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Jul 3, 2022


It was too much.
The reports fighting, battles, and blood.
Then, the injury.

A silvery orange, flea-bitten tom sat within the sandy scoop. It was a cat that had been avoiding the clan like a plague. It had sprouted and sprung forwards from monstrous, hungry cats that only craved a power. It was an evil power under what they had claimed to be a holy calling. What was holy about killing others? And making a group out of blood thirsty cats? But the injury? It was healing poorly and had confined him inside the festering wound that was named WindClan.

Murky eyes would watch them from sunken holes inside and elongated skull where skin hung loosely. They were watching a black cat, a cat without eyes, as he moved about the camp. You know this cat, and it was the only cat the ugly tomcat remembered knowing. Inky. Others came into view and he attempted to remember their names. Lav...? Dusk! Sooo- Sooooooooo... Curling his lips back from over-extended fangs, screwing up his face in an intense thought. The grey she-cat wasn't helping, yet he knew her as their "star-chosen leader." With a roll in his swamp water eyes, Cranky is your new name. And, medicine lady. And that was it, the other cats that moved around camp hadn't brought forth a word. They were locked away inside a hazy memory.

A heavy sigh with a hinted snarl echoed from under his breath. Frustration.



Sitting nearby, at the alert of a heavy sigh Sootstar looks over at Ferret with an invisible raised brow. What was that for? She never quite understood what... this toms exact deal was, but apparently he struggled with some internal issues. Issues invisible to the she-cat's naked eye.

"Whats your problem?" Sootstar asks, the words themselves blunt but her tone lacks emotion. She glances around, not particularly seeing anything that could be irritable...



He could feel eyes on himself, though couldn't pin point where the feeling was coming from. The young black cat perked up his ears and looked around for a moment, nose twitching with each head swivel, till a familiar scent picked up. One that he recongized almost immediately, how could he not? Ferret was one of the more important cats in his life followed by the more sour scent of Sootstar. What could they be talking about? It wasn't like Ferret wasn't a sociable guy, but him and Sootstar had very- similar personalities. Both very blunt and straight forward with how they talked, and he worried that the latter would be in trouble with their leader.

Still, Inkylotus waved his tail from across the clearing at Ferret before getting up to head on his way over to them. Upon getting closer he would rub his cheek up against Ferrets' with a little purr, "What're you guys talking about?" Genuine curiosity coated his words and he took a seat beside Ferret with almost a protective stance. Ferret could hardly remember his own name let alone this conversation, but Inkylotus knew he would stand up for the tom in an instant. "SPEECH

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Ferret was a friend of Lavenders, and therefore she had to tolerate him, too. Except, it wasn't hard to. The guy mainly kept to himself, and didn't really talk to anyone outside of Inkylotus. She'd just pretended he wasn't there most days, walking past him to continue her duties; he was useless, a retired cat due to his own inability to do what able-bodied cats could. He could be useful if he put in more work, though. Couldn't he? She didn't know how that whole thing worked out, that was Honeytwist's job.

She hears Inkylotus and Sootstar's voice, and she watches from the flat rock she had been sunbathing on- violet hues in tune with the moving bodies of dark-furred and cream-colored cats.
Many names he did not know yet but he is slowly learning and that is what counts to him. Soot gave him the abilities to be a true Windclanner and he aims to live up to these expectations. No longer Roost but Grackledive. It's a strange name and it feels even stranger on his tongue but he does accept it for what it is. It's a start over, a new life once again and one he will cling to. Unlike the formers of his story. As he steps along the ground he pauses then as he notices a group, a face he doesn't know among a sea of those he does partially know. It takes him little time to walk his way over on tall limbs, the monochromatic tom blinking his aquamarine eyes in friendliness. Shifting his weight he slowly sits down and gives a smile, pulling his lips back over his unusually long canines before he glances to the one he doesn't know yet.

"Yeah what are you guys talking about? It's a lovely day honestly and company is never a bad idea." It's taxing to be angry all day and he much prefers and extended paw to that. He is mellow most of the times and he then remembers to introduce himself. "Sorry, name's Grackledive." His new name rolls from his tongue almost easily which surprises him.