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"Jumping juniper...look at'em all-oh...sorry." Dandelion paused his sentence with a sheepish expression and flattened ears as he recalled he was talking to a blind cat. "We got 'orses loose where we hunt, Inky. Lot o'em!" The point tom was used to the big plodding beasts, he'd seen them around the barn often enough back when it was just him and pa against the world. Lot of horses were in that world. While he didn't seem too nervous around them now he certainly didn't want to get close. They were jumpy creatures, prone to fits when startled and he could only imagine the damage those hooves would do to an oblivious cat.
"One o'them is a big brown bloke with lotta white spots. That one's gray and white like Sootstar!" Even though the blind tom couldn't see him do it, Dandelion still pointed with his tail and quick gestures with his head as he rattled of his descriptions, figuring that Inky might appreciate knowing what their weird new neighbors looked like. "There's a solid black one I think wayyyyy in the back but ah...ah can't tell from 'ere. And a white one and 'nother brown one that got even more spots-like about as many spots as there be stars..."He imagined there were more horses nearby that he hadn't spotted yet, far off in the distance or ambling around the treeline where they blended in. Dandelion chewed his wheat stick with a thoughtful wrinkle of his nose, hoping these things didn't come too close to the camp and start raising a ruckus after they just figured out dens and sleeping arrangements. "Think we oughta call these things something other than...just 'orse?" Maybe it was his whimsy speaking, but descritpions were real mouthy and if they had to keep track of these things maybe they should call them something more individual or even numbers or...heck, he didn't know. This was all too much for him to process.

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Dapple caught the last of Dandelion's sentences as she strolled up to the cats. Her head flicked around at the all the huge creatures. She'd never seen anything like them before. The other cats seemed annoyed, but not terribly frightened. So she tried to keep herself calm. Still, she would be keeping far away from them. "You, wanna name the beasts? Aren't they called, 'orses' ?" She repeated the unfamiliar word exactly as he'd said it, still laid thick with his accent. His heavy southern drawl brought out her own, much subtler version, one she'd picked up in her kit-hood. It might have made her home-sick if her mother's voice had not been laced with such a watered down variation. Dapple sat next to the younger tom, curling her fluffy tail around her large paws as they watched the creatures and waited for Inky's thoughts on the subject.
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A soft chuckle left a blackened maw, "Don't apologize, Dandelion, it is alright," He assured the young cat when he apologized and listened as the young cat spoke of these great beings. One being grey and white, or mottled brown and white, or solid black- they sounded beautiful and he hoped they where in fact just that. Inky flicked his ear as another voice joined them and he turned his sightless face in the direction of the sound, and another laugh escaped him with his amusement, "I believe Dandelion is saying 'horses', but with his accent it sounded different," The scent was unfamiliar, but so where a lot of cats in the clan. Inky was still getting use to the different cats and their different voices, scents and ways they walked. So far he could tell Sootstar, Honeytwist, Dusk, Ferret and a few of the kits apart- but that was as far as it got. Oh and of course Lavender and Hyacinth, couldn't forget them two.

"Name them huh? What do you recomend?" Inky questioned the young cat once more and turned his head towards Dandelion with a curious tilt of it, "Maybe something like Shadow-something for the black one or even maybe Soot for the grey one?" The tom chuckled at his own joke of naming a horse after that of Sootstar. Oh would she have a tizzy fit or something if she knew that one, "What about you, Dapple? It is Dapple yes? What would you recomend?" The black cat settled down into a sitting position and flicked his ear in the direction of the mottle cat curiously. He was terrible with names himself, and wondered if any of them would be good. Should they have clan names? Or be named like they had been as loners? It was untelling.

"Now hold on I think you're on to something Dandelion" The large white tom says with a small snort of amusement. The idea of naming the creatures hadn't occurred to him yet, but really it would be better than just calling them by 'the brown one', especially if the creatures were going to be sticking around for quite some time. He listens to Inky and almost rolls his eyes, exasperated, no way would he let one of these youngsters name a horse after Sootstar! He dares not say anything though, fear that Inky was one of her lackeys making him bite his tongue.

For a moment, he is lost in thought as he remembers what his mother had said to him about names, that it had to come from the heart when you named something, that their name had to mean something or make some sort of sense. It wouldn't do for them to go about naming the horses randomly, there had to be some thought behind it, or so Heavy was thinking. For instance, when he was named it had been because he had been the biggest kit in his litter, and he had been born during the beginning of a snowfall, that coupled with his puffy white fur had been the reasoning behind them giving him the name that they did. "We need to think about this" is all he says, nodding his head sagely, he was quite enjoying this new idea the younger cats had come up with. As he gazes at the large creatures, from a distance he is already making things up in his head, wondering what they might end up being called.

They were... interesting creatures, weren't they? If Mallow wasn't so used to them he was sure he'd find them ugly- but, having lived here for so long he found hardly any fault with their too-long appearances. Beside Heavy Snow did he stand, craning his neck as Inky spoke, pointing verbally to that black one- that really cool one, who matched his paws when he lifted them up to appear side-by-side. And then the grey one... Soot. A snort left him, though (in a rather unceremonious vocal display) he managed to choke back his cackling, to swallow it down in a crackling gasp before it got out of hand.

"Shadow's too boring on it's own," Mallow rationalised, blunt. He nodded along with Heavy Snow, looking to him for a moment before settling his gaze on the black one. He liked the basis of shadow... but it needed more flavour. That horse deserved more than just one title! "Big Looming Shadow of Death- now that's a name that suits it, right?" Pride puffed his chest up, convinced he was undoubtedly correct.
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"I don't think SootStar would much appreciate having a 'horse' named after her." Dapple commented, copying this time what Inky had corrected the word to. "How about, 'cold cinder'? for the gray one?" She suggested, remembering how she had thought of SootStar's fur when the molies first met. Dapple let out a slightly nervous laugh after Mallows suggestion, "Maybe just Big Loomer? The whole death thing might be a bit scary for the young ones, right?" She said gently, not wanting to discourage him as he obviously thought it was a wonderful name, who was she to say it wasn't? Still, the whole looming shadow of death, may be a little much.