when the time passes by; teaching kit games

Aug 14, 2022

Hollow Tree was looking to relax a little bit. Since she didn’t have anything she had to do at the moment. Though, she was sure she would be busy later. In the meantime she was watching some of the younger cats play. Thinking back to her days as a kit. She had often played games with her siblings, even after she was no longer a kit. Coming up with games other than ride the badger or moss ball.

Approaching one of the younger cats who seemed rather bored with the current game happening. Hollow Tree offered to teach them a new game. “It’s rather simple. One cat will hide-” she gathered a fallen leaf and used her claw to mark it with an x, “this leaf around camp. Then the rest will search for it, whoever hides it can give as many hints as they like. Whoever finds the leaf will become the next cat to hide it.” she explained.
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One of Howling Wind's kin. Meadowflame is convinced their deputy has almost single-handedly populated the oak forest with her annoying blood. Hollow Tree is admittedly one of the less annoying ones - with the most certainly being her own apprentice - but the cream tabby reserves judgment.

The brown tabby she-cat approaches a small kit. The one their murdering medicine cat likes to call her own. Meadowflame can't recall the little scrap's name; she'd prefer to just avoid her altogether until she's a warrior and capable of doing things on her own. Hollow Tree introduces the little bee-brain to a new game, a game so thrilling it bores her to tears. Leaves.

She's reminded of her younger sister toddling along after her, demanding Meadowflame pay attention to her. The way she sapped their mother's love from Meadowflame.

She grits her teeth but only watches. After a moment, she forces a smile onto her face, but it's anything but motherly.



Serenemeadow was just finishing up weaving a nest when her ever-alert ears twitched like satellites as they picked up every little sound around camp. After all, she would be upset if she should ever miss an opportunity to help one of her clanmates.

As it would happen, the small brown tabby would pick up the words of a game forming and Serene would smile brightly before hurrying over to Hollowtree and Roe. "Hi! Are we playing a game? I love games! Can I join in?" Her golden hues would flicker over to Meadowflame as they joined and she smile warmly to the molly.

They shared the name 'Meadow'! Surely that means they would get along too, right?

Monotoned sage eyes watched the other kits play, bouncing a wad of moss to and fro. Moss Ball used to be her favorite game, but after a moon or two it certainly gets repetitive.
When Hollow Tree comes to her rescue, the cinnamon tabby’s attention is immediately engaged, listening carefully to the instructions.
"That sounds fun!" She chirped in response, tail flicking from one side to another in anticipation to start the game.
The presence of Meadowflame does not go unnoticed, but with one glance towards the flame-tinged warrior and her rather disturbing smile, Roekit opts to ignore her.
Serenemeadow’s arrival, however, is much warmer, and met with an excited smile from Roekit. "Yeah! Oh! Oh! Can I hide the leaf? Im a great hide-r! I promise!" She pleaded, eager to show off her skills.