Jul 6, 2022
  • Welcome to WindClan's first ever CLAN-WIDE plot! As voted by the community within our discord, HORSES will be sharing the moors with WindClan whether they like it or not for the next week!

    Please see the plot outline in the next tab. Keep in mind this plot was designed to be minimal and short. The goal is to keep WindClan fun until the trad-wide clan creation plot wraps up. After that, bigger and more intense plots will be coming to WindClan.

  • 08/06 to 08/15;
    🐎 BOOM! After a terrible storm, it seems some frightened horses have found their way onto WindClan territory. Former barn-cats and WindClanner who have explored the horseplace will easily recognize the five horses as the hooved creatures that live there. They appear to be spooked, still recovering from the fright the storm gave them, but they are passive to the curious clan cats.

    They smell awful, they're noisy, and you need to be careful not to get in their way... but there doesn't seem to be much else for WindClan to do about them. Looks like until they leave the land they have to live beside their new neighbors!

    🐎 During this week, the clan cats are free to interact with the horses! Who knows what will happen? Will everyone be able to avoid their hooves? Will they find any... unfortunately... squashed birds? Will they be kept up at night by the weighing and whining? And don't forget the large piles of dung they have to avoid now! Yuck!

    🐎 Love 'em or hate 'em, they're neighbors now and some WindClanner's grow quite fond of the horses. Banding together, they name the five horses and foal that inhabit their land.

    🐎 Investigate the horseplace! How did they escape?

    08-15 to 08-25 (or sooner)

    🐎 Twolegs are found on the land! With further investigation, it appears they are taking the horses home... Some of WindClan mourns the fact their time together is over, while others say good riddance! From a distance, they say their goodbyes, though they know they'll meet again at the horseplace

    🐎 Sootstar decides to take advantage of the distracted twolegs and raid the chicken coop while no twoleg guards it. With a patrol they head out, only things don't go as planned... (sign-ups will occur at a closer date. There will be a large number of slots, but currently punished, highly untrusted, and kittypets who have yet earned Sootstar's trust will not be asked to go with).

    🐎 They return home, a BAN on hunting twoleg livestock is placed and Sootstar declares that the horseplace is off-limits for the next moon. It'll be a while until they can visit their horse friends again, but they will cross paths again one day!

    🐎 Palomino stallion - leader of the herd - name TBD icly
    Personality; Leads sternly and has little tolerance for shenanigans, but is ultimately gentle and very affectionate. Weary in his new environment, he can often be found lazing in the sun, keeping a watchful eye on his herd.

    🐎 Bay mare - mom of buckskin coalt - name TBD icly
    Personality; Shy and easily spooked. The bay mare appears to be the most skittish of them all, her colt is seemingly the only one of the herd who can put her mind at ease. On occasion, she can be found doing zoomies with her son. Wherever her baby is, she's never too far behind.

    🐎 Buckskin colt - son of bay mare - name TBD icly
    Personality; The opposite of his mother, his age causes him to be naive to the potential dangers of his unfamiliar environment. He is the most curious within the herd, constantly beginning to wander off, zooming around, and poking his nose in places he shouldn't!

    🐎 Red dun mare - name TBD icly
    Personality; Head-strong and brash, she is arguably the least approachable of the herd (it appears the key to her heart is food though...). She enjoys being left alone and can be often found laying or standing numerous feet away from the rest of her herd. But don't be too quick to judge, as next to their stallion, she is the herd's best protector and is often first to alert them of potential dangers.

    🐎 Black mare - name TBD icly
    Personality; A beauty, and she knows it! The black mare of the herd is prideful and elegant, always keeping her head and hooves high as she struts around. She spends a lot of her time flirting with looks and nuzzles with the stallion and makes an unlikely friend duo with the red dun mare.

    🐎 Red tobiano pinto mare - name TBD icly
    Personality; Second youngest of the herd, this pinto mare is hyper and fun-loving. Often she can be found racing around and trying to get the members of the herd to join her. When times are tough she is usually the light in the dark for the herd and somehow always knows how to get everyone in a good mood... except for the red dun... she hasn't figured her out yet. One day!


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