it was peaceful. Sure, he still had the bad dreams to deal with whenever night fell, but during the day his spirits were calm, kept occupied by the work and the cats.

At first the tom had been hesitant to take the initiative with things, fully aware of the fact that both Soot and Hyacinth were suspicious of him seeing as he was a strannger to their group. He would linger in camp and wait for one of the warriors to bark an order at him before following after them on whatever patrol or hunting party they'd been organizing. After almost a week though Dusk was growing a bit more confident. He had a basic read on many of the cats and knew what to expect when around them. He also understood his role as a Windclanner better, and while Sootstar had not yet accepted him as a full and trusted warrior, the large tomcat felt he had a better understanding of what she wanted from him.

He'd gone out that day with a group of others to do some hunting, having broken off from them to follow after the scent of rabbit. He'd had success catching many things out here but so far the clever runners always seemed to be just one step ahead of hiim. He'd been looking forward to testing his luck with this one as well, but to his surprise the scent trail led him off to a section of th e moor he'd never been to, which is where he stumbled across.... this.

He wasn't necessarily sure what to call it, but it was certainly interesting. A great dip in the ground surrounded by tall swathes of heather and gorse. He hadn't seen anything like it since arriving on the moors, and he found himself wondering if the other Windclan cats already knew about it. If so it had certainly never been brought up to him.

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Her vision is failing her.

It has been failing her for a long time now-- her eye has been clouded for more of her life than it has not. In the beginning, it had effected her vision as only a small, blurred patch, but it has progressed to the point that half of her sight has been lost to a white fog. Things appear further away than they should, or they appear closer than they should, or Hunts Pheasants cannot quite settle on where everything sits in relation to everything else. It seems that as soon as Hunts Pheasants adjusts to the way her sight has changed, it has gone and changed once more.

She tries to come to a stop besides Dusk, to see what has paused him in quiet wonderment, but somehow one of her paws has ended in open air, and in the next moment she is sliding in an awkward tangle of limbs down a sandy embankment, until she comes to a graceless stop into the embrace of a gorse bush, unmistakable even without its bright yellow blooms.

"What a terrible place!" Hunts Pheasants hisses.

The gorse doesn't want to let her go. Its thorns and needle-like leaves twist into her fur; the more she tries to free herself, the more it seems to tighten its hold on her. Eventually, she decides the only way through is forward, into the sandy hollow. Hunts Pheasants stumbles when she is finally free, but doesn't fall again. The whole of it looks surrounded by gorse and heather-- protected like a heart in a ribcage.


Hunts Pheasants turns towards Dusk, and in a voice louder than the distance between the two of them would demand, calls, "You! Find me a way out of here that won't take half my pelt off!"

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With two equally new Clanmates, Weasel had set off from where they've made their camp. He's still getting used to the open sky, the wind battering him wherever he is, the strange and sometimes eerie feeling of being unprotected. He enjoys his new freedom, but unmistakably, they are utterly exposed where they are.

And he knows Sootstar will make enemies at some point. He doubts if she knows how not to. With her having newborn kits, he gets a brief flush of anxiety whenever he thinks about it.

Dusk stops short just ahead of him, and Hunts Pheasants disappears over what looks like nothing. He rushes to stand beside his golden-spotted Clanmate, blue eyes wide. The land gives way before them, dipping low into the earth. Hunts has caught herself in gorse but pulls through until she's in the clearing.

Weasel's eyes flick about. She has a point. Surely there's a way to get in and out that won't strip the rest of her pelt off?

Blue eyes meet heather, a tangle of it clustered together. He pads over, curious. It's a spot relatively free from the gorse that had torn Hunts' fur to shreds. He flicks his tail toward Dusk and calls down to her: "I think we can get in and out through here."

He tests his theory. It's almost a tunnel, letting him through painlessly. He looks at Hunts Pheasants once he's through, satisfaction gleaming in his gaze. "Might wanna use that way to leave," he jokes.

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Despite her still lingering unease about Windclan, there was something exciting about being apart of something big- even if she didn’t know it yet.
She is accompanying the group of cats that have gone out to hunt, making an effort to get to know her new clan-mates.
When… oh what was the name? Dawn? Dusk, perhaps, split off from the group, Echo lightly trailed behind him, about to propose the idea of helping him, when suddenly he stops, stumbling into a great dip in the ground.
Of course, Echo is quick to follow, looking around with an awe in her eye.
What a terrible place!
Her attention quickly diverts to Hunts Pheasants, then to Weasel, who has figured a painless way to exit the dip.
Yet, Echo had other ideas on her mind. "Hm, this place is pretty spacious, and protected-" she mused, gesturing to the gorse that had torn at the molly’s pelt. Curiously, she looks towards Dusk and Weasel, trying to see if they caught on to what she was getting at. Perhaps it was a silly idea, but- what if it wasn’t? She takes a seat, "What if we showed the others this place?" She prompts, pushing her vague idea ever so slightly forward.



There was hardly time for him to utter a warning to Hunts Pheasant before she suddenly lurched forward, and while a paw shot out to try and haul her back to steady ground he simple hadn't been expecting it. The young tom had no idea that the shecats vision was failing her, and he visibly flinched as crashed into the stalks of gorse and heather down below.

