WINDSTORMING .. exploring tunnels.


Grass crunched beneath her feet as she made her way through the territory that had become so familiar to her. With her new promotion, she had taken to a routine; wake up, get lavender and herself food, leave for patrol, come home, get food again, and go to sleep with lavender. It was repetitive, something she enjoyed far more than chaos. Though, it was moon-high by the time she had woken up and prepared another patrol. This time, to go explore the tunnels that were previously discovered.

"Anyone who wishes to take a look at the tunnels with me, feel free to join me on this patrol. Though, I suggest only the smaller-sized WindClanners follow; it'll be a tight fit." She calls out to the clan, and chuckles a bit at the thought of Duskfire and Weaselclaw trying fruitlessly to squeeze their gigantic asses through the small holes of the tunnels.

The voice of Hyacinth would rouse Lunaria from her slumber, slowly raising her head from her paws and she twitched her ear in contemplation. She herself wasn't what one would call big however, she highly doubted that she would fit inside the tunnels that the silver lynx point wished to explore.

However, when no cat immediately volunteered to join her, the black smoke would rise to her paws and make her way over, her expression as unreadable as always.

"I would be happy to join you, Hyacinth, if you will have me. Perhaps I can serve as a lookout for predators while you explore."


So while himself and Hyacinth didn't get along per se, he was still open to the idea of exploring the tunnels. A place for him to actually feel useful? A place where seeing wasn't required? Sign him up! So when the she-cat called out for cats to join her, Inky got up from his place beside Duskfire and trotted over to the molly with a smile, "Count me in too, I'd love to expierence more of those tunnels," As the last time he had gone into the tunnels, it was by falling into them cause of loose dirt and a weak tunnel wall. So what better way than to purposefully go underground instead of just falling every single time?
The tortoiseshell yawns as one of the newly dubbed lead warriors stalk towards the lazing WindClanners. Hyacinthbreath asks them who would like to explore the tunnels with her, and Pollenfur swings her tail behind her as she rises to dappled paws.

"Maybe you all would like someone who's familiar with them. Easy to get lost down there, you know." She gives both Hyacinthbreath and Inkylotus a measured look. "Different world. Easy for one to collapse on you and fill your lungs with dirt."

She's referring to her own father's demise, but they don't have to know that. She keeps her voice neutral, level, even unconcerned. "Not much good a guard can do for us when we're breathing soil, but we appreciate it regardless." Pollenfur looks at Moonshadow with twinkling amber eyes.​

Lunaria's arrival is met with a welcoming little smile from the lead warrior; this one, she could tolerate much easier. They weren't friends, persay, but they were more than acquaintances. Kind of stuck in the awkward limbo of being friends and yet so unfamiliar to each other. She shakes out her pelt as she offers to watch the tunnel opening for predators, and nods in agreement.

"Wonderful, then. Lunaria is tasked with lookout duty." She states simply, bumping her head against Lunaria's shoulder in thanks before she turned to look at the arrival of Inkylotus. She was partly glad he was blind, because there was a look of annoyance on her face that remained at his presence. She didn't know why she felt this way about the tom, probably because she saw him as weak. He was useful in this moment, though, and she sighed- giving in.

"Fine, but you must stay in the back. If you get hurt, Duskfire will be angry at me. Already can't stand the guy, but I've got enough respect for him that I'd keep you out of trouble." She responds with a grumble, eyes flicking back to Duskfire in the distance; maintaining eye contact, as if telling him that she has this handled. Because she does.

Her thoughts are interrupted by Pollenfur's arrival, and she dips her head in welcome to the other molly. Her offer to lead them through the tunnels is met with an interested head tilt; Different world. Easy for one to collapse on you and fill your lungs with dirt. A shiver went down her spine at the thought, and she's reminded of whom she has to come home to. Her mate, the love of her life- her beautiful Lavender. She had to return to her. Adventuring through the tunnels is important, but coming home to her family was more important.

"Lead the way then, Pollenfur. You'll teach us how to properly navigate them, then." She had no issue with giving up the reigns, for she needed to learn herself, but as she moved out of the way, paw pointing to the beginning hole of the tunnel, she felt an awkward twist in her stomach. Perhaps they'd see how things go.