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He's scared but he's not going to admit it, despite his lacksadaisy demeanor and attitude Dandelionpaw has a sense of pride to himself and he doesn't want to give anyone a chance to jump at him when his weakness is visible; so he doesn't let it be seen, but he IS scared. It's a lot suddenly, its a lot all at once and he is even more humbled now with how Honeytwist has held herself because what he tastes in this moment is a fraction of what the medicine cat had gone through already. The life of several cats, your own kin, in your paws. Chosen by the stars themselves, such lofty and high aspirations they must small the world must be when you're that far above and so bright in the sky. Would he get to meet StarClan now? Would he get to see the things that lead the clans to form? The visions that spoke of who rose to what stature and which cat was destined to be something and go somewhere. Dandelionpaw didn't often dream, but when he did he was back at the barn and his mother was calling him in to eat after he's played in the fields of his namesake all sunhigh; when his energy and optimism were as limitless as the vast expanse of blue overhead.

He once thought he would never lose either, but time and life was wearing down. Still, he'd keep smiling, he'd made a promise after all. "Never lose that sense of wonder. Never let the world beat you down. If you can: smile. If you can't: think of better days where you could." There is a ring of daisies held in his teeth, the flowers all woven into a circle through long stems and twisting vines torn from trees, he is not as good at making the decorative headpieces as Rosepaw is but an attempt was made. The medicine cat den was going to be his new home, so he might as well get used to being there and he'd not begrudge Honeytwist the comfort of her kin so Dandelionpaw was happy to accept the younger apprentices that were her children and even the one older without hesitation.
It was in front of Bumblepaw he stood with his floral headpiece, teeth visible in a smile and paws set firm on the floor.
"Ye ever think 'bout how flowers are kinda like cats?"


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bumble isn't new to that feeling. the feeling of fear. unlike dandelion, his birth mother didn't tell him much. she abandoned him when he was old enough to be weaned, but even before then she wasn't very comforting. she only ever reminded him if one thing. the world is a dangerous place, young one. it can and will kill you. instead of fighting, he just became fearful of everything. of everyone. his saving grace... honeytwist. the woman had meant more to him then words could express. that was his mama. she might have felt like she failed bumble that day, but oh how wrong she was. bumble was scared in that moment but for once... not for himself. but for her. for his younger siblings. for his clanmates. he had only been glad they were okay when he realized the dog was gone.

pulled from his thoughts by the very scent of danelionpaw, newly named apprentice of his mother, his eye widened with slight embarrassment. he rubbed his muzzle with his paw, turning away the scarred side of his face, tail wrapping around himself with fear. that was nothing new. fear was nothing new.

"in what sense? in the way we all bloom differently?"

he asked, gently clearing his throat, his eye closing.

"nice flower crown, dandy."


Dandelionpaw laughed at the 'nice flower crown', the white blooms shaking in his grip from the force of his shoulder's shaking.
"Thank ye for lyin' to spare me feelings, I ain't too good at them flower rings Rosepaw makes but ah did do my darndest."
It was a little messy and a bit unfinished but still pretty and still got the job done, just like how some cats were.
The immediate withdrawal and attempt to hide away from him drew a sympathetic smile as he flipped the length of daisies in his maw up into the air to let them fall down onto the grey tom's head like a gentle rain.
"Close! I mean that's 'bout right too! Most flowers go bloomin' when they're ready and ain't a second sooner, some's quick-some ain't." It was a good analogy but not exactly what he was going for in this case, sitting back onto his haunches the sepia point waved a paw nonchalant, watching with other with both green and gold eyes wide and amused, "Ye think a bee cares when a flower done lost a petal? Naw, still a perfectly good flower to go rollin into, still gives pollen! Lot o'different flowers but they all serve a purpose and yer Ma done taught me that." He smiled at the memory of it, it wasn't exactly a pleasant moment in time but it had certainly been eventful. "Reckon a bee'd still think yer a mighty fine flower, Bumblekit."

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the tom cat furrowed his brows slightly with a quiet laugh.

"i'm not a liar. you made it with your heart, and my mama says that's beautiful enough."

the russian blue closes his eye for a moment before his body perked up, his halfened gaze turning back to dandelionpaw, a warm feeling in his chest making his ears twitched back as the crown landed gently on his head. he can't help the smile at the feeling, and like a dog that's been given it's favorite bone, his tail seems to wag, a purr rumbling quietly in his chest as he listened to dandy talk. he talked a lot, sure, but bumble didn't mind.

"i- uh- i don't know what to say... thank you for the crown but i... don't think- well i-"

he sighed, biting his tongue before just smiling sadly.

"it's just not that s-simple. i'm not a flower that lost a few petals. i'm not even a cat who lost a few spots of fur. i'm different now."

he paused again, swallowing thickly, looking at his mother's apprentice, before turning away.

"i did something completely... reckless, and now i have to be reminded of it. even a wilted flower can grow back its petals. this is not the same thing... thank you for the flower crown, though. i think it matches my eye."

bumble is quick to try and change the subject. he doesnt like being so sad, generally optimistic just like the tom in front of him, but it's never that easy when it came to himself. it was why he hated talking about himself.