when the stars cry | new den




Time has passed, days have gone by and she has been ignoring it. But the sense of deja vu will not leave her alone. Each time that she passes that small opening beside the rock in which her leader uses to talk to the colony it rattles her. And now she stands there and stares at it, unblinking and unmoving. She is trying to think through this but she knows it. She feels it in her bones that this is where she belongs. It's what Hare Whiskers showed her when she was in Starclan and that means that it actually has purpose in her life. "Let this path I'm on actually be worth it..." The words are grumbled to herself as she finally takes a step into tbe small cavern. It is cozy enough in herd, fit for a nest but as she walks further in there are ferns at the back. She sniffs at them before noticing space after them. And so she pushes through foliage to reveal a clearing. It's surrounded by the plush ferns and she looks to the far side to take note of a pool of water. The soft trickling into it is soothing to her ears and she gives a small breath in before releasing it. There is room enough for many cats here and she shuffles her pass a little. Is it her destiny to be separate from her clan?

To be there when necessary but to live alone? She frowns a little before turning her back on the view and slipping her way back through the entrance of her new den. With a soft frown coloring her muzzle she speaks up to her clanmates both old and new. "From today and onward this will be my den. I'll need the space. If you need something I'll be there most of the time.." She motions to the mouth of the cave before she dups her head to everyone.
The den Bonejaw had selected to be her own was nice and spacious with plenty of room for patients and herb storage. Great for a medicine den. Briarstar knew her sister hated the role StarClan had bestowed upon her but maybe if she had her own space instead of being with the other warriors, she would be a little more accepting of what she had to do. The leader smiled at her sister and dipped her head. “I think it’s a good spot, Bonejaw,” she agreed. “If you need any help getting things setup, just let me know.”

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Daffodil is barely getting used to being around the clan, being around so many big, adult cats. Being around other cats in general. She’s constantly on edge, tension resting high in broad shoulders. She recognizes only a few of the cats who reside in ShadowClan, the others merely floating by as nameless faces, as dull voices that she can’t quite find an attachment to. But Bonejaw, the intimidating woman that she is, settles something within the child. Bonejaw is safe, her mind murmurs.

Briarstar is also decidedly safe, though Daffodil shies away from the inky black she-cat on principle. Briarstar is the leader of these cats, and in the back of Daffodil’s mind echoes a small fear that if she missteps, the leader will toss her out. But even so, she can’t help the curiosity that sparks when Bonejaw declares the space as her den.

Tentatively, Daffodil steps closer. She remains a safe distance from the other felines, but tips her head to one side with a small huff. "Your den?" She questions, a subtle frown catching at her maw. "Nobody else’s? Alone?" She hasn’t known life without Mama for long, but from the moments she was on her own, the black and white child understands the feeling of being alone.
A new den? He wanted to see it.

Stealthy as a... as a... f...rock...? He'd attempt to scamper inside of the newly declared den, bug eyes wide with this unforeseen wonder. Shadowclan had been the same to him since..since forever... except for that time they were renamed to Shadowclan and Briarstar got nine lives and Bonejaw saw ghosts... except for that... this was the only change he's seen ever, he has— needs to see it.

(Unfortunately, he's very slow, very weak, and very obvious, anyone would be able to stop him with a single press of a paw)

The new kit mumbles something. Nobody else's? Alone, and she's right, it's so weird. "Why does Bonejaw get it?" he asks, blinking wide up at the wiry molly, she almost looked like a ghost too, but her fur wasn't right. "I want a den. Can I have it? Please? Dah— um, Daff..." Ghost can't remember her name... hopefully she doesn't get mad at him... "All my friends can come visit..."
Of course, Pitch is going to investigate his aunt's new den. Before she's even finished her announcement, the rosette tabby is poking around, his tail swaying high in the air. He slips past his aunt and into the secluded clearing, his gaze sweeping slowly over every nook and cranny. Finally, he lets out a long, drawn out whistle. "I'm halfway jealous, auntie," purrs the tom, a playful glint in his fiery eyes.

Ghost chimes in with childish whining, and Pitch raises a brow at the albino. Why does Bonejaw get it? Ah, children... They're so stupid. It brings a smile to his face. "Because you're not the medicine cat!" Pitch raises a forepaw above Ghost's head as he sing-songs. "You- are- just- a- kit!" With each word, he would aim to bop Ghost on the top of his cranium.

Whiskers twitch as Ghost struggles with remembering Daffodil's name, claiming that all of his friends could visit. "Daffodil already sleeps in the nursery with you, alongside the rest of your friends," he reminds in a condescending tone, a smirk crossing over his features as he flaunts the fact that he remembered Daffodil's name. "Really, you should be thanking the stars that you do not sleep alone!" Pitch couldn't fathom it; not feeling the warmth of another, no hushed breathing to lull him to sleep...

Ignorantly, he seems to forget that Bonejaw is right there, facing the fact that she must now sleep alone.