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Oct 1, 2022
If you don't like me, that's your problem
The young laperm stood before a shallow puddle off to the side of camp. Citrine eyes peered into the depths to stare at her own refection, her muzzle scrunching up at what she saw. Masculine features that made most do a double take, a chiseled jaw, and hard eyes. In fact the only blessing bestowed upon her hard edges were her soft flowing curls. Tornado's teeth clenched, jealousy bubbling and tormenting her from within as she looked at some of her peers. They were pretty, gorgeous even, and she? She rose a paw to swat at the still waters beneath her muscular frame but paused when she noticed the golden flower tucked behind her ear. A silly little thing, the girl was not sure why she didn't get rid of it sooner. Perhaps it was because she felt so conflicted by Halfshade's kind gesture and words of affirmation. Teetering on the edge of confidence and doubt from the duel toned molly's compliment of how nice yellow looked on her.

Hesitantly she lowered her paw, curiosity now prickling at the surface of her mind. Maybe...maybe she was pretty? Without really thinking Tornadokit began to mimic some of the mannerisms of the older female's around shadowclan. From Halfshade's enthusiastic albeit charming walk to Glowingsoul's natural elegance. Though the child had to admit she did feel rather silly as she practiced in the puddle's reflection. With all the grace she could muster, Tornado sashayed a short distance and paused. The corners of her mouth tugged to attempt a lady-like smile, failing miserably at heightening her coarse tones. "Why, I would be honored to share a meal with you." It was a line she picked up from Glowingsoul the other day, though it carried nowhere near the same amount of delicacy. (tagging @snow but feel free to post, this is not pafp)
When I let it bother me, that's my problem
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Evil. Snow was evil sometimes, especially when it came to her siblings. She doesn't mean to be, but sometimes the things Tornado did was just too silly for her not to laugh at. Now was one of those times, from where Snow was slumped in a half-nap, she spots Tornado being all prim and proper, theres a loud cackle that leaves her mouth, throwing her head back and being all giggles. "Nady'," she manages to get out Tornado's nickname in between breaths, wiping an eye with her paw- gosh! She looked so silly doing that, who even taught her that? She's so used to rough and tough Tornado, this was such a sight to see. "Who even taught you that?" she giggles out, tilting her head with shining eyes. She loves her siblings, but sometimes she thinks that the things they do are a waste of energy, it'd be so much better to sleep.
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Granitepaw lies a few fox-lengths away, eyes flicking from cat to cat as they enter and exit camp. His expression is a mask of boredom, staid, but in truth, he's perfectly content to sit and observe.

Tornadokit, the little curly-furred she-kit who'd challenged him to a spar, sits alone, staring into a puddle before swatting at whatever she sees reflected with a dark paw. She struts, as though she's imitating -- poorly -- the she-cats she's seen in camp. Granitepaw snorts. There's no grace there, nothing but harsh lines and sharp claws.

The kit's littermate, Snowkit, calls her out for practicing. Granitepaw stares at Tornadokit and smirks. "Forget about being... whatever that is," he growls. "Concentrate on being a real warrior instead."

- ,,

As usual, Eeriekit watches from afar.

Tornadokit is the loud one - the one that woke him up, that fateful night. And yet, she's quiet today, staring down at the ground, at a puddle before her. How odd. Odder even, when she starts walking around all funny-like. Eeriekit isn't sure what she's doing, but it looks... kind of fun? Maybe?

Snowkit's the one to start laughing first. The sleepy one.

Long limbs make their way over to the duo, make a clumsy attempt to imitate Tornadokit's already clumsy movements. He stumbles, but only laughs in amusement. This was fun.

"Funny," he says. The kit looks at his own reflection in the puddle, a tilt of his head as he attempts once more to copy whatever Tornadokit had been doing. How silly.
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If you don't like me, that's your problem
The sound of trilling laughter causes icy to run through her veins as she turns around, noticing her sister doubling over in amusement. Her heart is thrumming, pounding as Snow's giggles attracts the attention of others. Little ears fall flat and she abruptly stops what she was doing, embarrassment now burning beneath her pelt. "N-no one taught me." She mutters gruffly, shrinking in on herself as the chuckles continue. A hairline crack splinters its way through the solid foundation of her confidence. The air is suffocating as Granitepaw and Eeriekit come forward in their own way. Each one offering comment to her previous practice. The ashen apprentice growls, telling her to give up on feminine looks, to concentrate on being a warrior instead. "But..." Another crack is sent spider-webbing out against her foundation. The spindly kitten is next, mocking her movements and laughing just as much as her sister. "Funny." He claims her to be. Then her confidence finally shatters, dashed to pieces as tears prick at citrine eyes. Her jaw tightens as a paw lifts to slap the little yellow flower from her ear. She knew it, she knew and yet she still tried, tried to look and sound the part. A sob threatens to break forth from her maw, but she holds it, holds it for long as she can until she lurches forth into a sprint, trampling the flower underneath. Ebony paws carrying her until she's darted out of shadowclan's protective camp.
When I let it bother me, that's my problem
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Frostbite was ever the observer, and he was watching as Tornadokit started to cry and run out of camp. He immediately started running after her, shooting a look at the group she was with. Were they bullying her? He wasn't paying attention to the conversation. It didn't matter, it wasn't safe for kits out there.

"Tornadokit! Come back!" He called.

What if she fell in a puddle and was consumed by algae. What if a frog ate her. What if she got stuck in mud. He could not let this happen.

Sitting here and watching Tornadokit she's never thought about looking or walking a certain way. She's never thought about her movements. The woman has always just been herself and that makes life easier. Her heart and soul have been shattered time and time again and since the colony has seperated she realizes as well that her crush, love, is not meant to be. The tom she had these dead feelings for is now leader of Riverclan. Still watching Tornadokit try to mimic things of others makes her frown. The others seem to not pick up on the situation well enough and she can see the way Tornado looks. The way she clings onto their words and being called funny when she is trying to look anything but that.

Huffing she gets up from where she has been sitting and she steps forth with her eyes narrowed. Her maw parts as if to chide them but the words have already been spoken and Tornado is already hurrying outside of camp. "Bog brains...kits sometimes." Her words are a whispered hiss before she shakes her head and she starts to head off as Frost calls out for Tornado. "Come on them, we need to make sure she's okay and bring her back home." With that the woman leaves camp in search of the young kit.

He is... confused.

Wasn't this supposed to be fun? To be a silly game? Eeriekit thought he looked silly, at least. He'd practically fallen, after all. Was it not meant to be like that? Did Tornadokit not think such foreign movements were funny to her?

She runs away, Tornadokit. Eeriekit didn't mean for that to happen. Large ears flatten against his shadowed fur as he watches, tears welling up in his own eyes as he looks to Frostbite, to Bonejaw before she turns to leave. He hadn't meant to upset her. He didn't know. He didn't know.

"Not funny?" he squeaks out, uncertainty heavy in his voice.
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