"I'm serious, for real! I saw it! I saw a flying lizard! It had wings and everything! I swear!"

Quillkit narrowed their eyes, their ears twitching in annoyance. Every day, little NPC Puddlekit would come out and spew lie after lie and swear that he was telling the truth. Then, all the younger kits who lacked the common sense to realize it was fake would squeal and run up to them and tell them. They knew. They had heard because Puddlekit was louder than a group of frogs croaking until they couldn't croak anymore.

He sighed, mentally manifesting that it would be over soon, that the younger kits would at least learn volume control so he no longer had to listen to the cheers and choruses of some delusional fool who just wanted attention.

But, unfortunately for him, Puddlekit had other plans. The younger cat bounded over towards the fawn tabby, bouncing up and down on his paws. "Quillkit! Quillkit! You won't believe what I just saw! I really, really saw a lizard with wings! It was flying too! You believe me, right?"

"Yeah, sure. And StarClan came to me in a dream and told me I'm gonna be the leader of the Clan when I turn six moons, goin' straight to leader form apprentice." They rolled their eyes, huffing and turning away. 'Will someone PLEASE stop this already?' they thought bitterly, sighing. Certainly the warriors were done with Puddlekit's nonsense by now too, right?

If you don't like me, that's your problem
The black smoke laperm lifted her head from where she happened to be lounging, a single ebony ear rotating in the direction of the chaos. Blinking sleep from yellow eyes Tornadokit shifts her weight to lay upon her belly now that she could no longer sleep. The other children were being insufferably loud and had it been warmer outside the nursery she would have certainly slept out there instead. A defeated sigh leaves her as she watches a kitten shouting Quillkit's name, whilst going on and on about a lizard with wings. Her face scrunches up, surprised that the other kits clamoring about actually believe it. "What's a starclan?" The brutish female mutters, questioning the pair as she rises to large paws. Yet another thing she had to learn about clan life. There was so much to keep up with. Tornado gives herself a moment to stretch before taking a couple of steps closer to stand near them. "Anyway, I don't see why you couldn't be the leader. All you have to do is make sure everyone has enough food and keeps living, right?" She mutters with a quick rise and fall of her shoulders to illustrate a shrug. It seemed simple enough to her.
When I let it bother me, that's my problem

A flying lizard?

Loam doesn’t know anything about this. She mouths it to herself twice— flying lizard, flying lizard— and still doesn’t know such a thing. Does it have feathered wings like a bird? The taut skin of a bat? Neither look correct in Loam’s imagination.

I-eee-uh saw it t-tuh-to,” Loam says with the quiet confidence of someone telling the truth, “’Killed it uh-and ate it eh-in three bites.

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a head would poke out from the bramble bush that housed the apprentice, almond shaped eyes partially squinted and blinking slow as if still adjusting to everything. it seemed possumpaw had awoken from their nap due to the chatty commotion coming from the kits, one of in particular was babbling like a brook about witnessing something fly? he wasn't too sure, his brain was still trying to boot up as he fully left the den despite being plauged with drowsiness.

the tabby approached the group with dragging steps, ears flickering as tornadokit was talking about starclan and leadership while loamkit in muted confidence confirmed seeing the strange prey. "you should've saved it. . . i wanted to see a weird thing." the apprentice's speech is slightly slurred with sleep, the front of his body proceeding to slide forwards to initiate a stretched that pulled a rather loud yawn from their throat.

feeling a little more awake, possumpaw repositioned themself into a sitting position before looking at curly smoke with a slothful expression. "being leader sounds like too much work. . .i wouldn't wanna deal with doing a dozen meetings and handling a pawful of cats."
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With an even more irritated flick of their tail, Quillkit let out a groan. "This isn't funny. It's all fake. He just wants attention!" their eyes landed on Loamkit as they scanned over the small group that had gathered. "And you... you're lyin' too! You've never hunted before, have you? You probably would have shown of your catch to everyone if you really had. Flyin' lizards don't exist, and an apprentice really should know that much."

He huffed slightly, trying to gather his thoughts from beneath to seething rage that just kept blooming. "Really, just be yourself. It isn't THAT hard. I'm bein' myself and I'm much happier that way. Cats'll feel hurt if you lie and put up a front and then they find out you were making stuff up."

Ah, yes. His comment about becoming leader, too. "Leaders do a lot of stuff, Tornado, You gotta manage relations with other Clans, oversee basically everything, and all these cats are relyin' on you because you're the one they look up too. Too much work for me right now. I'm still really young, I'm not an apprentice." He looked towards Puddlekit, whose eyes sparkled in awe.

"Wow! Quillkit, you're so cool!" He exclaimed. "Let's talk about more things that would be cool to see."

"That's not what I was tryin' to... ah, whatever." Quillkit sighed. "Alright, what cool things d'ya guys think would be fun to see?"[/b][/color] At the very least, the kit was quiet now, and imagining things wouldn't hurt anybody.


To Possumpaw, Loam has only a grunt of acknowledgement to offer. If he wanted to see it, maybe he should have been faster. Or maybe the lizard should have been real.

Next teh-tuh-time,” Loam promises.

There is something that irks Loam about Quillkit. The world is a big place, full of things Loam has never seen before. To call someone a liar because she hasn't seen something herself-- Loam just couldn't fathom it. Besides, Loam isn't lying, she's just making things up! It's different!

Can you believe huh-heh-he hasn't seen a lizard weh-with wings before?” Loam turns to Tornadokit, one ear quirked and head canted in an unsubtle point towards Quillkit.

But then he just keeps on talking-- does Quillkit's words ever get stuck? Can't he ever just not get the words out?-- and Loam rolls her eyes.

What if 'yourself' eh-eh-is a liar?” Loam counters, “Then yuh-you'll be making them liars b-by making them t-teh-tell the tr-tru--” Loam's nose wrinkles, “by making them be-be-be honest.

Little Puddlekit offers up a change in topic that Loam considers in a long quiet. Both of her ears flick to and fro as she thinks-- what would be cool to see?

A bird th-thu-thats every color,” Loam settles on with a nod, “Blue and purple, gr-uh-green and all th-the other ones teh-t-too,

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