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"Through the brambles, right here," Blazestar calls out, a note of excitement causing his voice to sound higher pitched. He throws a glance over his shoulder to blink warmly at the little black she-cat who had followed him from ThunderClan's territory to his own. "Don't worry, nothing will happen. SkyClan is civilized. I do have to warn you, though about, um..."

He ponders this. "There are some... eccentric cats," he explains, offering her an anxious smile. "And, um, more kittypets than you're used to, I'm sure. Some still live with Twolegs. But there's not a warrior here who I wouldn't trust with my life. And it's important to me that they meet you."

After pausing to nuzzle Little Wolf, he pulls himself through the brambles and enters the hollow of their camp. Cerulean eyes glow like sunlight on lakewater as he declares, "SkyClan! I've brought a visitor to our camp." He flicks his tail, a smile splitting across his broad muzzle. "Meet Little Wolf, my mate. She's a ThunderClan warrior, and their deputy, Howling Wind's, daughter. She'll be visiting a lot more frequently, so I wanted her to meet you all and show her around." He beams at his Clanmates.

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( ) large, tufted ears were quick to become alerted towards the sounds of the brambles being parted at the entrance to make way for two figures, one being the familiar flame-point that was their leader and the other a much more newer face who was soon to be introduced to them as little wolf.

huckleberry did not have to think twice before approaching the couple, tail sweeping back and forth in delight over the situation at hand. "well, ah'll be! you must be the lucky lady blazestar done told us about at the meetin'!" the tom would purr out, the noise rumbling deep within his broad chest before giving a dip of his head towards the she-cat.

"ah'm huckleberry, ma'am. 's a great pleasure ta meet cha! dunno if blazestar told ya already but skyclan got some of tha best cats around and ah'm sure they'll welcome ya with open paws!" it warmed this southern cat's heart seeing just how happy his leader was to be with his mate. ah, love was always so beautiful!

( i hear the wandering streams and the song of the birds )

he was still trying to navigate the world now. that wasn't some big secret. his ears, however, worked perfectly. two tufts of white seemed to flick back and forth, nose twitching at the unfamiliar scent. slowly, baguette made his way over, standing closely near huckleberry. snow met charcoal as he shifted closer to the warrior, his eyes squnting from behind his fur. he probably should have been resting, that much was clear, but he didn't want to rest anymore. he just wanted to be helpful.

"oh! nicccce to meet you! i'm baguette! hmmm..."

he pauses in his greeting, twitching his nose to take in the molly's scent. he lifts his fur from his eyes, slightly clouded heterochromia squinting to take try and take in her appearance. tapping his tail against huckleberry flank for a moment, he steps forward, so he can see her better.

"little wolf little wolf, sssmall and full of might. what a name you have, sssurely you're treating our dearessst leader right?"

a rhyme, yes, but ultimately a question. a harmless one. blazestar could take care of himself... but baguette wanted to be sure.
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She picks her way through the undergrowth, letting Blazestars big body push obstacles out of her way as she follows along closely, black tail raised high in the air like a banner. Her green eyes rest on him as he explains that nothing is going to happen to her and she believes him. She would be fine as long as Blaze was there. She is about to open her mouth to say so with a purr but he goes on to say that some of the cats there were eccentric and she frowns, wondering what that could possibly entail. “I’m sure I’ll love it” she reassures him, a gentle smile once again returning to her face. He had to know by now that a cat being a kittypet didn’t matter to her. Especially when she’s seen so much evidence of how great of a warrior a kittypet could shape out to be. “I can’t wait to meet everyone!” She trills happily and she means it. These were Blazestars friends, his second family, his home. She wanted to see it, despite her heart that threatened to beat out of her chest, her nerves getting the best of her.

As they finally enter the camp, she presses closer to the cream colored tom while he announces their presence. Immediately cats turn, their eyes landing on her and she wants to shrink back but she fights the urge. So used to being in the shadows that the spotlight is almost uncomfortable.

She smiles at the two cats who approach her. “Huckleberry and Baguette” she says, repeating their strange names almost to herself, trying to commit them to memory. She does not respond to Huckleberry’s words but she dips her head in acknowledgment, a warm smile on her lips. “I already feel very welcome thank you” she says

The next cat who approaches speaks strangely, though she supposed Huckleberry did speak a little strangely as well. “I like to think I am” she says in response to his question, turning her head to look back at Blazestar for confirmation and resting her black tail on his cream colored flank.
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Blazestar having a girlfriend was weird....
It was like, if mom had a boyfriend- but that'd be even weirder.
Or Dawnglare, but that'd somehow be even weirder than mom having a boyfriend...

