pafp WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR MOUTH || Death berries

Rabbitnose was off on another one of his hunting runs as the sun began it's descent. The crisp fall air was enjoyable, he loved to see the leaves change color.

He knew it was a sign of hard times to come, but for now, he would admire nature.

He spotted something red amongst the fallen leaves. He padded up to it, uncovering it from the leaves. A little red berry sat there.

He tilted his head. Was it...... A raspberry?


Only one way to find out! He ate it.


That doesn't taste like a raspberry.


He doesn't feel so good.

He wasn't too far from camp... So he plodded his way back to talk to Cinderfrost. Once again he must admit to his crimes. He peeked into the medicine cats den.

"...... Cinderfrost?" His voice was quiet and guilty, like a child who had done something wrong.

The medicine cat had been attempting to reorganize the herbs (those silly kits) when Rabbitnose stumbled into the den.

She sprung to her paws, examining every inch of the tom. Her heart skipped a beat when she noticed a red tint along his muzzle. "Rabbitnose, did you eat something..?"

He couldn't have, right? There was no chance.. right?

"What did you eat?" This time, concern filtered through her voice and raised in pitch. ​

Squeak Squeak

Moth had been silently watching Cinderfrost reorganize the herbs, which had been scattered about by the kits playing, yet to her it would seem that the medicine cat would not mind re organizing so her tail flick silently before turning to look over at Rabbitnose. Then Cinderfrost's voice rised in panic and confusion lifted onto her gaze. What exactly had Rabbitnose eaten to worry the medicine cat. Her gaze flittering to the bits of red around the tom's lips and nothing came to mind as to what he could of eaten but...guess they'll find out quite soon.

"It was a little red berry ..... I thought it was a raspberry." He admitted, before beginning to fall over. His eyes were starting to feel heavy.

He didn't feel good at all. He really did it this time.....

Moth was going to learn a very important lesson today.

Don't eat random shit off the floor.


Young eyes would widen with glee as her dad stepped paw into the medicine den. Having spent the last few nights in the den with Cinderfrost and Moth due to a persistent cough and minor issues with breathing, the child would find herself excited with the thought that he’d come to visit her. The surprise would soon fall short of the emotion, instead churning into fear. Rabbitnose had eaten something she’d come to find out, that he shouldn’t have.

D-dad?” Looking worriedly between the mollies in the den, she would wonder why Cinderfrost was so scared. The way she was acting, the fear and anger that clung to her pelt? It terrified her. In that moment, she knew that she never wanted the medicine cat to act in such a way towards her. Where was @Sunfreckle ? Did her father know what was going on? Maybe he could help? “S-Sunfreckle….? Something’s wrong with dad!!

Well, shit.

Raspberries struggled to grow without direct sun, didn't they? The alternatives for red berries were-

"Death berries."

She'd have to thank Yarrowtongue for educating the budding medicine cat about her namesake. If it worked. No, it would work. Even if death berries were notorious for killing a cat within moments, causing them to seize, and-

Fuck. Though it felt like she moved in slow motion, she quickly grabbed a bundle of yarrow. "Eat this." Except she didn't wait for him to eat it. A paw attempted to shove the yarrow into the tom's mouth. If he didn't chew on his own, the medicine cat would forcefully cause him to chew before stimulating his throat to swallow the herb.

"Help me get him on his side. And someone fetch water." she paused. She should probably warn the anxious visitors in advance about what the yarrow was intended to do, "The yarrow will make him throw-up the berries." Hopefully.

"Death berries-"

He didn't even get a chance to blink before the yarrow was shoved into his mouth. It didn't taste good at all, it made him want to vomit immediately, actually. But he did as he was told, forcing himself to chew and swallow. He was pushed on his side, and is only now realizing how bad the situation is.

He looked to DEWKIT. He hated that she had to see this. "It's alright sweetie-"

Oh god he feels sick.

Didn't even get a chance to move aside before evicting the little contents of his stomach.


The frantic pawsteps that sounded were clearly his, rapid taps that fell quiet every fourth step foretelling the three-legged tom making his way briskly over at the cry of one of his kittens. What happened-who was hurt-his fur was turning gray and it had only been a few moons since he had them but already the stress so so much he wanted to cry, he didn't sleep, constantly worried and now THIS.
The moment his green gaze landed on the silver and white tom vomitting he gave a feral shriek of alarm, "WHAT DID YOU DO-!? WHAT DID YOU EAT THIS TIME?!" His voice broke, choppy sobbing noises bubbling up because his mate was stupid and such a bad example for their kittens; his tail moved to neatly pull Dewkit close and cover her face so she didn't have to see the gross display.
"Cinderfrost is he okay?! What happened?!"

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Chaos. That was what he was presented with when he dared to take a closer look at the hubbub. His chest tightened as he caught snippets about what was happening and he truly felt frightened for Rabbitnose's safety during that moment. However, he had faith that Cinderfrost would save the tom. During the turmoil he overheard the request for water to be brought over, and since no one else seemed to be fulfilling the request he opted to take on the responsibility himself.

The lanky legged tom eventually returned with a small piece of dripping moss and lichen in his jaws. He eased his way past the others so he could set the moss down beside Ciderfrost and Rabbitnose. "Here. I hope this will help."

The medicine cat seemed to ignore Sunfreckle's presence. Instead, teal eyes closely watched Rabbitnose despite the vile scene. "Open your mouth. I need to make sure there aren't any remnants left." Once he complied (which even if he didn't she'd try to force his mouth open), she carefully inspected the interior of his mouth.

Seemingly satisfied, the blue mink nodded a silent "thank you" to Sunnyday before gesturing to the water. "Drink."

Composure had since been regained, materializing in a frigid look. Finally, she addressed Sunfreckle, "He ingested death berries. Thankfully, we were able to flush them out before they could harm him." By harm she meant kill but she kept that to herself: there were kits around. ​

His mouth has never been so violated before. He sat upright, only for his mouth to be easily pried open and inspected. He behaved and drank from the moss when told, and sighed.

"I'm sorry for scaring everyone. I'll be more careful from now on." He said. He looked back to Sunfreckle, Dewkit, and Sunnyday with a small smile. " I'm okay."

He looked back to Cinderfrost with a question of his own. "Can you tell me more about death berries?"

Allowing herself to have her view hidden, she'd shake softly at Sunfreckle's side. “Why did you do that for?” Whines would escape her jaws, only turning away from her father's pelt once given notice it was safe to do so. She didn't understand why eating something would cause this much chaos. He must be in big trouble. Am I somehow in trouble for this too? The warning to her to not repeat the stunt pulled by Rabbitnose and scolding toward him was jumbled together. She couldn't disconnect the two into separate events.