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Jun 14, 2022
A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

It had been days since she last saw Chompers. The day they had spent together repeated in her head over and over again and she would always make sure to leave his side of their nest empty for when he returned. But he didn't and the more time that passed the more worried she became. So today, after making sure Snowpaw had enough chores to keep busy and letting an NPC know where she was going, she took off towards the place where Chompers lived when not in Skyclan.

Her pawsteps were unhurried, but that was more because she was trying to talk herself out of the jitters she was feeling. What if he didn't want to see her? What if the reason he hadn't been back was that he had become bored with her? She took a soft breath, trying to ease the pounding of her heart the closer she got to Chompers' living place. The smell was stronger here, but it was so familiar to her as the scent that clung to the spikey toms' fur that she couldn't help the ethereal smile that touched her maw and her pawsteps would finally quicken in as excitement coursed through her.

Perhaps he had gotten bored with her, but she realized at that moment that she did not care. Even if only seeing him again would mean that he turned her away, she at least would get to see his silver pools again, and perhaps they could still be friends. Because that's what it meant, right? She wanted his happiness, whether that included her or not and she would support whatever decision he made.

As the fence for his two-leg den came into view she readied herself to leap up onto it, her whimsical mind only thinking of the joy she would feel upon seeing him again, but her leap would not come. Instead, the breath was knocked out of her slender frame as a heavy force knocked into her side. She would let out a yowl of surprise loud enough that it burned her throat and echoed despite the noise of the two-leg place. She would find herself tussling with a tom cat who reeked of filth, his pelt smeared with grime from living on the streets and she shuddered in pure discomfort as they fought and his stench got all over her usually floral scented coat.

She was not an easy victim however, her father had taught her much better than that. Though she was at a disadvantage from being ambushed, she was slippery and as quick as a viper, but she just couldn't get a proper claw into him due to his heavier size and large clumsy paws that were trying their best to pin her down. Deersong had just recovered from the dog attack, she wasn't about to get hurt again so quickly.


A thin-metaled soda can groans with a metallic whine as he crushed it under his paw. A frustration in his movements, his eyes cloudy with the thoughts and emotions daring to bud behind them. All he could hear was her angelic voice, smell was the flowers and stone that clung to her, see when he closed his eyes her- smile. She plagued him, like an ocean colliding with a dying forest, swallowing it into an embrace he can’t help but drown in. He forces to remind himself something, an inevitable curse at times- he forces the image of Deersong’s broken body having to be buried because ’ you will always be alone- it’s better this way- it’s better to stay away, in the shadows. It’s easier to hate than it ever will be to….love’ the word startles him.

He lets his claws slither out and he presses the sharp tips to the side of his skull with a weight enough to sting. " stop it " it’s a dangerous whisper from his snarling lips. ‘ you love her, you love her, you love her ’ it taunts, " STOP IT " his shoulders quiver and he’s jolted in alarm as his face feels suddenly wet. His paw slides from the tiny cuts he dug into his temple- to his under-eyes where moisture had trickled. His, eyes- were leaking. Thistleback knew what crying was, but he never associated that with himself- and he didn’t have time to dwell because a caterwaul split the sounds of the city- on the very other side of his fence. Bird, his heart feels iced over, was this what- fear? felt like? It only made him furious.

A yowl tinged with familiar vocals, flowers chopped to mulch and spread over the wind with a bleeding hand. Piercing and demanding, an order- command his body obeyed with a stillness but sudden and violent jolt up and over the fence that rattled its chain links hard against the twoleg’s garage. Deersong’s pelt thrashing about in skilled defense against a stray- his pupils twin daggers on the attacker. ’ kill him, kill him, kill him’ always in sets of three- his feral mind sings. How dare this man, lay claws on his angel- and not expect to rattle the demon’s cage.

" fucked with the wrong one- pig!" his shout is guttural and purely angry.

