private What can I do? || p. Beesong

Jul 10, 2022


The return to camp, the anger that had tensed the air, words that could not of been taken back thrown about, because she, of course it not had only been her, but she still had a role to play in the argument that had crossed over even if she had tried to stay level-headed, Frost knew her words had hurt others and one of them was Beesong, the newly claimed medicine cat of Riverclan and she felt guilt clawing at her stomach. They had just joined and was finally beginning to settle in when the commotion had happened and then she- no not just her, but she felt fully responsible for the cause of it; she had made them cry. Frost did not know or understand the pain, loss, and heartbreak that the other had gkne through but seeing as they spoke so loudly and so panicky the young she-cat knew she did wrong.

Small shiny trinkets were clamped gently in her jaws, as well as some feathers to help Beesong have a much more comfortable nest for them to sleep on, this was her way of apologizing to the other but she had hope it would be enough as she slipped her way to the cinnamon cat and dropping fhem at Beesong's paws, shifting awkwardly as she would curl her tail around her white paws, bi-colored eyes looking down at the ground beneath them before she decides to say anything. "I'm sorry Beesong, I should have been more understanding, instead I allow my own anger get the better of me and had said some... mean things, I... I thought I was doing something right for the clan but I feel I made things worse" She said gently to the other, understanding if they did not wish to forgive her right away.

"I'm still learning your ways, and I didn't like how Sootstar was looking down on us, and I just... wanted to defend Cicadastar but instead I made not only him but you mad too, so... yeah, I hope you can accept these, I looked for the best ones I had" Frost spoke, she had always been honest, or at least tried to be and in this situation she was allowing herself to show how bad she felt for upsetting Beesong, knowing Cicadastar would be the next cat she will formally apologize to.

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