Jun 26, 2022

Having a set group of people to roleplay with is always fun, but not everyone is included most of the time. To help with this issue and to prevent the possibility of cliques being created, the WindClan HP team has decided to start a buddy program. To enter this cool, funky little program, just stick your character in and I'll pair your character up with one they haven't interacted with before. Your characters will be put through situations where they might need to depend on each other, or lean on the other for help. To help build the bonds in WindClan, I can also offer some dangerous prompts for pairings to deal with. It is your choice if you'd like the thread to be open, pafp, or private. The goal here is to allow those who don't get many interactions, to be able to roleplay in groups and in private more often- to build relationship with other characters.

Keep in mind, that it might not always be just two people in a pairing. I'll mix it up often.

Just fill out this form, and I'll get you all paired up!

[b]NAME[/b] answer
[b]AGE[/b] answer
[b]RANK[/b] answer
[b]WHAT KIND OF PROMPT?[/b] would you prefer a dangerous situation, an awkward one, or a silly one?
NAME @ivoryflight.
AGE 22 moons
RANK warrior

// i love that my discord question/suggestion idea is coming to life lol
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NAME Moonshadow
AGE 32 moons
RANK Warrior (soon to be queen)
WHAT KIND OF PROMPT? preferably some fluff or deep conversation.
NAME Leechpaw
AGE 8 moons
RANK apprentice
WHAT KIND OF PROMPT? anything is fine!

NAME Rosepaw
AGE 9 moons
RANK apprentice
WHAT KIND OF PROMPT? anything is fine!
NAME Duskfire
AGE 18 Months
RANK Deputy

NAME Coldpaw
AGE 8-9 months
RANK Apprentice
WHAT KIND OF PROMPT? something with a more serious tone

NAME Minkshade
AGE 22 Months
RANK Warrior
NAME Owlpaw
AGE 4 moons
RANK apprentice
Here the pairings are for this week!
You may discuss amongst each other who makes the thread. HPs, try your best to get one of the others in your groups to make the thread. Thank you.

You will stay with said pairings for a week, your job is to interact with your buddies in opens that are already created, or to help interact in future open threads (not just these prompts!)- you may also ask me for another prompt if you need some plot juices. Once the week is over, a new set of pairings will be given.

Whether you decide to do all of this in one thread, or separate it into multiple (maximum of 2 threads to limit overcrowding of threads). [This does not mean others outside of the paired cats can't join the thread and interact, you do not have to actively join in on the activity to interact with other characters. Some characters just aren't the type to constantly volunteer to help, but moreso support on the sidelines. And that's okay, just do your best. <3]

PROMPT: These apprentices were all tasked to clean the elder's den/nursery under Moonshadow's request. This includes pulling out old, dirty nests full of fleas and grime. It also includes interacting with the kits, as well as rebuilding said nests. Find some nice things to use (which would logically be on WindClan's territories, so really put some thought into it!) for the nests. You are not permitted to have help from any Warriors, but you may ask other apprentices for help if they decide to join.
@OWLPAW @SHREWPAW @LEECHPAW @☾ Moonshadow ☽ @Periwinklebreeze.

[PROMPT: There is rumors throughout multiple hunting patrols that talked about a beautiful white bird seen at the sun-warmed pool. Someone on your patrol hears of the rumor and gathers a "patrol" of cats to go look for it, hoping it is an easy hunt. When they get there, they notice that white ducks are taking up the shallow pools! How does the patrol go? How do they react to the birds, who seemingly mind their own business? Will they taunt them, try to bring one home? Or just watch them from afar, respecting their space?
@ivoryflight. @ROSEPAW @KESTRELTALON @POLLENFUR @Dandelionpaw

[PROMPT: Birds begin to subtly migrate, and this group of characters notice it first. With the coming of leaf-bare within the next few moons, this group has to decide on what they will do with this information. Will they discuss ideas with the Clan about how to handle the coming cold on their wide-open moorlands? How does everyone react to the news of oncoming leaf-bare?
@Coldpaw | Coldkill @Yewberry @WOLFSNARL @SOOTSTAR

[PROMPT: With the news of Kestreltalon's punishment being losing an eye, cats split sides on what they think about it. To brighten the mood and help with the bad vibes, this group of cats decide they want to do something to brighten up the camp/clan. What do they come up with? A group activity, maybe? A small get-together? A competition?
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