A growl punched from his lips with every pump of his shifting limbs, he was sprinting- hard with his claws scoring the dirt asunder with curved crescent blades. ’ Faster, faster, FASTER ‘, his tail whipped so fucking hard he skids across the ground with uncontrollable force but from there he kicks off- teeth bared and clashing with every gallop of his paws. He absolutely slams into the rogue with an audible thud and aims his splay of fangs with the jaw strength to sink to bone from moons of chewing- directly on the tom’s lower jaw and the soft meat of his cheek. If successful, he’d just shake and rip like a rabid dog- an absolutely agonizing tug-o-war for his victim. ' touch my Bird, I'll take your fucking face! ' his inner voice is dark and absolutely sings, thirsty and drinking on his violence.

  • — Thistleback | thirty moons | cis-male
    — daylight warrior of Skyclan
    — bisexual | crushing on Deersong
    — very muscular piebald black and white tom with spiky fur and cold silver-grey eyes. Wears a purple collar with brass clasp.
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𝐵𝓊𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌, 𝐼 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓈 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓇𝑒​

Her strength was beginning to leave her. Deersong had been successful in sparing her pelt any more scratches, but the toll it took on her slender form was beginning to show in how her reflexes were slowing. The rogue could clearly sense this and he would smile maliciously when he spotted an opening. Raising a paw, she saw her mistake as well and closed her eyes to brace for the blow to her head that she knew was coming, but then she heard it.

And it was like an angel's war cry to her ears. Not a breath later the rogue was forcibly thrown off her and she turned her head just in time to see her precious Chompers sink his fangs into the filthy tom's cheek. Relief flooded over her first until she spotted their opponent's paw raise once more as if he were going to try the same move on her tom that not two seconds before had been aimed at her own head.

A growl would come from her own throat this time, a sound so unlike the usually whimsical molly that she would not blame Thistleback for being surprised by it. With muscles rejuvenated at seeing Thistleback in the line of fire now, she lunged forward and sank her own teeth into the raised paw and her claws would aim for the rogues' eyes in the same movement.

Perhaps he was wrong to assume that she was easy prey after all, and eventually with rage and fear in his seething gaze the rouge would struggle in an animalistic frenzy to free himself from their jaws. Panic would begin to set in as he realized that these two may never let go and with one final desperate attempt at freedom he ripped himself from their fangs, gaining future scars to his paws, eyes, and cheek before scrambling away, spitting venom at the pair as he did so.

Deersong would stand there panting, her slender legs trembling from the adrenaline of the battle as soon as the rogue was out of sight, he was forgotten and the cream and mocha molly was turning and pressing herself into the black and white tom's chest. Holding back her tears of relief and guilt, she would bury her nose into his neck fur as she drank in his scent as if it gave her strength. Her whole frame was shaking now, from what emotion exactly she could not say.

If he allowed her to remain there for a few heartbeats, she would calm down considerably before she finally pulled back so that she could look into his molten silver gaze and she would meow softly, "I'm sorry Chompers...I should have been more careful being this close to the two-leg place." She would sniff at his pelt then, searching for any scratches or wounds that her stupidity may have caused him and she meowed weakly, "Are you hurt?" The way the question left her lips was in such distress as if just the thought of him being hurt on her account destroyed her. Deersong would never forgive herself if he was. She once again began to mentally berate herself and it showed in the way her whiskers began to tremble.

How could she let this happen? Her father had taught her better and had trained her to be ever vigilant to avoid things like this. Deersongs tail began to twitch in a strange fashion but when her eyes flickered up towards his own all he would see was a concern for him. "I'm sorry..." She would coo again, this one a sad sound and so unlike her usual musical tone, "But thank you for saving me..." She would lean forward as if to brush her muzzle against his own, but she would hesitate. What if he was angry with her? He, of course, had every right to be given the situation; but it was still something she found herself fearing.

He could feel the attacker reeling a limb back, Thistleback’s eyes slant toward it and growls as he braces for an attack. The purple collar wearing beast didn’t care about scars, and he was no stranger to swipes in the face- but it never comes. Deersong’s teeth latch to the arm and prevent the blow intirely. Thistleback’s eyes widen, solid and frozen on Deersong’s muzzle- an absolute feral crinkle to her features, and a sound from her chest he had never heard from her.

