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Jul 14, 2022

She woke up that morning already restless, her paws itching to do something, anything really.
The mornings cool breeze ruffled through her pelt as she pondered, ready to break from the usual routine of hunt, chat, and explore for today.
As a scarred paw taps the ground in thought, a certain fiery pointed pelt catches her attention as it stirred. Barely giving her aunt a moment to wake up, Echo is already in front of her, a metaphorical light bulb above her head and her gaze brimming with a mischievous challenge. "Good morning aunt Ember, looking a little stiff there! " She hums, poking light fun to awaken the bear. "I’ve been thinking about that one time when I beat you in that race, and I humbly offer to give you the chance at a rematch. " She continues, a grin now on her maw and her head tilting slightly to the side, that would certainly capture the mollys attention.

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Ember's enjoying a nice, long stretch when her niece calls out to her. One eye opens lazily, a smile finding it's way onto her face. "Mornin'." As she straightens, her nose wrinkles into a snort at Echo's taunt. "Stiff?" The flame point feigns a scoff, one paw raising to her chest in mock disbelief. "We'll see who's stiff once I'm finished with ya!" With a laugh, she aims to bop Echo on the head with a sheathed paw, and if successful, would proceed to ruffle her fur up.

Echo continues to stir the hornet's nest, and Ember can already see where this is going. She gives her niece a toothy grin. "You got lucky, kid. If that gopher hole hadn't been in my way, you woulda been left in my dust!" She still recalls the blunder; her sprained paw had been hell to deal with the following half-moon. "Y'know what? You're on. But don't say I didn't tell you so!" She turns, aiming to flick Echo on the nose with the tip of her tail. "Where to?"


As fast as Soot could be, racing was not her game.
Why tire her paws and lungs so terribly over a meaningless competition? Sootstar with her position in the clan had nothing to gain, practically whatever she desired was hers already. The freshest food, the warmest nesting spot, you name it.

Would she watch a race? A completely different story.
Two family members competing, an aunt and a niece if she learned correctly. It causes them to think about Shrikekit and Owlkit, how fun it would be to partake in such fun and games with them... with her children, she would do anything. Even meaninglessly tire herself out.

"The river is a fair distance from here." Sootstar suggests without being asked, but her intentions are true. "That distance and back here to me I think is plenty fair for a race. You'll have your fair share of slopes and flat land that way if you want variety too."

Her ebony nose twitches as a fly momentarily land upon it, she sits down. "Regardless, may the fastest cat win."




A race? Curiosity more than anything drew the copper-gold tom over, his spotted form settling beside Soots -with a respectable distance between them, of course. He'd never seen cats 'race' before. He knew a heart could race in a fight. Knew a rabbit could race across a hillside. It meant 'to go fast', right? "Are they- are they trying to see whose faster?" he asked, the words directed toward Soot.

Was this like a game? He could remember those, a little. Vague memories of him with other kits his age -maybe his littermates? No, there'd been too many for that. Things hadn't been all that bad back then, and he could vaguely remember feeling warm and smiling. Laughing. But the other kits were all taken away over time until it was just him and two others. And then they were put in the room of cages, and there was no more playing after that. Did the other two even survive to see adulthood? He couldn't remember.

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