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He should’ve told someone beforehand, but he was too anxious to bring it up. That he made it to the nursery before collapsing was a stroke of pure luck and his horrified and alarmed yowls were enough to summon help. At the very least he wasn’t going to be alone. Somehow, it felt as if the cats present already knew anyways-at least Cinderfrost did.
He felt like he was going to die. Everything hurt and he was scared; there was too much stimulant occurring all at once. The nursery suddenly became less comforting and instead felt almost like a tomb of stone that could collapse around him and the presence of others cats smothering the den had him dry heaving in a panic attack at the surge of claustrophobic fear that laced his senses, he wanted Rabbitnose-he wanted Rabbitnose in the den with him and no one else but he knew the medicine cat was needed and he knew the gray tom would do nothing but panic and overwhelm him. He would see his mate losing his calm and it would send his own anxiety skyrocketing. So he had been shooed out.

What felt like a torturously long ordeal finally came to an almost peaceful end, his brain flooded with endorphins of relief and the sight of each squirming little bundle of fur nestled at his side was enough to fully shelve his discomfort and terror; it had been worth it. He’d suffer it again and again and again just for the tearful delight at getting to see those tiny furballs for the first time.
Sunfreckle’s head felt too heavy now, he couldn’t even lift it properly without a wave of nausea and dizziness threatening to overcome him, so he slid it to the side and curled inward where he could lightly nose one of the still damp tiny kit bodies. The sigh of contentment that escaped him was so heavy it rustled little pelts, rippled across their small backs and he tucked his leg up to nudge them ever closer into his side; his tail forming a glorious red plume of a blanket over the top of them. They were all a colorful little spread of kittens, a solid white kitten, a red tabby like him, two with blue-accents like their other father though one was also red patterned as well and a single black and fire branded little she-cat.
Breathlessly he waited for cats to clear out a bit and Rabbitnose to be allowed inside the den at last. They’d name them together, he felt so bad just dropping this surprise on the other. He hadn’t meant to. Sunfreckle wondered if feeling so lightheaded was part of having kittens, but when he sneezed so violently he jolted his tiny children he wondered if maybe he was just sick. Then the tiny white kitten gave a strangled sound like a cough as well and his heart thundered in his chest in a panic.

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The moment rabbitnose saw something was wrong with Sunfreckle, he panicked. He would not leave him, he was worried, afraid of what could be wrong.

He was wholly unprepared for the result.

It had taken a few cats to drag him out and pin him down to stop him from getting in the way, but when things finally settled and he was allowed back in, he was stunned.

He had no idea Sunfreckle was carrying kits. He needed to register what was happening here. He carefully went and curled around Sunfreckle and started grooming his head.

"I had no idea......." He spoke softly. "Were you afraid to tell me?" He asked. He hoped that wasn't the case, he wouldn't have been upset. He was overjoyed, in fact. He looked over at his kits and smiled softly.

He was a father now. Holy shit. He helped make those. Those were his kits. Kits he and Sunfreckle made. Kits specifically made by him and Sunfreckle. His kits.

The tiny white kitten gave a wheezing, rasping mix between a mewl and a cough as she wriggled in place. Tucking closer into the side of the tabby to seek the warmth there like a small moth to a flame. Everything was terribly loud and cold and she wanted nothing more than to sleep within the fiery nest of the red tom's pelt.


Dewkit, like her siblings born at such an unfortunate time of year, would emit a small cough from her fragile body as she searched for the milk from the tom. One of the smallest of the litter, the tortioseshell female would push against her siblings, desperately seeking the attention of her parents. The scents around her would be locked into her memory, allowing her to recognize some of their scents the more she was exposed to them.

Indeed: the blue mink had known of Sunfreckle's pregnancy for a while. The symptoms were reminscent to when Gecko brought her two nephews into this world. Plus, the molly had been a responsible kitsitter back in the swamplands. Nowadays, no one would trust her with such a task but that time spent in the nursery had been beneficial.