"Are you okay?" he called down, leaning over the lip of the hill with concern as he watched her tear herself free of the thorns. Too guilty over having failed to react in time, he only nodded as she barked up to him, quickly scanning the area for a way out. As WEasel pointed out a weak spot in the brush, Dusk would nod before carefully climbing down the hill and making his way toward it.

This edge of the entanglement wasn't anywhere near as thick as the others, but it was still overgrown and tangled, and the spotted tom had to quite literally force himself through it to clear himself a path. He figured the scratches would be fair enough, and that at least the shecat wouldn't have to suffer alone now.

"Over here!" he called as he finally pushed his way into the sandy hollow.

He took a moment to shake out the bits of thorn and leaves that clung to his fur, but he was very much aware of how different it looked from the inside looking up rather than the outside looking down. And he wasn't sure he liked it. While the space was quite large, something about the way the heather and gorse rose up on all sides of them felt strangely confining, and he had to actively ignore the urge to slip back through the crude tunnel he'd just made himself.

Padding over to the shecat, Dusks ears would twitch as the sound of another voice from above joined Weasel. It was one of th e newer shecats who'd joined- Echolight? The bengal would take a second look around at the place upon hearing her words, and nodded in agreement. As much as it may be giving him deja vu, he couldn't ignore the benefits of what he was seeing.

"I think that'd be a good idea. The growth here probably provides good protection from the wind and predators- a lot better than what we're using now. I'm sure Sootstar would want to use it if its in her territory.."

She didn't strike him as the type of cat to let a good resource go to waste, and unless there was a reason why this place should be avoided by the Windclanners, Dusk didn't see a reason not to tell the others about it.

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It should warm her in some way that Hunts Pheasants' clanmates are so eager to help her find a way out of this sandy pit. Rather, it annoys her that after Weasel finds a path out, the others follow him in, and inspect the hollow with a curiosity that Hunts Pheasants recognizes. It doesn't surprise Hunts Pheasants in the slightest when Echo offers up her suggestion: show the others, although Hunts Pheasants is far more hesitant.

Wordlessly, she splits from the group to walk the edges of the hollow. Water always goes to the lowest ground, and this place is nestled as a valley between hills. During a storm, where does the rain settle? What stops a flood? Sand doesn't hold water, not well, not in the same way clay would. Could the water simply drain away? Hunts Pheasants grunts when she returns to the others, casting a wary eye over the hollow.

"It's dry," Hunts Pheasants says like a concession, "But I wouldn't get so attached. We are downhill on all sides; a bad enough storm may turn this hollow into a pond. We wont know how quickly the water drains until we see a rain."

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Leech already regretted that brilliant idea of his to follow with this cats out for what had supposed to been a hunt patrol. He had tried to convince himself it would be easy, that he wouldn't need to talk with this outsiders who didn't even belong to be here if asking him about it. Damask Rose had somehow manged to convinced him to come along though or maybe it was more about that promise he had made to them after founding them crying thier eyes out after Soot had scared the fur out of them. Whatever the case it didn't really mattered in the end. He was here now and miserable to be stuck with all of them.

Like if his day not possible could get any worse his so called clanmates just had to get distracted by this massive wall that was in thier way now. Leech lacked the curiosity to explore like the others seemed to have and so he would stand behind to sulk on his own wondering how long this would take before they could keep on moving again. He wanted this to be over as soon as possible. But of course his wishes couldn't be hear. Now he watched them all as they started to approach the sandy tunnel that lead stars know where!. " Hey!, where are you idiots going?!. Have you all forgotten what we came out here for!" He called after them but they didn't listen, of course they didn't listen to him. Bemused he would watch the group start to enter the tunnel but he didn't follow, not until Damask Rose looked back over thier shoulder at him. " Leech, are you coming?." Leech hesitated before he growled and muttered something to himself before he entered the same tunnel Weasel had found because he was not dumb like Hunt Peasant was. He swore, if he died today he was gonna kill all of them. Fuck the afterlife. They where going down with him.

Once down into this hell pit he would stand of to the side again, sulking and looking completely pissed of over this unexpected turn of events. He just wanted to return back to the hunt again instead of acting like a stupid kit who was out on some foolish adventure. He sat down with a huff with tail lashing back and forth in annoyance. He was not happy.

" Leech, won't you come and explore with me?." Damask Rose tried to motivate Leech and because he didn't wanted to do it alone, and...no hard feelings to anyone here but he wasn't exactly close enough to anyone of them to feel comfortable. " No. " Was his answer because he had already decided he was just gonna seat here and sulk the whoooole time while they where here. Nothing could change his mind. " Uh..." Damask Rose looked a bit down over thier friend dismissing them but he know not to push them too much.

Damask Rose tried to decide if he should stay with Leech or go exploring with the others until Hunt Peasant said something that made his stomach drop to the ground.
" W-wouldn't that make us d-d-drown?....uh, wouldn't that be b-bad?..." his eyes widen and he looked in horror at the others like he expected at least one of them to say that was impossible to happen. Maybe Echos idea to bring the others here had not been that good of an idea after all...

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