wish I knew you { thunderstorm }

This would be her second morning waking up in the Warrior's den. The fiery she-cat would pull yawn, and slowly stretch her legs out. As she opened her mouth to yawn, a loud BOOM of thunder would erupt from the sky above. As she startled herself into being more aware of what was going on, she heard the heavy patter of rain coming from the middle of the camp. The sky rumbled again, again Flame would glance around the den to see if anyone else were awake now. She hesitantly lowered herself back into a sit, watching to see what she should do. If she were still living on her own, she would definitely stay in here until the storm passed, but these cats were different. Who knew, maybe they enjoyed getting their pelts wet. The thought of being wet made her twitch uncomfortably. Oh how she hated the rain.
"Holy shit!" Graystorm barks out a laugh as a explosion of thunder shakes the earth, more-so from shock than amusement. With a grunt, the dark-furred warrior rises from his nest and slinks over to the entrance, daring to poke his muzzle out and glance at the raging skies. The clearing has already begun to fill with deep puddles and slick mud. It whisks him away to a time where he and his littermates, half the size they are now, would splash from puddle to puddle in the rain. They'd been so carefree, then. His nose wrinkles, whether in fondness or displeasure at the thought, even he could not tell.

Graystorm turns his head towards Flame, regarding her with his good eye. "How long you think it's gonna last?" Hopefully not long. There's work to be done, and he doesn't particularly want to do it in a typhoon.

Little Wolf is roused from a deep sleep by a boom and then the murmuring of voices. She startles, green eyes flying open and she scrambles to her paws, head swinging side to side as she tries to determine where that sound came from. Was the camp under attack? Was her family okay? She spots her brother at the entrance to the den with the red-furred molly she recognized as Flamewhisker and the fur on the back of her neck lays flat. It was only a thunderstorm. Nothing she hasn't seen before.

"if mother caught you using that language she would have your tongue" she teases the gray tom, flicking his back with her ebony-colored tail in greeting, a light smile tugging the corner of her lips upwards before she turns her attention to the gray skies outside. "It looks like it's going to be a rough one" she speculates. She bites her lip in worry as she thinks about Blazestar, the journey that he had told her he was going on. Hopefully, everything is okay. She casts her head back to look into the den, wondering if the rest of her family were tucked safely away in their nests. She hopes they are.

Sloepaw did not like the rain. It rattled the ears, the sky made cavernous by the grey cloud cover. Each rocking crack of thunder made him wince. With ears as slick to his skin as his rain-soaked pelt, the apprentice sat beneath the deepest clump of bramble he could find.

Hunting in the clamour would prove more useless than typical and he couldn't bring himself to eat when the prey sat sopping in it's pile. Making out the gathered warriors through the wet-shredded sky he slid to stand. Might as well listen in, he'd already been caught in the storm.

"This is a piss take, if it goes on for much longer we'll be swept away." Sloepaw's voice was dry, exhausted already with the constant noise and having to half-blink at every second. The former kittypet was unused to being exposed to the elements' violence. It was the worst storm he had seen yet in his time with the clan. "What do you lot normally do to deal with it?" Inevitably he would have to sit through any number of these, the apprentice placated that he might as well learn how best to do it.