The she-cat gently pushed a bundle of leaves forward. "They'll help with milk production." the medicine cat informed. Her teal eyes never once left the kits. Their coughing was a concern and something she'd have to keep an eye on. However, her face remained neutral despite her inner concern. Sunfreckle was already an anxious mess and voicing her thoughts wouldn't help.​

"I'm sorry, I just...I got nervous." It was a lot to drop on someone and he hadn't even been sure of it up until it happened because he'd been too anxious to seek help like he knew he should have. He leaned himself into Rabbitnose's side, finally relaxing now that he was there and he had that comfort of knowing he wasn't alone. Though he hadn't really been alone entirely either he supposed. "Thank you, Cinderfrost. I mean much. I'm glad you were here..." The tabby said quietly, voice hoarse and rasping and he found himself repressing a strained cough too, felt his eyes watering, fearful for the kittens and grateful for the help offered but uncertain.

" know we have to name them. Flycatcher mentioned Featherkit as a cute name and it made me think..maybe Dovekit for this one?" He leaned his nose down to nudge the tiny white kit before gently nudging the one next to her as well; the fiery little tortiseshell. "...Frecklekit. Like a little brand of fire." It would also be quietly in honor of the medicine cat who had been so kind, but he didn't say as much out loud; didn't want to embarrass her. With a flick of his tail he tucked the kittens even closer. "....What do you think, Rabbitnose? These three..."
Another tortie, paler and a red tabby like himself-then a neat little blue and red one as if blended from both parents pelts at the same time.

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Emberstar had been forced to wait outside. She understood why, she really did, it hadn't been like she had been doing anything useful. This was completely outside her wheelhouse, so she had just been hovering and asking questions. Only occasionally lending a paw, if Cinderfrost asked. She had just been taking up space really. There were plenty of other cats ready to help out. Most of whom were less talkative than she was.

It was just that she hated feeling useless like this. Always had. Restlessly, the flame-point padded back and forth outside the den. Desperate for something to do. These would be the first kits born under her watch as leader, and more than anything she wanted it to go well.

It took her a moment to realize that all other noises had subsided into small cries and soft voices. "Is it done?" she called out eagerly. "Has it happened? Has it happened?" Before anyone could reply to her, she stuck her head in and was stuck wordless at the sight. At least for a moment. A dopey grin spread across her face.

"They're so cute!" she breathed, breathlessly. Emberstar dipped her head to the parents. "Congratulations!"
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( ) it's cold out here. the little dual hued she-kit lets out a loud squeak at the absence of warmth, attempting to burrow beneath her siblings. she is unsuccessful in that she manages to crawl further away, heading towards the edge of the nest on shaky legs. her father's feathery tail sweeps her close again and she mewls in protest, arching her tiny head up in complaint. still, it is warm in here... warmer than wherever she had been heading. perhaps it's okay, for now at least. russet and river paws dig deep into the mossy nest as she pulls herself closer before collapsing atop sparkkit. what a comfortable pillow. hm. she supposes this being alive thing is okay.


Rabbitnose nuzzled Sunfreckles cheek. "It's alright." He said."It's a wonderful surprise."

He looked back to his kittens and smiled at them. Perfect little children. Absolutely flawless. He sat up a little bit to lean over Sunfreckle and lick the heads of each kit.

Names? Right- These beans needed names! " Agreed! They're perfect choices for those two...."

He looked to the two kits without names. Sure, he joked about names before. But now that it was real..... Only the best names would do.

"This one......Spark! Because he looks like you...." He said, pointing a paw at the little orange kit. "And......"

He looked at the last one. Her coat was pretty, she deserved a pretty name.......

"Dew....her coat reminds me of the sunrise, dew glistening on the grass." He said softly.

When Emberstar entered, he gave her a bright smile. " Thank you, Emberstar! I hope they make you proud !"

Of course they would. He had no doubt in his mind that these kits would make everyone proud. And if they don't? He would still be proud of them.


The little fiery ball of fur wiggled amongst her siblings, nosing her way closer to her sibling's near Sunfreckle's side. Even at such an early stage, she was a touch larger then the others, evident with the small white sister wheezing next to her. She didn't process any of the sounds or words going on around her, instead seeking more shelter under her dad's fluffy tail. She nosed her way against the strands of fur before a sudden hunger made her move towards the scent of milk and warmth at her father's belly, giving a loud mewl of protest towards all the noises distracting Sunfreckle.