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Jul 18, 2022
Ghost was an apprentice now. Ghost...paw. and... and...

He shuffles his paws on the ground, and the icky dirt squishes between his paws. He doesn't really get what apprentice means... except that he can leave camp now. Why do that though? Outside camp is where all the wars were... Maybe there are animals and bugs and worms and stuff... but he can find them in here too if he looks. What's the point?

And his mentor was... weird. With a nervous sort of twitch, he'd touched noses with her, but... "Um..." he mumbles, the beginnings of a question. Would she get mad at him for talking? Pitchsun always got mad at him for talking, and Granitekit too... Was she like that? He didn't know. "What do we do now...? I-" he still feels like a kit. He's still small. Did he get powers once he was given the paw thing? He hopes so, then the other kits couldn't make fun of him anymore. He straightens his posture, like a good warrior... he thinks. Unblinking eyes gaze expectantly at the molly.

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here she stood, standing before one of her newly appointed apprentice who quite literally lived up to the name given to them. ghostpaw. such a frail, little thing he was with fur as white as a fresh blanket of snow and eyes that looked a little too big for his skull. geckoscreech didn't know much about this kit nor did she really know about his presence until recently, now she was in charge of teaching them how to become a proper warrior.

a banded tail would sweep slowly behind, the very tip barely grazing the stray marsh grasses. "we begin training, obviously. come, we'll start by learning the territory and the borders." the words flowed off her tongue smoothly but in a curt manner, surely the younger feline could keep up with that much. the ivory molly did not wait for a response, turning upon dainty paws and heading towards the entrance of camp.

She's really smart, he realizes. She answers so fast... Ghostpaw can't answer stuff that fast, no way. He needs Geckoscreech to teach him that too. "Okay," he answers, and he tries to do it in the quick, serious way she does. It doesn't work, though - he talks too funny. His voice is weird and wrong. He'll have to train, train like a warrior does. Train in... talking, okay.

Ghostpaw tottles after her, his paws still clumsy and awkward. He didn't really grow that much. He thought he was supposed to be big when he got a new name... He shakes his head. No, not was he was learning right now. Maybe he was so small still because he didn't have the... territory and the borders? And once he did, he'd start growing with his head - getting smarter. Ghostpaw runs to catch up, but whenever he stops running, he falls behind again. "What's the... territory and borders?" He almost trips on a rock. There are way less... trippy things inside of camp. That's why it's way better.
❝ holding it together with one loose string. ❝
ever since the outbreak of the fire, the marshlands have felt eerily still like a river that has gone stagnant. it didn't help that the colder weather was baring down upon them which meant that prey was going to start burrowing deep within the muddy banks or into the hollows of trees to escape the oncoming chill. there was far more gripes geckoscreech had but that was for another time, right now she had to prepare another generation of warriors in a clan that seems to have given up.

"our territory is what we are walking through now. in due time, you'll know these marshes like the back of your paw and traversing them will be a breeze." her response to ghostpaw came easy although it lacked any enthusiasm. it wouldn't be long until they would come across the small stream that cut through shadowclan, across from them stood the rusted chain fence that wrapped around the lone building where its yard was filled to the brim with all sorts of garbage and useless items. "this is the carrionplace, it's practically a dump swarming with rats. during leaf-bare, this will become one of our only sources in finding food even if that means having to scavenge for crowfood." she mews, flicking her gaze to ghostpaw in hopes he's following along.

"do not venture here by yourself, do you understand me? you don't know what could jump out at you." there was a subtle narrowing of her eyes, she couldn't stop child curiousity if they wandered here regardless of the warning but its better to get it out of the way now.

This is territory? The whole time? He didn't know! His eyes widen just a smidge, red pupils struggling against pink and blue. Apprentice stuff is hard. Was he supposed to no that? No...cause he was a kit. It's okay. He's learning.

He trails after her, and eventually they come to this weird looking place. It didn't look very mud-y or tree-y, it was made of stuff he's never seen. Carrionplace, she says. Carrion is a spooky word, so it must be bad. Dump doesn't sound great either, and rats sound extra bad. It all sounds horrible. Ghostpaw nods, learning. So, never ever come here... But then, she changes her mind. during leaf-bare, this will become one of our only sources in finding food even if that means having to scavenge for crowfood Ghostpaw blinks. "Oh." That doesn't make sense.

And then, she's all scary, telling her to never go here by himself. Why would he ever wanna go at all? He doesn't get it. His jaw parts in a shocked gape, though his eyes are always the same. Wide, unblinking. "I don't know?" he parrots. Geckoscreech wouldn't tell him!? "Like a ghost? Or...or a bird? Or a toad...? Or..." no, It was all fruitless, he wouldn't know! She said so. He shakes his head. "Oh no..."
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the older woman watched as her phantom-like apprentice struggled to process the information given to him, those wide, motionless saucers always staring beyond what was there while the tiny tom spluttered out a jumble of words to something she wasn't even expecting an answer for. what a pawful this one is going to be. she wouldn't put it passed him to get frightened by a falling leaf.

geckoscreech did not aim to soothe his worries, merely flicking her tail to beckon the younger feline to follow. "come, we're moving on." she mews, moving away from the trickling stream and heading further out into the territory in the direction of the thunderpath which served as a border between their neighbor, thunderclan.

while they walked, her mind would briefly flit over the thought of ribbitpaw. he was already getting to be so big now, it wouldn't be long 'till his warrior ceremony. will pitchstar even bother with hosting another ceremony? ever since briarstar's passing he looks like he'd rather bury himself in the closest mud hole and pray for the marsh to swallow him whole. just thinking about this mess of a situation made her want to scowl.

soon the she-cats voice would cut through the silence again. "tell me ghostpaw, do you smell anything close by?" they should be near their border soon, she just wanted to see if her apprentice can pick it out since it also tended to mesh with the acidic smell of the thunderpath.