She was, a brutal being of seraphic proportions. Red blooms around her bite like roses, and the cat thrashes maniacally. Thistleback’s enthrallment with Deer is enough to loosen his hard jaws- it’s enough for the rogue to tear away. Where he would normally chase the man and finish the job, Thistleback’s eyes never leave that of her. Healing wounds dancing as she pants, lungs clawing for breath and the edges of her form trembling.

He feels his breath punched out as she comes to him, pressing her face to his neck- he lets his own breath catch now. Processing the taste of iron on his tongue and the haze of white hot fury that had possessed him over seeing her in danger. I’m sorry , he meets her eyes as gusts of breath bellow from his jaws and he shakes his head. " You have nothing to apologize for, my Dear " he forces the gravel of his voice to soften. The emotion in her voice as she asks if he was okay, made his chest pang- now he could feel it. Before, he had let himself be numb- now he was feeling it all. His jaws clench, " I’m fine, love…what’s more important… are you hurt? " he counter-asks in turn.

He can see it- the way her eyes glisten when she looks at him. She cares about him, so much- and why? he doesn’t deserve it, she didn’t need him- he was a cancerous being. He was his own destruction and if he didn’t push her away right now- he would destroy her too. ‘ Push. push her away. Push.’ , turquoise eyes come closer and her muzzle lifts toward his but she pauses. She looks- as though she were putting her hand near a hungry wolf’s mouth. Yet still, all he could see was worry and self-doubt.

" Bird, I think… you’re the one saving me " with a whisper he’d close the gap between their crowns, his scarred side of his muzzle dragging across hers softly as he aims to wrap a forelimb around her gently and pulls her into an embrace . " I’m the one who should be sorry " he adds once only she could possibly hear, despite there only being the two of them in this fence-side alley.

" I think I’m falling in love with you " Thistleback’s voice is hoarse now, but only because his chest seizes as he says it. Every ounce of his toxic side boiling with anger toward himself. He was betraying everything that kept him apart from the real pain he feared. " and Deersong,…- you don’t have to love me back " he finishes, a deep sadness once caged and imprisoned since he was young surfaces and bleeds into his soul. His face may be dead-pan and his eyes distanced, but god was he feeling everything and too much all at once.

  • — Thistleback | thirty moons | cis-male
    — daylight warrior of Skyclan
    — bisexual | crushing on Deersong
    — very muscular piebald black and white tom with spiky fur and cold silver-grey eyes. Wears a purple collar with brass clasp.
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𝐵𝓊𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌, 𝐼 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓈 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓇𝑒

The relief that washed over her as he closed the distance between them and delicately caressed his muzzle to her own. A purr of thunderous proportions would erupt from her chest as she pressed into him once more, finding comfort in his touch and scent. She would not gently to his question about her own well-being, not wanting to speak for fear that her voice would crack from how emotional she was becoming.

Surprise would still touch her features, however, as he voiced that she was the one saving him. Deersong couldn't fathom what he meant, but the questions would die on her tongue as he reached for her and pulled her into an even tighter embrace than the one before. Her tail would over on its own, covering his side as best she could with its short length as she fully melted into him. But his next word would send a flurry of sensations through her.

I think I'm falling in love with you

Deersong hadn't fathomed how deeply she had yearned to hear those words from him. Tears immediately sprung in her ocean hues, something she found was happening a lot as of late, and she would begin to tremble once more as her heart hammered like a wild stallion in her chest. Her? Was life truly that kind and wonderful that her wishes for finding her soulmate were finally coming true? The sound of her name, not her nickname but her actual name coming from his lips was like a drug she hadn't realized she craved and for several rapid heartbeats, Deersong was in pure heaven.

She would press against him more fiercely now as if there was still simply too much space between them, and the action would end up toppling them both over. A laugh as clear as a spring and filled with obvious affection and adoration for the tom was the response to his statement. "Oh, my Chompers." She would coo as eyes filled with light and pure joy met his distant silver, "Don't you know that I already love you?" The words came so easily, so naturally, and why shouldn't they? They were spoken with such raw truth that even she had to give another small giggle at how intense her proclamation must have sounded.

Leaning down so as to brush her muzzle against his once more, she would blink slowly at him, the purest sign of feline affection that could be displayed from one to another, "You've held my heart in your paws since that day in the hole you dug me. And if you want it, then it'll be yours until even Starclan itself falls away..."

