pafp WE'RE GOING DOWN SWINGING || across the river

She's not on an official patrol to the borders, but the warrior she'd tagged along with had followed the river until she finds herself peering over the border and into the sliver of SkyClan territory she can see beyond the water. It's late, evening, and the surface of the river glows almost orange. There's the barest hint of brisk leaf-fall chill in the breeze -- with it comes pine, a sickly sweet and almost unpleasantly spicy scent that she immediately identifies as the kittypet Clan.

Or, that's what she's heard some cats call it. Her parents lived in the pine forest before Cicadastar started RiverClan -- she knows this, knows they weren't kittypets. The nickname sticks in her mind, though.

Pale blue eyes search the sandy riverbank opposite their territory, startled to find a cat her age looking back at her. "Oh." She tilts her head, surveying the gray and white apprentice -- or at least, she assumes he's an apprentice. He'd have to be, right?

There is a river between them, so she does not make any effort to appear guarded. She doubts he'd make it over the river, and besides, since when does SkyClan attack anyone?

After a moment, Iciclepaw calls out, "You're an apprentice, too, aren't you? You're a SkyClanner? Are you a kittypet as well?" It's said out of genuine curiosity, though the judgment is still clear on her tortoiseshell face.

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He's been here before a few times, once with his sister and her mentor, but mostly he is joining @~Deersong~ on whatever patrol or task she is handling at the time. Training is going well, he likes to think, he's learning more and more about the world outside their territory with every venture and he feels a longing to go and extend his reach further each visit to the border. Perhaps not this specific border though, he doesn't fancy getting wet. Dislikes the idea of his fur being soaked and his paws squishing with every step. There could not be a worse fate for a cat with a coat as thick as his is.

The blue tom sits, pausing to admire the way even simple rocks looked glimmering and interesting beneath the rolling current of the river, when he hears the question obviously directed at him. Both golden eyes lift up, cast out across the river to the sound of the voice; an unfamiliar form of obsidian and fire. He'd seen a rock that pelt color before, splashes of bright contrasting oranges and reds blended into dark stone. Snowpaw thinks about how he should have picked that rock up and taken it to his mentor to see what 'energy' it had for only a moment before breaking into a smile.
"Hi! Yeah, I'm an apprentice! You must be one too.." She didn't seem that much bigger than him, it was a little far to tell thought proper. It is her last question, blurted out before he can answer the second that has him frowning intently in silence. There's a way some cats say 'kittypet' like its a crude insult and while her tone seemed flat enough there was a look that made him wrinkle his nose.
"I was BORN in SkyClan, I'm not a kittypet." Not that he felt there was anything wrong with that to begin with, quite a few of the cats were once kittypets including their leader (not that he had a very high opinion of Blazestar as it were) but their daylight warriors were just as helpful as anyone else. Snowpaw felt himself getting offended on their behalf, "Is it true you have gills? So that you can breath underwater like a fish? You certainly smell it."


Camp was becoming too much, just sitting around doing absolutely nothing for weeks now had drove them crazy. Surely they were also driving Beesong batty too, and gave a small shake of their head. So when Iciclepaw tagged along with a fellow warrior, they had to ask to go along and get out into the territory for a while. A cold nip accompany the breeze and as they travelled along the edge of the river they could see the world changing colors ont he other side. Those mighty maples and oaks started to have leaves of red, some yellow and others brown but not yet that orange color was full assieted in fall.

Raccoonpaw had lived here on the rivers' edge since they were a kitten, and they would never get over how beautiful the fall was. It always had beautiful colors, things got a bit colder and fish got fatter in preperation for the coming winter. They wondered if this winter would be more fun, less of a stressful thing. The many days they had gone without food to give to Serenity or Willowroot was more than they cared to admit. Would a clan be easier since everyone would be catching food? They certainly hoped so.

Then the voice of the tortie she-cat caught their attention and they perked their ears up, "You can't just insult someone," They whispered to the young apprentice then looked out across the water at a pale cat. They had blue fur with patches of white and almost silver across their body, and they returned the insult with even more of an insult. They gave a small huff and stepped forward, "I'm also an apprentice! And no we don't have gills, but that'd be cool if we did," They offered optimistically. Raccoonpaw stood taller than Iciclepaw, as they were nearly a thriteen moon apprentice, and lifted their head a bit defiantely.
𝐵𝓊𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌, 𝐼 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓈 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓇𝑒

"Snowpaw?" A delicate voice that sounded like a fragile windchime on a warm summer day would float into the air, calling for the ivory and silvery tom. An older warrior, a molly with cream and mocha swirled into her fawn coat would step into the space with paws that made no sound as they glided along the forest floor.

Eyes of glittering aqua would notice her apprentice first, her expression one of patience and warmth as she moved to walk to his side, lightly brushing her tail against his side before turning to the two apprentices across the river. She would regard them both with a whimsical tilt of her head, "Making friends? How Stellar of you, Starchild." She would praise her apprentice, despite having heard his returned insult to the Riverclanners, that would be something she could talk to him about in private.

"What are your names, River cats? And where is the rest of your patrol?" While her tone remained gentle and airy in the way it cooed, there was a very subtle hint of authority beneath it. Something that could be felt rather than heard, and the way she looked at the pair was a mixture of her patience from before, but also a firmness that was rare for the ethereal molly.

╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮

The snow-powdered apprentice takes visible offense to Iciclepaw's inquiry. He yells back, "I was BORN in SkyClan, I'm not a kittypet." The tortoiseshell blinks in response.

"Gills? We swim, but we don't..." She realizes, after a moment, what this SkyClan apprentice is saying, and she bristles. "What do you mean, we smell it?" Honestly, she's never felt so insulted in her life!

Raccoonpaw, almost a warrior, pads next to her and whispers, "You can't just insult someone."

Iciclepaw looks at them with an incredulous look. "What! He insulted us! I was just asking an innocent question."

A cream-colored warrior enters the glen, apparently this 'Snowpaw's' mentor. Iciclepaw regards her coolly, and answers her questions with, "I'm Iciclepaw. This is Raccoonpaw. I don't know where the rest of them are, but we're just fishing." She looks at Snowpaw again. "Don't you have trees to climb, squirrel-boy?" She smirks hollowly.

- ,,

Another apprentice appeared and he could not help but feel bad about his remark at their almost innocently phrased reply as if he had offered them a great suggestion rather than a barbed jab. He couldn't tell what was funnier though, how quickly the tortie bristled at her smell being commented upon or how quickly she swapped back to being aloof and indifferent; like a candle in the breeze, sometimes hot and sometimes cold.
"Bet you couldn't climb a tree if it was laying on its side." Snowpaw retorted with a visible wrinkle of his nose and flick of his tail and it was only Deersong's presence that had him holding his tongue from further comments. "Anyways I'M Snowpaw and this is my mentor Deersong." He almost wanted to explain that his mentor was one of the coolest cats in the clan, that she could tell what rocks did and could read a cat as easily as you'd scent prey on the wind; that she was a lead warrior and he was going to be one of SkyClan's finest with her training, but boasting to such a degree might be too much.
The dappled tom wanted to comment that he was not making friends, he was protecting their borders and making sure those fish-eating cats knew what for, but he was mindful enough to keep such things to himself because he was very certain she had heard him yelling out insults over the river. With hope she didn't tell his mom, or maybe do tell his mom. Daisyflight would probably not care that he picked on RiverClan.
"How do you even fish anyways, I wouldn't want to get in there-it looks cold."