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There was something peaceful about the sea. The soft breeze that ruffled your fur, the touch of salt in the air that your nose will eventually get used to.
Truthfully, Bambi can’t recall the last time her paws were not walking along a creaky boats edge, where she could look up and see nothing but green groves. Either way, she was back on the forest ground, sluggishly walking behind another, bigger cat. Suddenly, something bit at her bandanna, snagging the collar and stopping the kitten with an awkward jerk. "Huh?" She mumbled curiously, quickly turning her attention from her guardian to whatever had trapped her. Vibrant green leaves with sharp edges, connected to a golden stem. "Pretty… Missy! Look!" She quickly called. Waving a forepaw for catch the dappled mollys attention. Though the paw would quickly drop to the plant as the sepia pawed at it, mocking its bouncy movements with her own head, completely forgetting about the purpose of their trek, or that her bandana was even caught in the first place.



Long furred sepia she-kit with baby blue eyes and a red bandana with bones || Loner || tags
The air was different here. It carried with a sweeter tang. No longer was she met with the twinge of salt in her lungs, 'nstead, it was shockingly dull. Harsh compared to the usual twinge of sea-air, but that sorda contrast that was objectively... worse. A little ways out, and it's gettin' better, bit by bit, at least.

The land twists and turns before 'er eyes. It's nothing like the near-endless open blue or the enclosed hull of a ship. The sky here was often cluttered n' unorthoxdox, be it by earth or things man-made. A skyline dotted with crewmade dwellings petered out into lush greenery, fronds of all shapes and sizes brushed their flanks. Nerves and excitement bounced within her all the same.

Drawn out of her thoughts by a familiar squealing call, she glances behind herself, ears pricked for whatever discovery little Bambi has made. She leans closer to the plant in question, another clump of greens, truly, not very different from th'rest 'f the green 'round here. Perhaps the true wonder was the strength it possessed to stop Bambi in her tracks. 'Sides, if Bambi liked somethin', so did she. "So i'tis!" she concurs, loud n' complete with a toothy grin. Missy snorts, amused, as the kit mimics the plant's movements. She would reach for it too then, flattenin' it underneath her heavier set of paws. "Y'want it?" she asks, her grin lopsided.

The breeze twisted the leaves above her, knocking them into their typical unwieldy rhythm. Mismatched paws, a painted smear at their blurred pace, dipped in and out of rolling troughs. A leap took her over a mottled boulder, a turn curved her flanks between two narrow trunks. Oh, she hadn't run like this for moons. To fly- as her name suggested- across whatever was before her was a quiet passion of the calico's. Carrying her kits had... well, weighed her down somewhat. Absolutely worth it, but the small glee she felt at that moment couldn't be denied. Though she was a little out of practice the opportunity to run had been grasped with enthusiasm.

When unfamiliar voices bounced from behind a flounce of foliage, Daisyflight stumbled a little. It was unexpected, after all they had borders now, and they were to be maintained. Letting her rigid spine ruffle slightly, the molly plunged through the green and evaluated the situation.

Met with a smooth, earthen cat tangled up in their silken accessory and their umber feathered companion, the deputy was caught off guard. They carried an unusual scent, salty and clean. Pistachio gaze narrowed slightly, she spoke up, "Hello. You have strayed onto Skyclan territory. Can I be of assistance?" Suitably polite and forthright, Daisyflight thought.

While speaking, her attention still swept across the pair. The older of the two really did have an impressive pelt. It had an dramatic volume to it. Mildy, she considered that she might want to ask them if they groomed it to be that way.
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Strangers, it is all these many different cats are to her but her father has taught her a lesson. Don't judge another by where they come from but what they could be in the future. Yet, because of this he's no longer here, because of cats who decided that they were not worth sharing their territory with and it burns her up inside. Her jaws quiver a little as she stands near Daisy eyes watching the two other felines. She's not sure about them and that speaks a lot about how her own mind works now after everything that she's lost. Still, she tries not to come off as threatening because perhaps they are not here to cause trouble and the deputy has already asked them if they needed something. They now know that they are on Skyclan's lands and thus this should be smooth sailing, at least she hopes so. The tailless molly shifts a little, rolling her shoulders before she glances at her deputy.

"Um....hi..." Socializing has never been her strong suit and so she kind of casually looks away from them. One of them is a child and she lifts up her head for a moment to give the small kitten a soft smile, gentle as she can make it.



It didn’t take long for Missy to make her way over to the bouncin’ Bambi. The kit watched with her own side-ways smile as the older molly squashed the plant, Bambi’s tail waggin’ to ‘n fro, almost as if she were a hound. "Aye!" She chittered in response, an eager rumble in her throat.
Though, the duo’s exploration would be cut short as another arrived, and Bambi’s attention was quickly snatched towards hers. "Sk’Clan Territory?" The child echoed, her soft accent pushing the words together in a curious jumble. Sky hues would glance towards Missy before Bambi would erupt in a soft giggle, "Yer talkin’ tone is so fancy! I like it" she commented, wriggling herself free from the poison ivy, but not before taking a tumble. Another stranger would approach as Bambi stood back up, and the sepia would return her smile, flicking her bushy tail in her own greeting.


Long furred sepia she-kit with baby blue eyes and a red bandana with bones || Loner || tags
Bambi's chirp of approval is hardly needed, but she grins at 'er all the same, sharp-toothed n' wicked before she's diggin' into the stems of green. It sets an odd feeling aflame across her pads, a barely-there buzz steadily increasing in it's vigor. The plants here fought back, so it seems. Focused as she was, she hardly even notices the approach of others 'ntil they're speakin' to them.

Can I be of assistance? The speech is so... formal, twinged in this strange sorta talk she can hardly describe. Certainly... unique, maybe somethin' more. Bambi, sharp as a tool, is quicker to react than she. Missy stares (admittedly, a bit dumbly) with a pursed lip, brows arched high in her intrique. 'Course, Bambi can express thoughts for the both of them much better than she could. "Aye," she purrs in agreement, committing this... Skyclanner to memory. Mismatched face with a verdant sorta smolder, sharp as green jade. "Fancy sorta' tongue on ya. What's this Skyclan yer' yappin about, then? S'it where ya learn t' speak fancy?"

Her gaze would drag t who she 'ssumes is her friend, then. A shy short of thing, quiet tone, though decidedly not like the other's. Missy lifts her chin with an ever-widening smile, eyes half-lidded towards the meek thing. "Hi," she says in return, a glimmer of amusement in her eyes as she looks to the fancy-talking thing.

Comments on her... more pronounced verbiage, weren't so uncommon. It had been some time since Daisyflight had faced it however, and the drawling way the pair espoused it made it all the more surreal. A soft laugh, more flustered than she was used to, left her. Subtle heat touched her ears, drawn up from the eye contact held with the russet-fringed torbie. She was very- intense.

Glancing back at the ink-eared child, Daisyflight softened her structured stance. "Aha, thank you. The way both of you talk is unfamiliar to me too, it's charming."

And then, referring to the query about their clan she let her words run on, "Skyclan is our group, we live beneath these pine trees. You're in luck, I happen to be deputy and so I can extend an invitation to look around, provided you behave yourselves. Can't promise you'll be talking 'fancy' by the end of the day though- not all in our ranks speak similarly." The molly spoke briskly, tone holding a smirked amusement.

Feathering out her ash and honey tail, she turned to gesture further into the forest. These newcomers seemed trustworthy enough, and welcoming odd sorts was Skyclan's speciality.
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