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Jun 7, 2022
Hey everyone! SUPER casual OOC weekly tasks! I can either give you something simple, such as a patrol or some other clan task, or I can give you something more complex such as a prompt of some sort! If you have a preference over what you get, just let me know! Please post your characters that you want tasks for below! It would be extra helpful if you can link your character's tags, too!
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i’m open to either please! maybe something in the middle?
@toska. Ivoryflight is tasked with leading a hunting patrol by the clan's deputy. She must recruit two other warriors along with any of their apprentices to see how much of the bountiful prey they can bring home to feed the clan!

@SOOTSTAR Sootstar is a proud she-cat, but also wants her clan to succeed. How does she react when she misses a piece of prey due to an embarrassing mistake, but one of her clanmates on the patrol manages to still catch it?
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@empyrean Kestreltalon is given the boring task of reinforcing the camp wall with gorse. Even worse, she's forced to do it with a cat with a completely opposite disposition as her! Do they end up getting along, or are they far from friends after this?
@Regina Owlpaw is instructed to leave camp and collect moss with some of the other apprentices! How smoothly does this chance for temporary freedom go?

@hyacinthbreath What is Hyacinthbreath’s love language? Display this in an open or private thread with a character she loves or one who loves her.

@Dandelionpaw Dandelionpaw is convinced that he is the best at something. What is this “something” and begin a thread where he tries to convince a clanmate that he is indeed the best!
@nico Write about a moment in which Pebblenose needs to face something from her past before she can fully move forward.

Jaypaw is out hunting, but there are "too many cooks in the kitchen," or rather, too many hunters after the same prey! It spoils the hunt - how does Jaypaw react? Is he frustrated that his clanmates ruined his hunt, or embarrassed that he ruined theirs?

Emberfang is sharing a meal with a clanmate when her life completely changes (can be a super small or super big way!). What causes this change and what is the result?