( ) it's dark. the water is freezing, inky in the midnight, and below her, there is nothing. around her, the yells grow fainter, her shipmates struggle in the water and hoist themselves into brightly colored lifeboats. she sinks. there is no energy in her muscles now, no motivation to keep swimming when it's clear the humans are prioritizing themselves. her eyes drift shut and she's about to give in when her name is called. "caraway!" the desperate scream echoes over the open water and crackling of the sinking vessel as the sailors begin to call out for her. hope blooms in her chest, but her limbs feel frozen, body taken over by the frosty waves that carry her steadily away from her found family. she tries to call out, tries to scream for anyone, anything to hear her. but she is dark and so is the night, and the sailors only have so much time. minutes pass, she cannot get to them, and the saddened voices begin to fade again from her consciousness.

in her nest willowroot lashes their tail, curls it around their nose in a tight blanket. their paws are twitching, soft whines echoing around the enclosed space. it's a fairly normal sight -the smoke dreams often- but as the rumble of a growl pours from their throat, it's clear something is wrong. their denmates are too fast asleep to hear, and willowroot sinks in their dream, lungs filling with salty dark liquid.

@CICADASTAR here u go love <3