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Haven't properly met yet

Fearful of
Suspicious of
Jealous of
Distrustful of
Annoyed by
Weirded out by
Confused / Unsure of
Complicated Feelings
Wishes to know better
Shy towards
Comfortable with
Friends with
Close friends with
Safe around
Like family
Protective of
Platonic Love
Crushing on
Head-over-heels for
Romantic Love

"i don't know frostpaw that well, but she's always been a great friend to rac, and anyone who's friends with my family is my friend. i think she shows great promise. i'm glad rac has such a good... friend."

SPIDERFALL / , , , ,
"i do not trust that man. i have no proof yet, but he rubs me the wrong way. either he's very bad with interaction, or there's something else. either way, i don't trust him."

"ah clay. i don't know him super well, but i admire him. he's a hard worker and i can tell he cares about the clan. i appreciate his dedication and his spirit. i could see him being a strong leader in the future. i think he'll do some great things. plus watching him and clearsight dance around each other is entertaining to say the least."

RACCOONPAW / , , , , , ,
"my darling raccoon. they're a delight. i've known them for so long, they feel like a little sibling to me. sometimes i miss the days when they were just a kid and buck and i were teaching them about the world. but i look at them now, so assured and strong, and i know we must have done something right. i'll always love them and care for them. i know they'll be a great warrior."

FOXPAW / , ,
"foxpaw is one of the apprentices i unfortunately haven't interacted with a lot, but one thing that sticks out to me about her is how much she cares. she has a big heart and strong will. she stands out for sure, but in a good way. i want to see her grow into an intelligent warrior."

ASHPAW / , , , , ,
"stars, ashpaw. where do i even begin. it feels like so long ago when i met her, full of joy and wonder. i admired that tenacity and courage that only children have, and how she would go out of her way to brighten someone's day. now i am proud to know her as my apprentice. i hope she's going to be okay. no, i know she will. she's ash. she'll bounce back. whatever happens, i'll be there no matter what."

"oh clearsight. he's a joy to work with. i really appreciate everything he brings to this clan. plus, whatever he has going on with cicadastar and clayfur... well it's entertaining. but in all seriousness, i think he's a great warrior and i always like being around him. he's quickly becoming a close friend, and he always has an ear to listen."

STEEPPAW / , , ,
"ridiculous, lovely steeppaw. i adore working with her. she's a delight to train and i really am excited to see her grow. mud and ice raised a smart kid. i think steep is gonna go places, and i'll be with her along the way."

BEESONG / , , ,
"beesong is perhaps the hardest worker i have seen in my life. they seem almost tireless in what they do for the clan. one thing i hope for him is that he'll learn that while he's valued, we also want him to rest sometimes. he is one of the most important members of riverclan. i hope he sees that. i really respect them. i think they're doing great things with the paw that the stars have dealt him."

POPPYSPLASH / , , , , , ,
"poppy... i really like poppy. like, i mean, well. i just, i just think she's really cool. and i know she's got a hard shell and it's difficult for her to open up, but that just makes me cherish our... friendship even more. i get all fluttery and flustered around her. i just start rambling about something dumb or whatever, and i used to feel bad when it happened, but she says... well she says she likes when i talk. so... i guess i'll just keep rambling. i dunno. i want to know her better, know how her brain works and why she's the way she is. i just feel so lucky that she picked me out of all cats to open up to."

"smokethroat, my fellow lead warrior. wow. what to say about him? he's like my rock, sturdy and dependable. i didn't anticipate clicking with him as much as i do, but i think we contrast each other nicely. he handles all that i cannot, and i do the same for him. i really appreciate his friendship. i don't think i'd necessarily be where i am now without him. he's... well he's becoming one of my best friends."

MUDPELT / , , ,
"if there ever was a more reliable cat, i'd be surprised. mudpelt is a great warrior, with a kind heart and a sturdy stature. i respect him a lot. he's also a brilliant father. i'm training one of his kids, and stars if that doesn't put pressure on me, like, i don't know how i'll live up to his teachings, but i hope he's approving of my mentorship so far."

"i'll be honest, i used to dislike lightningstone. he felt too closed off and icy to me, and watching him follow buck around like a twoleg dog didn't help. still, he's loyal and true to his duties, and i must respect him for that. i think his motives are pure, and buck has stopped complaining so much about his presence, so either he's gotten more bearable, or the two of them are friendly now. i don't know which one is more shocking."

"i have grown to appreciate cicadastar. i think from the moment i met him, i was conflicted- he was taking over the river, yes, but he was also providing a safe haven for cats who might not survive on their own. i can understand that. stars, that was the whole point of the willow tree. so while i believe he's made some bad choices, i think he's a respectable and noble leader. i think i'll count him as a friend- we're not super close, but i really appreciate his trust in me. we both have the same goals, and i think we work very well together. i trust him."

COAST / , , ,, , ,
"my dearest sibling. oh i love him. i'm so happy he found me... i'm so happy they all found me. i never would've imagined i'd get to know them again, as their new selves, but i appreciate that i can. she's thoughtful and funny, and someone i know i can go to for anything i might need."

name / hearts

name / hearts

[abbr='Haven't met']♡[/abbr] Haven't properly met yet
[color=black][abbr='Loathes']♡[/abbr][/color] Loathes
[color=#222830][abbr='Fearful of']♡[/abbr][/color] Fearful of
[color=#505864][abbr='Dislikes']♡[/abbr][/color] Dislikes
[color=#576B89][abbr='Suspicious']♡[/abbr][/color] Suspicious of
[color=#5C7DAF][abbr='Rival']♡[/abbr][/color] Rivalry
[color=#5C9CAF][abbr='Jealous']♡[/abbr][/color] Jealous of
[color=#53BDB8][abbr='Distrusts']♡[/abbr][/color] Distrustful of
[color=#32D1B9][abbr='Annoyance']♡[/abbr][/color] Annoyed by
[color=#32D187][abbr='Weird']♡[/abbr][/color] Weirded out by
[color=#47E34A][abbr='Confused / Unsure']♡[/abbr][/color] Confused / Unsure of
[color=#83ED85][abbr='Complicated Feelings']♡[/abbr][/color] Complicated Feelings
[color=#AEED83][abbr='Wants to know better']♡[/abbr][/color] Wishes to know better
[color=#DAF09E][abbr='Shy']♡[/abbr][/color] Shy towards
[color=#BBDF5B][abbr='Respects']♡[/abbr][/color] Respects
[color=#C3CD27][abbr='Comfortable']♡[/abbr][/color] Comfortable with
[color=#C4AF14][abbr='Friend']♡[/abbr][/color] Friends with
[color=#BB980E][abbr='Close friend']♡[/abbr][/color] Close friends with
[color=#BC7E0E][abbr='Safe']♡[/abbr][/color] Safe around
[color=#BC660E][abbr='Like family']♡[/abbr][/color] Like family
[color=#BC540E][abbr='Family']♡[/abbr][/color] Family
[color=#BC2F0E][abbr='Protective']♡[/abbr][/color] Protective of
[color=#AE1915][abbr='Admires']♡[/abbr][/color] Admires
[color=#900B1F][abbr='Platonic Love']♡[/abbr][/color] Platonic Love
[color=#B32548][abbr='Puppy crush']♡[/abbr][/color] Puppy-crush
[color=#D13A86][abbr='Crushing on']♡[/abbr][/color] Crushing on
[color=#E353C1][abbr='Head over heels']♡[/abbr][/color] Head-over-heels for
[color=#D54AE3][abbr='Romantic love']♡[/abbr][/color] Romantic Love[/columns]
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