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Aug 7, 2022


His paws were beyond sore, the pads so tender he was about five minutes away from just limping the rest of the way. Or laying down and calling it a day. After all, what harm could one more night on his own do? Worst case scenario some fox or dog made a meal of him, in which case he wouldn't have to worry about his feet anymore. He stifled a smirk at the thought of his brother, who definitely would have called him morbid for having such a thought, but the smile was short-lived. His littermates were a touchy subject he preferred to just not think about, and he mentally kicked himself in the ass for letting himself slip up like that.

Leave the past alone, Twin. It's dead and gone.

What existed was the here and now; the ache in his muscles, the throbbing of his paws, the earth beneath his paws. Somehow he'd managed to find his way through twoleg place, navigating the endless maze of roads and houses, avoiding the cars and dogs and people, all to reach the woods on the other side. Some would call it a feat of bravery or determination, but really, Twin was just ready for all the drama to be over. The exhaustion he felt ran deeper than just the physical wariness that plagued his limbs, something too heavy for any child of his age to be shouldering. But he bore it all the same, driven forward by something he didn't often allow himself to have: hope.

Normally Twin liked to walk on the side of logic. He'd weigh his odds based on things like fact, but today he was allowing himself to drift toward the line of something less certain. He just wanted a normal life with normal cats, a place he could live his life where he didn't have to worry about.. that, anymore. And while he didn't necessarily believe in fairy tales or happy endings, he did believe in a place where he could live out his life free from all of the craziness he'd just left behind. That was very much within reach- all he had to do was find this 'clan' everyone kept talking about.

The neighborhood cats said the place was welcoming to newcomers of all kinds, but Twin still had his doubts. He could understand a group taking in a cat that was super useful or promising, but Twin? He was still just a kid. Tall and fast, but lanky and inexperienced in a hunt. He could put up a hell of a fight against a cat his own age or size, but other than his penchant for violence he wouldn't exactly consider himself the 'useful' sort.

Oh well. Too late to back out now. the young tomcat though, because before him loomed the entrance to the camp. Oops.

skyclan - male - 6 months - bisexual - homoromantic - single - very tall tabby tomcat with broad shoulders
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Still holding steady with a stranger's laugh

it's only been about a day or so since his return to the pine forest where he was met with a few familiar and not so familiar faces, he was informed more about the great battle, the lives that were lost and how they were all graced by the shimmering figures of the dead that told them something about splitting off into five separate groups called clans. now everyone has got these fancy names and ranks to separate them from the rest and honestly the black smoke was still trying to wrap his head around this whirlwind of news.

it might take him a bit to truly get used to and understand all this change alongside these new rules that were slowly being put in place by each respective group but that's fine with him, for now he'll just do his part to try support his fellow clanmates and what better way to do that then going out to catch some fresh prey? with a slight pep in his step, the large tom made his way towards the brambled entrance to enter the territory but as soon as he poked out on the other side he was met with a lanky figure of a young kid who stood smack in the middle of the way. honestly, it gave huckleberry a slight startle.

" oh, ah didn't expect a kiddo to be up 'n front of the entrance lak this. . . 'nways what can ah do for ya? " the accent was quite heavy on his tongue when he spoke, a friendly smile curling at the corners of his lips towards twin.
Blazestar wakes from his sleep with a dry throat and a buzzing head. He had taken to his den to take a nap before heading out to the ThunderClan border, hoping to scout for a certain small black she-cat, but now he's wondering if he's even up for the trek. His dreams are troubled, and he wakes from sleep feeling less rested than when he went to bed.

He licks his chops and sighs. He needs to find the stream. Clear his head. One thing at a time.

The massive flame point heads for the camp exit and pauses. Huckleberry, a tom who'd lived here off and on when Rain was alive, stood conversing with a young cat with an unfamiliar scent just outside camp. Blazestar blinks curious blue eyes at the young tom. He's a tabby streaked with odd bits of ginger fur, older than Daisyflight's kits but still quite young.

"Hello. You've found SkyClan's camp." He eyes the cat, evaluating him. He doesn't look like a kittypet. "I'm Blazestar. This is Huckleberry." He nods to the tom beside him. "Are you looking for something?"




He only had time to observe the bramble thicket for a moment before it began to shake and a cat slipped out. The two seemed to share a momentary look of surprise before the youths expression fell into one of neutral curiosity, regarding the older tom with expectancy until they spoke. Their accent was thicker than anything he was used to, and the raised brow they received in return did nothing to hide the fact. Still, he was able to understand what they were saying, and with a flick of his tail went on to answer them after a moment.

"I was looking for Skyclan. Is this the place?" he asked, just in time for a second cat to slip from the barrier.

This one seemed to have the answer he was after though, and after a brief introduction of himself and the other tom, Twin nooded. "Yeah. I want to join up with you guys. My name's Twin." he explained, a little blunt for a child, but not rude- just to the point. "So can I stay or no?" he asked, mismatched eyes shifting between the pair expectantly. If he couldn't then he had to get moving pretty damn fast if he was gonna find somewhere to sleep in this forest before it got too dark.

skyclan - male - 6 months - bisexual - homoromantic - single - very tall tabby tomcat with broad shoulders
Blazestar glances at Huckleberry, amusement shining through the weary tug of his features. "Well, you're in the right place, and in front of the right cat."

He sits, tail laying like long silken threads across his paws. The young tom explains he is looking to join, asks if he can stay or not. Blazestar's purr rumbles briefly in his throat. "I'm assuming you've lived in the wild before," he says. "You must have been looking for SkyClan for a reason. We wouldn't turn you away, as long as you understand you will be expected to contribute to Clan life here. You will help take care of SkyClan, and in turn, it will care for you."

Blazestar dips his head to the young tom with the mismatched eyes. "Yes, of course. You are welcome to stay. Come inside our camp and get situated. You'll be given a mentor to help acclimate you to Clan life, but for now, find our fresh-kill pile and rest. Huckleberry can show you to the apprentice's den."

He gives the other tom a nod, then disappears back into camp with a flick of his tail, beckoning the other two within.