WILDFIRE || Thunderclan Clanwide Plot


Jul 9, 2022
Heya Thunderfam! With all the clanwide plots the other clans have, the HP team has been discussing what we would like to do and are proud to present Thunderclan's first clanwide plot, the Wildfire plot!

A few notes. This plot will all be taking place over the course of a day IC but to keep things from being too overwhelming and as to not flood the board, we are spreading it out over the course of multiple days OOC. Everyone is fully welcome to use this plot as a vehicle for character injuries and deaths, and if thre are any questions about that - or anything else - feel free to drop your question in the #questions-suggestions channel in the TC discord or dm me directly on discord @empyrean#3333 or on site.

SEPTEMBER 6TH - A patrol spots that sparks from the fire that began in Shadowclan have been blown across thunderpath, and started a fire in Thunderclan territory. They rush back to camp to notify Emberstar, who makes an announcement to the clan to stay away from the fire.

SEPTEMBER 7TH-10TH - As the fire grows, smoke begins to drift into the Thunderclan camp, choking the cats within. This causes some health issues with the camp. Some cats try and hide inside their dens to escape the smog, while others start discussing evacuating the camp.

SEPTEMBER 11-14TH - The fire begins to creep close to the Thunderclan camp, and Emberstar finally makes the decision to evacuate. The Thunderclanner's race toward the river in the direction of the sandy hollow. However, smoke falling flaming branches from the fire cut off some of their escape, and in the confusion some cats end up left behind. At the river, the escaping Thunderclanners encounter a patrol of Riverclanners, who offer them shelter from the fire and help the Thunderclanners rescue their trapped clanmates.

SEPTEMBER 15-17TH - Though the fire is eventually put out by rain, Riverclan allows some of the Thunderclanners to stay in their camp for a time - especially the kits and queens - while the smoke clears and any fallen debris is cleared away.

RESULTS - A small portion of the northern Thunderclan territory will show damage, but will eventually regrow. Thunderclan and Riverclan will gain a closer bond due to their cooperation during this event.


Fire Finding Patrol (three warriors + their apprentices)
1. Howling Wind & Sloepaw
2. Little Wolf
3. Trufflepelt

Cats Trapped in Camp (unlimited)
1. Little Wolf
2. Leafshade
3. Howling Wind
4. Flamewhisker
5. Berryheart
6. Koko
7. Whiskercloud

Thunderclan Rescuers (unlimited)
1. Graystorm
2. Tybalt
3. Flycatcher
4. Hollow Tree
5. Meadowflame

Riverclan Rescuers (unlimited, only warriors)
1. Coast
2. Mudpelt
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all added! make sure to sign up for the fire finding patrol too so we can get this plot started!
all added! and truffle can be in the fire finding thread, apprentices arent needed just an option for those that have them!

will get the thread up later today! :)
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