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It’s a quiet night for RiverClan, with nary a breeze or a birdcall to interrupt the silence. The only light cutting through the darkness of the trees is that of the full moon, spilling white-blue light through the boughs of willow trees. The perfect night for a calming stroll through the woods—or in Clayfur’s case, a deeply terrifying adventure with some of his clanmates who he’d managed to drag along with him.

"I can’t believe you guys have never heard of it before! Like, Bigpaw is a legend! Just ask Ice!" He’s not entirely sure that his sister even believes in Bigpaw, but he is sure that she’d back him up if questioned about it. He traipses along carelessly, hissing at the others to stay absolutely silent even as he trips over stones and snaps twigs beneath heavy pawsteps. He occasionally lets out a loud whoop into the night air, with the claim that it will certainly draw the attention of the gigantic creature that’s definitely lurking in the woods, just out of view.

He gives another whooping call to the trees, and is about to turn around when a sharp crackling noise from the trees startles him. His hackles rise and his ears immediately pin themselves to his skull. Oh no. "Did you guys- am I the only one who heard that?!" He squeaks, looking behind their group with wide eyes. He takes a step closer to Otterpop, tail brushing up close to the other’s flank. He’s terrified. He’s dragged them all out here to hunt for Bigpaw, and now they’re all going to get eaten. "That was nothing, right? Just, like, the wind or something?" He glances at Smokethroat, hoping that the speckled tom would give some kind of levelheaded input on the situation. Then he redirects to the rest of the group, hoping to find at least one face that isn’t painted with panic.

// they’re searching for bigfoot idk, feel free to reply before @Smokethroat & @otterpop
( ) they've been out more at night now. it's been about two or three weeks since they've officially joined, and willowroot is finally starting to settle in. they've always walked this territory at night, claiming it as their dark kingdom, when the moon rises and the shadows hide their smoky fur under swaying willow branches. tonight is no different- it's rather pleasant out, quiet and perfect for the thoughts that circle their mind. out of habit, they've made their way down to the bank, gazing wistfully across the water, and for a moment the shuffling in the brambles behind them doesn't seem to bother them. but then voices are heard and the newly named willowroot spins around, ears angling towards the sound.

it's members of their clan, of course, but as they listen, their mouth turns up in a grin. ah, superstition. a silly thing, but helpful nonetheless to some. leaping from the branch they have settled upon, they hear the panicked voice of clayfur, and amusement ripples through them. "ah yes, the wind," they whisper, crackling branches around them again. they watch the man glance around at his patrol with worry in his eyes and decide they've had enough fun. stepping out from the shadows, the green eyed feline is like a ghost in the blue haze from the moon. "what are you all doing out here?" they ask, as if they have not just pretended to be bigpaw. 'late night hunting patrol?"


He had his reasons for coming along, mostly in part due to the fact he didn't trust his clanmates not to get into accidental mischief with this entire affair. It was nonsense, it was all stories to keep kits from roaming far from their parents. Don't go out at night or you'll be gobbled up, that sort of thing. He didn't think it was a particularly kind or tactical method of controlling children but he didn't have his own kits so he really didn't have much to go by when it came to raising them. The jittery question demanding comfort from the 'leader' of their excursion was met with the sort of look he reserved for younger cats pestering him; kittens biting his tail and the such.
"Yes, it's wi-" He pauses, the snap of the branch has him on guard for any possible danger but his expression remains tiredly neutral as he glances around, the brief movement by the tree pulls his gaze and he narrows his eyes in preparation to leap and sink his claws into what might be a trespaspper or predator looming in the background. Muscles tenses, paws braced, it is only when Willowroot comes dancing from the shadows with a teasing tone does he lift his head up with a roll of his eyes. "I almost jumped at you.." Smokethroat warned, though his tone was hardly accusatory and faintly amused. To the question he glanced at Clayfur's fearfully flattened form and then back to the brown tabby with an expression clearly putting the blame on this outing on the chocolate tom. "Something of the sort I suppose..." The dark tom gestured with a paw to Willowroot as he continued, "Tell them. Tell them about why we're here." And why he wasn't sleeping peacefully in his nest right now. StarClan help them all if this carried on to the morning and patrols ran late.

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