Where we can gaze upon the water // Black




"Get back here you silly little bug!" Came a loud voice, echoing around the camp with a fierce sense of enthusiam. A chocolate patched cat had been chasing after this beetle on the ground, on his tip toes with his tail bristling outwards to twice its size. Paws moved along the dusty ground towards the beetle as the torbie ran sideways after it before tripping over their own paws for a moment, landing directly into the dirt as the beetle continued on its merry way. The chocolate torbie gave a small huff as they pulled themselves up from the ground, shaking their coat free of the dust that had been kicked up, and looked around camp for a moment.

Things had been rather quiet lately. Everyone seemed to be in a mourning of sorts because of the battle, to which he heard was massive! That cats from the sky came down and everything! Though that was all Bumble had heard about the situation, otherwise everyone seemed to keep it quiet. Bringing back the dead to be buried and the like. Still, the lull in camp was rather- overstimmulating. There was just too much of the silence, not enough of the action. Bumble found himself rather- nervous because of it. Pacing a bit in place as he looked for something to do. Anything to do really.