There’s tears in her eyes, and the looming darkness behind him swallows him in a sort of never-ending shadow. He feels his toes go cold, the need to push- ‘she’s upset that you said this- how could you’ , a foolish thought but one nonetheless. How could she possibly love you? she’s just a loving person- and you? a lost cause. A pit of tar that’ll ruin her feathers. He feels the need to pull away but suddenly she’s pushed herself impossibly closer and he feels his back-claws scrabble and fail to keep him hoisted. hfff, he huffs as he topples over, but plops down limply so that she wouldn’t hit the ground. Suddenly… the darkness disappears.

It’s just, her halo hanging over them both- casting them a light he had never seen. Grey and lost meet loving turquoise. Her laughter a gentle ripple through her curls that tickles the spikes of his shoulders and hackles. The harrowing feeling dissipates- his brows crinkle but a rare but genuine smile etches so very slowly on his skull-white face.

don’t you know that I already love you?”, he blinks like he’s flinching from a pecking bird- she, when?- she answers that like she read his mind, the witch. He’s startled as his vision contorts- like a crystal lodged in his eye. His lower lids sting, he hadn’t realized his eyes mirrored hers with their own wintery effect. Like ice bleeding down his cheeks. A paw drags away from the curls of her fur to feel them on his face. He was crying. He hadn’t cried since he was a kit- then it was over being alone- now it was.. because he was finally- not alone. " my face is leaking " he comments dryly but a laugh of his own sputters from his jaws. His eyes lift back to the lovely frame of her face.

" no-one’s ever loved me before " he admits hoarsely- no-ones ever said it with such a vow. Until Starclan falls away? What had he done to earn this of her?

" then It shall never know brokenness " a promise of his own- to go with an already spoken one. That whatever laid tooth or claw on her, would face his wrath. He knew it was more than that now- he’d split the very heavens for her. He’d walk through fire for her if she asked. " foolish Bird " he smiles again and speaks lightly, mesmerized by her as she blinks slowly.

After several long moments, he looks towards the fence. " Come then, my love… I’ll show you- my… other home " he shifts a little, but aims to lift her gently to her paws with him.

  • — Thistleback | thirty moons | cis-male
    — daylight warrior of Skyclan
    — bisexual | crushing on Deersong
    — very muscular piebald black and white tom with spiky fur and cold silver-grey eyes. Wears a purple collar with brass clasp.
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𝐵𝓊𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌, 𝐼 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓈 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓇𝑒

Deersong watches as tears begin to pool in his silver optics, and while at first, it fills her with concern; he laughs. Her breath catches in her throat and another jolt rushes through her body at the mere sound of it. A coo of delight and a whimsical tilt of her head would be the signs that she utterly enjoyed the sound of his laughter. The molly's' chest would tighten as Thistleback stated that no one had ever loved him before and she ever so lightly touched her nose to his own in a gesture of comfort. He will never have to feel like that again. She swore it to him silently.

Another giggle as he calls her foolish would flow from her throat and she licks his cheek and looked in the direction of his two-legs' fence. She would let him lift her back to her paws and lick her chest fur to get herself back in some order. Once she was presentable again, she would nod to her beloved and would follow him faithfully wherever he lead. Looking around them, she took a deep breath of the clean leaf-fall air, allowing it to clear her mind from the delightful fog that had fuzzied it.

Her pawsteps, though still calm, were excited to finally see the place that her Chompers called home when he was not in Skyclan camp. "Did you grow up here?" Her voice was back to its' airy and cooing tone, as her ears flicked lightly at the sounds of the two-leg place. It was quite loud now that she could focus on it, but the closer they got the more excited she felt, although the peaceful whimsy on her face wouldn't show anything other than its normal half-lidded content. Looking up at the fence, her head would tilt in that curious and funny way before bunching her muscles and leaping atop it, balancing on it with surprising grace.

She would look back down and a playful giggle would leave her as she called down to him, "I beat you up here, Chompers. Maybe we can play a little bit of cat and mouse if you think you can catch me. "