What would be enough? //Tugger

Jun 14, 2022
A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

Deer was absented-minded most of the time, any Skyclanner could tell you that much. Whimsical, ditzy, and yet ethereal and graceful in a way that was almost supernatural. She never appeared in a big hurry to go anywhere, or do anything, so how she got any of her duties done so quickly was beyond understanding.

Today was such a day, however, unbeknownst to her clanmates, Deer had a reason for getting her chores done. Her turquoise gaze would lazily scan the familiar pelts of her clan as she searched for a fiery orange coat and smushed face. Once she spotted him, she would smile thoughtfully, grab the shiny black stone she had been carrying with her all day, and make her way over to the tom.

Deer wasn't super knowledgeable about what had happened between Tugger and Fritter. All she knew was that one-day Tugger was happy, doting on the she-cat with his every move and the next Fritter was gone, taking Tuggers bright light with her. Both literally and figuratively to the cream and mocha molly. Once she was before him, she would simply place the stone before the tomcat and meow in her airy and wistful tone, "For you. Your aura has been looking pretty dark lately. This stone should help."



He hadn't even noticed her approach him. Light as a dove and quiet as a mouse, Deer was a cat that Tugger was happy to miss most of the time. She could take her creepy, doe-eyed stare and her unsettling way of talking and throw herself into the river for all Tugger really cared for her. But usually, she stayed out of his way, and so she was out of sight, out of mind. That was until -

A rock. His dull gaze drops to the stone at his feet first. Black as night with a shine like crow wings. His face twisted into a confused sort of sneer, his eyes snapping up to her face - a face he'd seen a million times, the elongated fangs that protruded from her top lip pulling her mouth up in a perpetual smile as she laughed with him, for him, a tinkling sort of - searching for the reason for this intrusion.

"What the hell is a stone going to do for me?" He felt stupid asking that question. Clearly she had an answer. Whether it was going to make sense.... well, that was a different question entirely.
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A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

Deer would take a leisurely seat as she watched Tugger's scowling expression and yet her patient expression never changes. In fact, when he questions the purpose of her gift, her turquoise gaze would light up in warmth as she purred, "It's called obsidian. My mama taught me about them when I was just a kit. It's supposed to help guard against bad energy and protect you."

Her head would tilt as he smiled at the tom, that same familiar ticking in her brain made her wonder if they had not lived in this moment together in another time. Yet she would speak nothing of the familiarity of it all, only look down at the stone as she continued, "Your light is all but gone lately. It makes me sad to see your usual flame so small. If there's anything I can do for you in the future, just ask."