WHEREVER YOU GO || Huckleberry

Though Tallulah had been born in the hay, like her siblings, she'd spent the last several moons of her life kept in a busier place, a quaint nest with a vibrant, excitable woman and the husband she call her housefolk. They'd brushed the tangles from her pelt, tied the lavender ribbon about her throat, fed her from bowls. Tallulah has found all of this somewhat amusing, and she has no intentions of leaving this lifestyle - not permanently, anyway. She's cared for, she's safe, but stars, how bored she's been! One can only walk around the block so many times and see so many of the same faces!

On the farm, Tallulah had had so many options for entertainment. Other cats to brawl with - mice to chase - Twolegs to pester, their bigger animals to mess with. And, of course, she had her family, which against her better judgment, she does miss terribly.

At her last visit to the farms - she figures her Twoleg companion is a relative to the one who feeds all the big animals like the sheep and the horses - Huckleberry had been gone. Troubling, as she'd asked numerous barn cats and all told the same tale. Clans. He'd gone to the pine forest, gone to find his old friends in the Clans and stay there.

Initially, of course, Tallulah had only wandered into the forest to satiate her burning curiosity and ensure Huckleberry is safe and happy where he is... but she keeps coming back, and at this point, she has no plans to stop.

She strolls into camp again as the sun rises, torbie pelt soft and fluffy and recently groomed, her yellow eyes bright. She hums tunelessly - stars, her mama had always said she couldn't sing a lick, but darned if she doesn't still try - until she spots her brother.

"Oh, Huck! I thought today, we'd go do somethin' fun. You know, like we used to! Where shall we go, darlin'? What shall we do?" She barrels into him, her purr vibrating and assaultive.




( ) with the sun making it's daily travel across the sky and the clan beginning to bustle with activity, huckleberry had taken some time to pluck a nice robin off the fresh-kill pile and saunter his way to the nursery where he would purr out a greeting to the residing queens and kits inside before placing the bird at their paws before backing out to let them eat in peace.

lately, it's been starting to get a bit chillier with each passing day. the breeze that would roll by carried hints that leaf-fall was approaching and that the territories would soon be transformed into an autumn wonderland full of oranges, yellows and reds. thank the stars he had such a thick coat. speaking of, it was only a split-second after that he felt something or rather someone barrel into his frame catching the smoke off guard.

why, it was none other than his sister tallulah who was purring like a buzzing bee and prattled warmly about doing something fun together for today. "stars, lulu! done almost knocked me off mah paws!" huckleberry laughed out, bumping his head against her own in brief greeting before pulling away and continuing. "hm, somethin' fun, huh? how 'bout we head on over to tha rockpile south of camp, i 'member hearing some folks sayin' it was a good spot to hang 'round."

( i hear the wandering streams and the song of the birds )
Tallulah purrs at her brother's nickname for her. Lulu. She hasn't been called that in so long, and it's music to her ears. She bumps her head against Huckleberry's shoulder affectionately before pulling away and shaking the fluff into her torbie coat. "The Rockpile! Well, I don't know that I've even been over there yet! If you say it's a good place, we can sure as sand check it out."

She gets a head start on him, waving her tail and giving him a mischievious look like she had done to him when they were kits on the farm chasing mice. "Betcha I can beat you there! I'll be quicker than a hare with six legs, I will!" She sticks her tongue out at him, a peek of pink between fangs, before darting out of camp. The tendrils of her lavender silk ribbon collar fly behind her like thin wings.