Cats in position of power being in love felt wrong to Figpaw for some reason, not that the girl was spitefully against it, it was just weird!
Weird, weird, weird, weird.

What made this situation even WEIRDER, was that Blazestar's girlfriend was a ThunderClan cat!
So weird!

She cannot help but stare at the black-pelted molly for the longest time, as if she was an alien from a different universe. The unshy Figpaw can't help but eventually approach, aiming to give a couple of invasive sniffs of Little Wolf's shoulder. The scent of a ThunderClan cat was different, but not terrible... far better smelling than RiverClan, that was for sure.

"I'm my mom's daughter too." A statement that is... obvious but she means it more as in "my mom Daislyflight is deputy, so I'm the deputy's daughter too!". Perhaps someone would be able to translate, if not one could only imagine Little Wolf's confusion at the obvious statement.
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Thistleback is chewing at his forelimb, the ghostly itches becoming him as he readies himself for his day travels- that’s when a beaming Blazestar emerges with an announcement on his tongue. Silver eyes lift and study with furrowed brows, but pensive nonetheless. The large long-haired Huckleberry greets them kindly, in his strange bumpkin-like speak that puzzled the englishman’s ears at time.

Deep ebony, dark tendrils and all smiles- she seemed a pleasant one, and from the positively vibrant glow he brought to the red-tinged leader’s face? It was clear now- when this lady arrives at his side, smelling of oak and sun-baked stone. He knew what Blazestar had brewed with his words that day. You’d think it indescribable but maybe that was why he had been chosen as leader. He had the words for it.

Baguette’s limited sight and strangely riddled tongue, and finally- a child, clearly excited to meet someone with something in common with her. Thistleback stalked toward the group, a natural scowl settled on his thorny maw until he drew closer. Then a smile spreads his grimy grin.

" Thistleback, lovely to finally meet you- doll " he greets with an eloquent tongue, and actual decency. " he speaks of you as though you hung the moon and stars " his tone is pleasant despite his tense and rigid state, the only movement be his dancing white-tipped tail. " cute little pair you are " he’s behaving, not being cryptic or darkly humored- he was playing the gentleman. " cheers lass " he dips his chin and turns away, face melting back into a scowl as he prowls away.

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A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

Deersong had heard Blazestar declare his return home as well as his introduction of Little Wolf. The creme and mocha femme would smile warmly and while her expression would remain whimsical the glow in her ocean eyes would give away her excitement. Kittens were such a happy blessing, she believed, and the fact that her friend was soon to be a father made her aura glow with happiness for him.

Turning quickly, she would dig around in her nest for a particular stone. She had thought about it since the day Blazestar had announced his impending fatherhood and had finally settled on a stone she believed would be perfect for the kit-bearing molly. Deersong would hurriedly make her way over to the growing group, feeling a small blossom of pride as she saw her Chompers being an absolute gentleman to the pregnant she-cat. She would aim to touch her nose to his shoulder in greeting before dipping her head to her leader and placing a strange green stone before Little Wolf, the rocks' surface also seeming to be covered in blackish swirls and strips, "Please, take this back home with you, sister."

Her smile would be kind and airy as she cooed, "My mama used this when she had me. Suppose to help keep bad energy away from you and your kittens. Consider it a gift from a friend, sound fab?" She would turn away then, moving to follow after Thistleback as the tom had already begun to stalk away.
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Daisyflight cut through the camp like a blade, stiff of chin and wits. This mystery molly's character was unknown. She didn't like that. A bad relationship could bleed a cat dry, whisk their mind to vapour and press weight onto their shoulders. It could also be fantastic but, well, she aired on the side of caution nowadays. Keen eyes carved a strict path from Little Wolf's dark ears tips to her tail as if cruel intentions were discernable from the groom pattern of a cat's pelt. She appeared kind hearted at least.

Severity sweetened to a passive smile following Figpaw's introduction, laugh a little too sharp. "Aha, that would be me. A pleasure to finally meet you! " Closer now to the couple, Daisyflight caught the glee on Blazestar's face. Oh, he looked so happy. There was a split second of wrinkled distaste on her maw, levelled at the ragdoll tom, before she twisted her own fears up and pushed them aside. How was she supposed to verify his mate's intentions if he was smiling like a loon? Perhaps it was for the best, assuming the worst could have dire consequences. Her mother had certainly proven to be reliable as a fellow deputy so one could only hope Little Wolf would be too.

