Who am I now? (Dual Intro)

Jun 14, 2022

Willowed paws would carry the ethereal she-cat at a relaxed pace towards the camp she had heard so much about. Not far behind her, a smaller lilac she-cat was looking around worriedly, as if expecting danger to jump out at the pair at any moment. "D-Deer..." The younger molly would stutter anxiously, picking up her pace for a heartbeat in order to walk beside the taller and far more laid-back she-cat, "Are you sure this is a good idea? What if they turn us away?"

A soft chuckle would flow like a melody from the ticked tabby as her turquoise gaze moved lazily over trees before them, "Then we'll do what we've always done, Spring. We'll move on and find somewhere else to call home. But you gotta try to keep your chin up, first impressions are important." Spring would do her best to return Deer's optimistic smile, but she still couldn't help the stone of worry that settled in her stomach. They had been wanderers for as long as she could remember, but the idea of having the hope of finally finding their true home seemed like a fools' errand.

Soon, they came to an area that was heavily scented with cat scents and Deer would stop walking. Spring would almost run into her hind legs, but she would catch herself just in time and open her maw to ask what was wrong when Deer suddenly sat down, her half tail lightly thumping on the ground, "I think this spot will do."

She wouldn't say anything more, only stare expectedly out into the territory before them in an expectant manner, the blue-green stone she had been carrying settled between her paws and she rolled it patiently. Spring knew after her moons of living with the strange molly that she usually knew what she was doing, and so she sat beside her companion and waited too, thought her own paws kneaded the ground in worry.

Please don't let them send us away....

Hello! This is my very first post so I'm excited to meet and RP with everyone!
Lucky for the two she-cats, Nacho is the first to stumble across them. As friendly of a face as ever, the plump ginger tabby boasts a lopsided smile as he pads over to them. "'Sup! How's it hangin'?" Although not an official member of the group that calls the pine forest home, Nacho is no stranger to these lands. He's made enough friends here to consider the forest his secondary home, and it doesn't seem like the wild cats mind his presence much. (Although, even if they did, he wouldn't notice.)

"You dudes new around here?" Nacho blinks at them, his stubby tail flicking. He doesn't recall seeing them around before... His yellow gaze shifts to the stone that the older she-cat rolls between her paws, his head cocking. "That'sa cool rock ya got there." With a twitch of his whiskers, he plops down into a seat, clearly content in just lazing around and chatting with these two newcomers. Foolish as it may be with the tensions running high in the forest, Nacho is as blissfully unaware of the conflict as ever. "I'm Nacho!"

Cow was currently tumbling his way through the forest. Not like a cat with a goal or any sense of grace, but more like a bowling ball thrown by a child with particularly poor aim. This strange dance of jumping, rolling, and running into things was what the bovine boy would refer to as “a relaxing walk.” It was an entertaining way to travel, especially because he never quite knew what he’d encounter.

However, his very last prediction (odd, given his proclivities) would be to run practically headfirst into a pair of beautiful she-cats. A goofy smile plastered itself across Cow’s milky maw as he picked himself up, emerald eyes briefly registering Nacho’s presence the same way one notice an ant crawling across a desk that was too far away to reach; indifference.

“Hellooooo, ladies” He started, giving the pair a quick wink before continuing. “You two have gotta be new around here, because I’m sure I would’ve remembered such pretty faces. My name’s Cow. Don’t ask me what it means, ‘cause I don’t know.” The bonehead focused on the object between Deer’s paws, satisfied he’d found an opening. “Y’know, I gotta say, you really rock my world.” clearly pleased with what he would consider clever wordplay, Cow couldn’t help but make sure everyone knew how smart he was. “Eh? Get it? Rock my world? Rock?”

The first cat to appear before them was exactly what they were hoping for, a friendly face in a strange world. Deer would not softly as Spring tried her best to overcome her shyness and smile in greeting to the feline who had introduced himself as 'Nacho.'

"It's very nice to meet you, Nacho." Deer's soft voice would hum almost whimsically, "My name is Deer, and this is Spring." Spring was about to step forward to properly introduce herself when another tom came crashing towards them, stopping just in front of them with a goofy smile. Spring stepped back, pressing against Deer as the older molly giggled at the tom's words and demeanor.

Deer gently pat Springs' back in reassurance before speaking again, a look of confused horror on the younger molly's face at Cow's wink and obviously horrendous flirting. "You're very clever, Cow. I'm impressed." Spring would look incredulously between her companion and Cow before clearing her throat and meowing, "A-Anyway, yes. We are new to this place. We're travelers looking for a place to call home." Spring would look over to Nacho, the less strange of the two in her opinion, "We heard about your group from other cats, do you think we could join?"


Tugger surveys the group with a twitch of his tail. His dark eyes slide over the newcomers to his fellow group members - perhaps the stupidest that Rain's colony had to offer. His lips turn up in a sneer at Cow's stab at an innuendo - or perhaps it was a pun? Tugger was impressed by neither. Nacho is the more inoffensive of the two, though his presence is still unwanted.

The king is called back to attention by the smaller she-cat's request to join and he almost scoffs. Clearly, there was no need to ask, as any idiot was allowed to run around the pine-lands without any sort of permission. Cow and Nacho were two such examples. He is almost prepared to turn away, allow the babbling bimbos to talk their ears off, but the rock catches his glare. It's an interesting thing to be carrying around... That dark gaze travels up to meet the stone's holder. Her eyes are the same color - if a shade or two off - as the thing. Odd. He -

A strange feeling crosses his mind, a feeling as if he had met this odd creature before. A feeling as if he had thought the same thing about a rock before, a feeling as if -

As quickly as it came, the feeling was gone and Tugger's sour expression returned. "We are in no position to turn you away. Especially not with a child wandering with you. As long as you can feed yourselves, there will be no issue."
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