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rose of thorns
Jun 8, 2022


  • Willow — named for her slender and graceful frame
    32 Moons — ages every 8th
    Female — she/her
    Marsh Group — future riverclan warrior

    appearance — cream tabby with low white — slender and wiry, willow has a creamy form with fiery amber eyes that reflect the sun like molten glass. a few scars lace her tabby frame, though nothing is of particular note. she is tall, long legged, and her muzzle is narrow, akin to that of an oriental.

  • willowtrans.png

  • NPC x NPC — generation 1
    sibling to none
    partner of none
    parent to wren

    apprentice — none

  • Willow was born a loner, where she quickly learned ambition and selfishness among the few scattered groups she fell across. She eventually ended up in the Pine Group (future SkyClan), with her mate, Aspen, and her son, Wren. Willow didn't agree with much of Rain's laws, however, and she had a particular distaste for daylight warriors. She eventually took her son and moved to the Marsh Group under the guise of loners, quickly accepted more intolerant views toward their former home.

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