"Seeing you both together and so, happy, has brought me some relief. Your kits will no doubt be very cute." More kits around would be exciting, she imagined the two clans would be seeing a lot of them.

"Speaking of- if you ever need any help in the nursery please ask. I've picked up a few things in my moons in there" Despite her hesitance, the offer was genuine. Daisyflight didn't presume to know where Little Wolf planned to birth them but she'd help Blazestar's kits in any way she could. She owed him that, for helping keep hers safe.

About to bow back from the interaction, the calico couldn't help but let one piece of advice slide. Memories of her litter's birth, their scrappy forms huddled on the flat of a fern leaf as she dragged it along, bubbled up. "First thing would be to try and avoid having them out of camp, the walk back is no fun!" A good-natured chuckle punctuated her words.

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He watches on as the crowd forms around Blazestar, around the black-furred molly beside him.

He's happy for Blazestar, for his mate. Slightly concerned, sure, but happy for the duo - for both SkyClan and ThunderClan's growth.

But, Squallmist can't help the bittersweet feeling that grows inside of him as he watches on. As Rain's legacy becomes Blazestar's legacy, as Blazestar's own kin take a place that was once Squallmist's - once Haze's. For the first time in his life, Squallmist realizes, he would be welcoming a pine leader's litter from an outsider's perspective, rather than as their sibling. How odd.

However, his time for dwelling on his father's legacy - of what has washed away from Squallmist's own name - was not now. No, this is supposed to be a happy time, so a happy time it will be.

"Welcome to SkyClan," he greets Little Wolf with a bow of his head, "I'm Squallmist, it's nice to meet you." He glances down at the green stone placed at the shadowy feline's paws, a slight surge of embarrassment hitting him. Should he have brought something for her, too?

"My apologies," he starts, charcoal tail flicking behind him, "I... unfortunately don't have anything to gift you, but I just wanted to share my congratulations. I'm sure the two of you will make great parents." He hopes they will, anyway.
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Everyone was gathered around something. Or, rather, someone, as Blazestar announces the presence of his mate.

But just who was Blazestar's mate? Greenpaw had to know!

The ginger tom bounds towards the crowd, ducking under his mother's paws to get a peek at who exactly this 'Little Wolf' was. The smell of oak forest is just as present as the black she-cat is, a scent that helps remind Greenpaw that Little Wolf is a ThunderClanner. A child of their deputy, just like he was! It's something Figpaw points out before he can.

"I'm my mom's son!" he quickly says afterwards, bright eyes wide as he looks up at the ThunderClanner. He'd never seen one up close before! "I'm Greenpaw! When your kits are born are you gonna bring them here? Can we play moss ball with them?"

Maybe he can give them something cool to take back to ThunderClan with them. Like... Oh! A pine cone! ThunderClan doesn't have those, right? All the other kits in ThunderClan, they'll be so jealous of them!
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╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮

Blazestar beams as one by one, his Clanmates come to meet Little Wolf. Huckleberry is the perfect gentleman, and although Baguette was being his strange, cryptic self, his mate took everything in stride. "She treats me very well, Baggie," he murmurs, leaning down to nuzzle at Little Wolf's neck. "Better than I deserve."

Little Figpaw approaches next, his deputy's daughter, staring with awe-filled golden eyes. "I'm my mom's daughter too." Blazestar almost breaks his composure, but he puts an enormous ginger paw against his muzzle to contain the laughter. "Figpaw is Daisyflight's daughter," he explains to Little Wolf.

He purrs as Thistleback and Deersong approach, a pair in the making themselves. Thistleback offers Little Wolf a kind, friendly greeting, and his lead warrior presents her with a jade-colored stone to take back with her. "Thank you, he murmurs, blinking at the both of them.

It's when Daisyflight approaches that Blazestar tenses slightly. For whatever reason, his deputy's opinion holds weight -- and she's picky, he knows that about her. The calico introduces herself as Figpaw's mother, and offers some nursery advice. He relaxes, giving the deputy a grateful smile. "Oh, for sure. Daisyflight had to bring her kits back on a leaf," he jokes, nudging Little Wolf.

Squallmist's approach has him tense as well. He's come to respect the silver warrior, though he knows the two are not friends. Squallmist is a loyal and treasured SkyClan member, and his approval gives Blazestar a warm feeling. "Thank you, Squallmist. We will do our best."

Finally, little Greenpaw gambols his way over, asking if Little Wolf will bring the kits over to play. He answers readily, confidently: "Oh, yes! These kits will know SkyClan as their home as much as ThunderClan." He purrs.

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